Top 10 Mattel Toys and Games

The Top Ten Mattel Toys and Games

1 Barbie

My daughter is 5 she loves barbie she got most of the collection on dvd now she wants most of the dolls xox

Why the heck is barbie here! I hate barbie so much! I had one and I never payed with it, I just ripped the head off in fourth grade! (Good times)

A buch of barbie things got banned because they were so inapropriate! so this shouldn't be here! Barbie is stupid and I hate them!

2 Hot Wheels

I grew up playing with Hot Wheels. I had the tracks and everything. - Mcgillacuddy


The card game... - Mcgillacuddy

4 Apples to Apples
5 WWE World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. is an American publicly traded, privately controlled entertainment company that deals primarily in professional wrestling, with major revenue sources also coming from film, music, video games, product licensing, and direct product sales.
6 Pictionary
7 Monster High
8 BOOMco

It's kind of a ripoff of Nerf... - Mcgillacuddy

9 Bounce-Off
10 Ever After High

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11 Winx Club
12 DC Superhero Girls
13 My Scene
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