Top 10 Most Mature Kids Movies

The Top Ten Most Mature Kids Movies

1 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

To say this movie is mature is a huge understatement it deals with prejudice, corruption, adultery and many other subject matters you'd never expect to see in a Disney movie Quasimodo is a social outcast who is locked away in the bell tower by his master Judge Claude Frollo who fills his head with the idea that the world is a cruel and heartless place filed with people who would resent someone like him as seen in the scene after Quasimodo is crowned the king of fools and is immediately pelted with vegetables and food and strapped down while everyone laughs and torments him and all while Frollo just sits there looking to teach Quasimodo about the cruelty of the outside world before he is saved by Esmeralda who's a gypsy who has also faced prejudice and cruelty from the outside world, and lets not forget Judge Claude Frollo who's corrupted and feels justified in his actions and is determined to rid Paris of all Gypsies and eventually has a strong lust desire for Esmeralda he even sings ...more - egnomac

+10 points if you get the reference - mattstat716

2 The Secret of NIMH

The movie is about a widow mother trying to save her children by moving their home to a save location all while risking her very own life to do so including seeing the Great Owl who are know to eat mice who leads her to the rats of NIMH with one of them secretly plotting to assassinate their leader so he can easily convince the other rats to stay and continue to steal from the farmer and there's also the scene with NIMH a lab where they do animal testing. - egnomac

3 Toy Story 3

Defiantly a much darker tone than its previous installments the first movie centers on Woody having to deal with the arrival of Buzz who he fears will replace him as Andy's favorite, the second has Woody having to deal with the notion of Andy growing up and deciding wither to stay with Andy or to live life on display the third sequel centers on all the remaining toys facing the notion that Andy is now all grown up and not knowing what the future holds. - egnomac

4 Treasure Planet

A very underrated and underappreciated Disney movie much of the movie centers around Jim Hawkins a juvenile delinquent who is constantly getting in trouble and his mother doesn't know what to do with him a lot of his problems are the result of his father walking out on him and his mother and never really having a positive male role model in his life to guide him in the right direction that changes during the voyage he meets with Mr. Silver who is in fact the movies villain who ends up filling that void in Jim's life as a father figure that he never had growing up of course this brings Silver into direct conflict with his henchmen who worry his feelings for the boy are getting in the way of their objective. - egnomac

5 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
6 The Lion King

Very true. This sucker is too mature for children and the overly sensitive. It makes M-rated video games look like bedtime stories.

7 Big Hero 6
8 Coraline

I just watched this this morning. It was awesome! - 445956

I completely agree. I think Coraline should definitely be one of the highest on this list. This theme is way too scary for children - a mother trying to sew buttons onto her daughter's eyes, crying and tortured children trapped in a locked room, a girl having the escape from her demonic mother, this stuff is too scary. It's rated PG but I personally think it should be PG-13. Would not reccommend for children - only for older teens.

Imagine seeing this commercial thinking it wasn't spooky, and then finding something extremely scary and should be more "horror" as a kid.

Yeah... that's what this film was shown as and then turned out to be for many.. - mattstat716

9 An American Tail

The movie begins with Fievel and his family losing their home during a raid by the cats then decide to move to America hoping for a better life free from the cats, during one of the songs "There are no cats in America" the mice sing about how their lives were affected by the cats with Papa singing how he was orphaned after the cats devoured his family while traveling trough the snow during the trip Fievel is lost at sea and spends most of the movie searching for his family at one point he meets Warren T Rat who agrees to take him to his family only to sell him to a sweat shop owner and is forced into forced labor and making matters worst there are cats in America. - egnomac

10 The Land Before Time

The movie begins with Little Foot's mother dying while protecting him from the Sharptooth which leads to a very touching moment as he has final worlds with his mother Little Foot is so emotionally distraught he even starts blaming himself for his mother;s death until one of the old wise dinosaurs tells him his mother's death was not his or anyone elses fault and that it's all part of the circle of life and to always remember all the things she taught him and that no matter what she will always be a part of him, and the rest of the movie focuses on Little Foot and the others who sere separated from their families having to work together to make it to the Great Valley while avoiding The Sharptooth which isn't easy especially with Cera the most stubborn of the group refuses to work with them but eventually realizes that she needs their help and vice versa if they expect to make it to The Great Valley. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Brave Frog

This movie is pretty messed up at times and surprisingly has a lot of deaths. - egnomac

12 Howl’s Moving Castle
13 Spirited Away

I watched 10 minutes or so as a kid at a street block party. When the girl's parents turned into pigs, I ran home crying and haven't finished this movie since - 445956

14 The Emoji Movie

It is too dangerous for little kids to watch

Lol, "mature"?
Someone's either trolling or very, very dumb... - mattstat716

15 The Simpsons Movie
16 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2
17 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
18 The Prince of Egypt
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