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1 Room On the 3rd Floor

This video just proves that the boys of McFly can look seriously hot and fit in any form including plastic!

2 Love Is Easy

A great video that pretty much sums up 10 years of McFly in one 3 minuet long video!

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3 I'll Be Ok

A great video and slightly funny!

4 That Girl

Another funny music video made by the boys of McFy!

5 Please Please

A good video and it's rather creative!

6 Friday Night

It's an amazing video and V funny when the boys try to re-enact the night at the museum scenes!

7 Transylvania

Hillerious I LOVE mcfly Galexy defenders forever! X Transylvania is personally my fave music video laugh out loud quite fetching in their ladies outfits!

8 One for the Radio

A great video and I love it!

9 Lies

The boys have a go at acting with some result!

10 Party Girl

This videos awesome! Plus it has a story to it which is really good!

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