Top Ten Best McJuggernuggets Characters

The Best Characters From the Youtube Channel McJuggerNuggets, they call their fans "juggies". This channel is must known by the Psycho Dad who destroy and smashing his two son stuffs. And they can be called the Ridgeway family.

The Top Ten

1 Psycho Dad (Jeff)

Without him. The channel would be bad!

2 Uncle Larry

He's a baller, griller and chiller! Classic

I LOVE uncle Larry!

3 Jesse
4 Juliette

She barely appears in any of the videos, besides I think she's a terrible singer, & she could drop a few pounds

She's hot and an amazing singer

5 Jeffrey

He's the best character in the whole series

Jeffrey is awesome! Sometimes he goes a little too far, but I'm the oldest in my family so I know how he feels.

6 Mom (Terry)
7 Corn
8 Buzz Simkins
9 Marc Locuson
10 Tom

The Contenders

11 Garfunkel
12 Aunt Melissa
13 Uncle George
14 Parker
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