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1 Fade into You Fade into You Cover Art

Good song, is relaxing. one of my favorite songs but also most favorite song from my brother's joe he telled even once this song is great to not to come out in the radio nowadays! !

I can't understand why do many users prefer Five String Serenade (song) which is not even so close to a very good song like this one here!

Such one of beautiful songs on Dream pop's music.

this song is so peaceful

2 California California Cover Art

Best song in my opinion!

This is not only the best IS THE G.O.A.T.

3 Flowers In December Flowers In December Cover Art

Better than Five String Serenade and Fade Into You and also much better than California

Absolutely brillant song! this one should get the top spot Number #1 since it's one of the most relaxing Dream Pop songs by Mazzy Star ever! And a classic who could recive a lot of covers.

best song by mazzy star no doubt

A song that could be number #2 or even #1

4 Five String Serenade Five String Serenade Cover Art

Great song it need to be more higher pretty good calm for my mind

So powerful song indeed

Should be number # 1 song.

This the only decent Mazzy Star song for be honest! - pLix33

5 Common Burn Common Burn Cover Art
6 Halah Halah Cover Art

Greatest Mazzy's song ever


7 Into Dust Into Dust Cover Art

By far, the most relaxing song...

Exactly, I was thinking the same about this song.

this song gotta' be number 1 it's good

8 Blue Flower Blue Flower Cover Art
9 Roseblood Roseblood Cover Art

Boring, but's even her best.'

10 Look On Down from the Bridge Look On Down from the Bridge Cover Art

Are u kidding me? Not even on the list - Redrocky416

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11 In the Kingdom In the Kingdom Cover Art
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