Top 10 MC Flo Songs

MC Flo is definitely a top rapper in Nepal. Here we list his top songs. Vote you favorite MC Flo song

The Top Ten

1 Ma

The lyricism is top class. This should be the best Nepali hiphop song ever!


2 I'm Sailing

The message, the poetry, the originality, the feel in it. Its just fire. No doubts its his best piece of his work.

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3 Aama Ma

Heart touching song yaar

4 Lay It Down

When you feel down. Put the headphones in and listen to this song. It takes hardly 3 replays for you to cheer up and start to work again.

5 Maile Haasna Sikey

The best break up song so far. The song which got MC Flo to his height. No song can match this class ever.

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6 Bujhis

They said Mc Flo lost his touch. They tried to look at him and not his music. This was a reply to those people who criticized for his look and they might now be burning as hell.

7 Maya

Truth has been spoken in this song. Love anyone?

8 I Who Have Nothing

Inspiration for the broken heart.

9 The Dark

Who can miss this truth? This song is so so so Real!

10 Tyo Din

Mc flo the legend

Now this is the best love story telling Nepal has yet seen. Simple words + reality = Awesomeness

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