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1 Newt

I really like Minho or newt. He really did not deserve to die as he was kind and so forgiving. He is like Thomas because he hates leaving someone behind. He is one of my all time favourite characters. I also like Minho as he is so brave and funny.

I liked how down to earth, smart and caring he was.

Good acting. Thomas Sangster has changed so much.

He was the best character, if he didn't die I wouldn't of been satisfied with the ending - jackjack1

2 Minho

I like his hair

i love him

He lives.

Straight up awesome

3 Chuck

He was so nice and chubby

Chuck deserved better but to be honest, he wouldn't survive the Scorch so.. - Fall_Out_Nikki

He was so innocent! Why did he have to die? - Hermione_Granger220

Chuck was my favourite in the first book. Then I started to like Minho and Newt.

How Maze Runner should have ended: Newt and Chuck reach Paradise with Thomas and Minho.

4 Winston

It was sad when we heard the gun shot in the distance - jackjack1

Winston is one of the most underrated characters for sure

Winston is my favorite because the way he died in the movie was heroic. In the book, he juste got knocked off in the storm like an extra.

When he died I was like "NO NO NO WHY DO Y'ALL HAVE TO DIE" - Fall_Out_Nikki

5 Thomas

Its funny how Thomas isn't the first place, he is the main character - jackjack1

I believe that they should of made the next movie! Fever code's ' in some cases' let the characters that so called died' bring them back' with simple explanation s of their bring the movie to play.

He's an ideal main protagonist that I couldn't have asked for more. Thomas is very brave, clever, and loyal.

Thomas is my favorite character in the Maze Runner series and one of my favorite characters of fiction period. Why? Let's not forget how heroic this guy is. He's saved his friends on multiple occasions throughout the series. He's extremely intelligent which helps him survive throughout his journey. He's a caring guy, and he's the most 'down to earth' there is. How could you not love him?

6 Gally

He is not bad. He helps Thomas in the last book and he regretted killing chuck so much he ripped his hair out. Despite him being a pain he was the best guy in the series. I have to admit he's not perfect but no one is right?

Gally does get better in the 3rd book. If you don't know, Gally is alive! - TheMazeRuner

More like G

He's not so bad - he helped Thomas get his name back in the movies and he was more civil and respectful in the last book.
He is my favourite too

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7 Brenda

She's a queen.

BRENDA IS AMAZING! SHE IS THE BEST CHARACTER IN THE MAZE RUNNER SERIES. she is so brave and badass. she is definitely better than teresa and I truly think that she deserves to be with thomas

I hate Brenda, she takes Thomas from Teresa, among other things. I really do hate her, it's extremely hard to explain.

Brenda is a strong and absolute cool character. She helped Thomas and the Gladers to escape from WICKED. I love her, because she wants to survive and the she's acting. If I would be in the "WICKED GAMES" I wanted to like her: strong and independent.

8 Frypan

Good character

Groan has to be number three. Dexter darden is amazing love you

9 Teresa

Teresa had no choice in the scorch trial and they made her look worse in the movie than the books

WHY KILL HER! - jackjack1

I like her because of the complexity of her character. (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS FOR EVERY SINGLE BOOK) At first she looks good:
In book one, she seems like a very strong character and a shipping with Thomas
In book two, she seemed to some like a traitor, but to others a hero for "betraying Thomas" to save him
In book three, she saves him properly (you know how)
But in book 5 (biggest spoiler coming up), at the very end, it all comes together.
She was kind of faking it.
The book showed that she had already betrayed Thomas, but not for his safety, but for WICKED. Instead of both of them keeping their memories, she had Thomas's memories removed AND LIED TO HIM LATER ABOUT IT! She didn't care about him - all she cared about WICKED. The only thing I can't explain is her (another spoiler) escaping from WICKED.
In the end, this kind of makes me hate her. But that makes me like her. She is one of the biggest plot twists I have ever seen.

GG James Dasher.


10 Ariz

I love Aris so much cause he's there for Thomas when his friend was being kidnapped

The Contenders

11 Jack

He's an outstanding character, but little did I know he's just a backround character, although he did die book and movie he deserves top 3 best characters

12 Lana

shank - riki1234

13 Alby

I liked him better in the movies. - 906389

Alby is a legend.End of

he's black

14 Jorge

Jorge you're a bad ass

15 Teresa Agnes

Newt is better.

Teresa is GREAT! I know that most people dislike her because of the scorch trials, but she was doing that all for Thomas. Plus, in the Death Cure, she was trying to win back Thomas. Also, in the Kill Order, she was really awesome and I don't get people who say that Teresa is bad. That's WICKED.

I don't get why everyone hates Teresa. She's arguably the bravest one there. She gave up what she and Thomas had to save his life no matter the cost. Who cares if she betrayed the Gladers? She did what she had to do to save Thomas! And in the last book she saved him and died in his place. How can you not like her?

Come on she tricked Thomas (not to mention making him think she cared for him ) and back stabbed him (not literally ) and almost killed him, she's terrible I hate her after book 2, but she had no choice she had to do it for his survivla

16 Chancellor Paige
17 Ben

He's a nobody, he's a minor character and there's nothing special about him.

I also like Ben I felt so bad for him that's why he didn't deserve to die

18 Janson
19 Sonya

She was an amazing character in the movies and cared so much about everyone

Newts younger sister

20 Alec
21 Zart
22 Clint

Clint was a minor character in the book, but I really liked him in the movie. He died a heroic death.

23 Mark

He was the one who helped save Deedee (Teresa) in the first place, letting everyone know that there are immune people out there, and ultimately contributing to the survival of the human race. I feel like the Kill Order doesn’t get enough recognition!

He is a main character in the prequel.

Interesting... Really?
Lol, not like you'll respond.

24 Ava Paige
25 Harriet
26 Trina

I liked Trina kinda because she was cool. But this was honestly to share my favorites
1. NEWT (obviously)
2. Minho (he’s cool and I like his hair)
3. Thomas
4. Brenda
5. Chuck
I hated Teresa after the Scorch Trials and I don’t think Thomas should forgive her just like she hoped for. Her movie death was sad though

27 Deedee

DeeDee is Teresa by the way.

28 Frankie
29 Beth
30 Jeff
31 George

He is in fever code

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