Top 10 MC Flo Songs

MC Flo is definitely a top rapper in Nepal. Here we list his top songs. Vote you favorite MC Flo song

The Top Ten

1 Ma

The lyricism is top class. This should be the best Nepali hiphop song ever!


2 Maile Haasna Sikey

The best break up song so far. The song which got MC Flo to his height. No song can match this class ever.

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3 Aama Ma

Heart touching song yaar

4 Lay It Down

When you feel down. Put the headphones in and listen to this song. It takes hardly 3 replays for you to cheer up and start to work again.

5 I'm Sailing

The message, the poetry, the originality, the feel in it. Its just fire. No doubts its his best piece of his work.

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6 Bujhis

They said Mc Flo lost his touch. They tried to look at him and not his music. This was a reply to those people who criticized for his look and they might now be burning as hell.

7 I Who Have Nothing

Inspiration for the broken heart.

8 Maya

Truth has been spoken in this song. Love anyone?

9 Tyo Din

Mc flo the legend

Now this is the best love story telling Nepal has yet seen. Simple words + reality = Awesomeness

10 The Dark

Who can miss this truth? This song is so so so Real!

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11 Lolayeka Tyo Aakha
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