Top 10 McJuggernuggets Videos That Should Be Made

The Top Ten

1 Psycho Dad Meets Angry Grandpa

Agp would threaten him. Psycho dad will be all like. U disrespected me. Then ago shouts

2 Psycho Family Rap Battle
3 Psycho Dad Meets Tourettes Guy
4 Psycho Kid's Greatest Freakout Ever (wafflepwn crossover)
5 Psycho Dad Destroys PS4

There already is a Psycho video about a PS4. Jesse & Uncle Larry destroyed Jeffrey A.K.A. bigBrudda's PS4, but it would still be cool. I would like to see the Psycho Dad destroy a Vita because the PlayStation Vita is terrible console.

6 Psycho Kid Gets a Job
7 Psycho Girlfriend Returns
8 Psycho Kid Reacts to Old Videos
9 Psycho Family Reunion
10 Psycho Dad Ruins Christmas

Like Psycho Kid's Birthday Bash, Psycho Dad is not happy that Jesse got an Xbox one for Christmas. He proceeds to take it and smash it into the fire place. Jesse scolds him for his actions, only for all presents he got to be smashed in a furious rage. Jesse then goes outside and smashes all windows on his Dad's car.

The Contenders

11 Psycho Dad Destroys Psycho Series Script

It would be so meta!

12 Psycho Dad Apologizes to Psycho Kid
13 Psycho Brother Gets Kicked Out

He moved out

14 Psycho Dad Burns Consoles
15 Psycho Kid Kills Psycho Brother and Psycho Dad for all the things they've done to him
16 Psyco Kid gets Kicked out of House and is Homeless
17 Psycho Dad Implodes Morton Building
18 Psycho Dad is listening to The Rockafeller Skank by Fatboy Slim
19 Psycho Kid Searches Gary Oldman and Forgets the R
20 Psycho Kid vs. Psycho Corn
21 Psycho Different Way
22 Psycho Kid Destroys the Lawn Mower Tractor and Woodchipper the Dad Used
23 Psycho Dad Destroys the World

Feeds it to a giant shredder because he hates everything (Except his T.V., which "died")

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