He is sweet and kind and cute. He's also very intelligent. I couldn't believe he died. I said to my brother that if Chuck or Newt or both died, I'd cry. That was before I saw the ending of the first movie. Then Chuck died and made me cry so much. If I see the Death Cure movie and they kill Newt off, I'll probably cry harder. It's just as hard when I read the books.

I think Newt is my favourite character because he's so sweet and kind - not to mention totally adorable. He lost his life because he wanted to save his friends from seeing him go crazy and possibly hurting them. All in all, Newt is an amazing character and it's sad he isn't real.

NEWT IS THE BEST CHARACTER EVER CREATED IN THE HISTORY OF WRITING. I commend James Dashner on creating such a sweet, lovable, humorous, relatable, intelligent, strong, and brave character. It was quite a feat to create a character so great that he became so loved by most all of those who read the Maze Runner series. Then Newt dies. Dashner kills off THE BEST CHARACTER EVER CREATED. EVER. I found that pretty cool, and honestly I would have had anyone die or be not immune to the Flare but Newt. More than everyone else in the series, Newt didn't deserve the terrible things that he got.

At first, he was the only one (and Chuck) who's nice to Thomas and ready to welcome him into the Glade, he makes tons of sacrifices for his friends, and HE SHOULD NEVER HAVE DIED THAT WAY WHY. WHY. WHY.

He is just the perfect character. Dashner created such a unique, sweet, kind, courages character. Newt surely didn't deserve to die and the way he died was just awful. Ich had trouble reading the third book because I knew the character I fell in love with was going to die and I couldn't do anything about it. Newt touched my heart in a way that I didn't thought was possible.

Newt is just...perfect. He's smart, he's kind, he's open minded and he will listen, however he isn't a doormat and can throw some sass and sarcasm in there. Oh and don't forget that British accent and how hot he is too!

The actor of Minho once described Newt as cool, calm and collected and I think that description fits pretty well. Now add kind, caring, ironic and you have Newt. It was already enough to make him my favorite character but what made it impossible for the others to get even close to him (Though I love Minho and Thomas too, and yeah also Brenda and Gally) is the layers beyond these features. Little of them were revealed but since I learned how Newt got his limp he's even more interesting to me because there is much more to him than what he shows on the outside. I feel like there is a big part of Newt that leaves room for interpretation and he's a character whose weaknesses make him even more appealing, at least to me. I love characters with depth and both strengths and flaws, characters where you have to dig deeper. Newt is exactly that and more.
And yes, let's be real, Thomas Brodie-Sangster playing him solidified his first place even more.

If you read book 2 you will cry. I am going to spoil this because I have to... Redy for the spoiler? Here it is... NEWT DIES FROM THE FLARE AND THOMAS KILLS HIM. I know it seems bad. And sorry for the spoiler but... I had too:( Sorry:( - TheMazeRuner

Newt is so generous and kind to everyone. He is extremely loyal to his fellow gladers, which caused me to appreciate him more. Newt respects people enough to listen to what they have to say, like when Thomas recklessly ran into the maze. He is brave, and I wish he was alive. When I found out he became deceased I was heartbroken.

I was super sad when he died in the book and the movie. In the movie, he died a much more awful death. He is a super awesome character, and I wish he was real.

I love him a lot. He didn't deserve not to be immune. James dasher needs to fix this. He is just so honest and hard working and speaks his mind. "Great we're bloody inspired."

I bloody loved Newt. He was such a good character and so likable! His death was just heartbreaking, mostly the fact that even if he had lived he would be a crank.

He is my brother I am in love with him the actor has the same birthday as me he is a amazing person he will lead them too freedom sadly he had to die.

Newt deserves first place and is a better leader than than Abby and not to mention kinder, he's my favourite charecter alas he had to die (thanks for the spoiler, death cure will come in a few day for the delivery from the site I ordered it from )

Newt has always been my favorite character. From the beginning. He definitely didn't deserve to die that way...

Newt is my overall favorite character, it's just so easy to love his character; movie and book

Honestly, what is there not to love about him?

I cried SO hard when I found out that he died. I new that either him, minho or frypan were going 2 die and while I would cry if any of them died, I think I would've killed of frypan. I mean he's 1 funny good spirited guy, but it seemed like he didn't serve a purpose and should've swapped with newt. I still love you f.p.

He didn't deserve to die! Why James Dashner why? Authors aren't writers, they are professional killers!

Because he is the glue of the whole group. He teaches the gladers about teamwork, friendship and most importantly being bloody inspired

Oh my gosh newt is the best but he had to die from getting killed by... Tommy plus he is soooppoo much better than ALBY

Newt is by far the best character in the series! when he died in the movie, I cried, and I almost NEVER cry while watching movies



Best character, hands down. Most likable, smart and generally most caring about his fellow Gladers. He was also mysterious in a way, considering there were some dark features about his past. Without him, the main ensemble would of been boring and meh. So, cheers to Newt, who deserved none of the misfortunes that occured to him, especially NOT the last one.

I don't think he is my favourite just because he's cute,adorable and all, but because he is always so calm and patient,even in the most dangerous situations.I've not yet finished reading the series but I got to know from wikipedia that HE DIES! I'll cry a lot on page 250.