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1 DeatoDreameZ

He's top 1 I'm sure I should be top 10-15 my friend said

This man should be #1... I've beaten mayor before (very close fight though lmao) but I can't beat deato

He's an amazing PvPer, I only saw him get beat by 1 person and that was MrNopeRope

There's this new randy called basi he is good. I want to see deato 1v1 him and then YouTube it that would he good- Arox

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2 Elmayor30

Someone said he's the best which is great of him

He's top 1 eh I think he should fight Zach

U see this is why thetoptens is always wrong people just vote and see who gets the most votes and the person with the most votes will be 1e... These are not facts these are just other people's opinions...Also I should be 1e.


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3 12Wesley13

Wesley stop commenting on your own top 10 profile and pretend it's another person. We know you come daily to keep voting on your name, and I've beat you 3 to 0.

Finally This Guy Is Actually Being Considered Top, He Is So Good, I Can't Even Fathom His Experience - SCMGamingYT

He is so good at pvp. I saw him and he killed me very easy! He is a real pvp master. He should be in the top 5!

Hello every one, I'm back with pvp! But with a other name! I will suprise u all with how I pvp now. Good luck!

~Secret PvPer

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4 FeiTJinxy

Just because he is #1 on THIS list does not mean he is the best... There are many people that are not popular and are much better that him...

Mm. I'm decent atm. Not top 10 though... But all these little kids replying..

I Have Always Been Dreaming On 1v1ing Him - Insan1ty/GetWrqcked

There is no proof I killed him in a 1v1 2 times in a row... It just happend and u where not there spectating us so u have no proof of ME killing him 2 times in a row...

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5 ImBarelyTrying

Lol. He should 100% be in the top 10.. If not top 5.

Should be at top 2 in my opinion

Barely should be at top 10 - SuchCritical

LOVE HIS videoS HE SOULD BE at least 3RD OR 2ND

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6 BANJerboa V 3 Comments
7 Chaotic_Synergy

Great strafer doesn't belong after pocket but ok he's rely good when it comes to PvP he maybe can take out to5 and he's full of surspises for a spilt PvPer

Chaotic is so good I was fighting him in a Split UHC deathmatch and I managed to last the 5 mins till he got an insane combo on me and killed me I got in 2nd place though.

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8 shohebh1000

He was a legend a while back but is still good

I Have Heard Of This Guy Before, And Pocket 1v1'ed Him In An Older Video

9 ProFlame

In my opinion, Pro Flame deserves 20th, he is only good with a bow - SCMGamingYT

That's true, 12Wesley13 is way better than Proflame.

He was killed by someone...lower top

Yeah yeah he's good, I wanna see Prof vs Deato :v

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10 Sodum9876 V 2 Comments

The Newcomers

? LimiZockt
? FlameGames

I think I should at least be in the top 100. I only have like 100 followers on Twitter, but I've beaten some really good pvpers. - FlameGames

The Contenders

11 iPureInsanity

Wow I'm in 44th now cool dude. -iPureInsanity

This guy is my friend and also one of the best Split. I'm proud of him reaching 17th, he deserves it. It's what I exactly thought. I would be 15th or 14th but if I were to play split, this guy needs to be Number 1. Since xBullen left, we need another split god, this guy is the new one, love ya lad - Crystalla - esgmcpe

Top 20 in my opinion, hella good strafes and combos for a split pvper. -Digitalize

I beat this guy in lbsg CTF he was so proud of himself that he is so good at PvP and was hackusated by them

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12 Ziaxide V 5 Comments
13 xSharox

Lmfao me and zach are same so don't be boasting about me spanish fanboy.. - esgmcpe

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14 MichPlayz

He makes excuses I saw it on Fantastic's posts

Send it wesley twitter @michplayz

Too much excuses, always gets salty

MichPlayz :d

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This Guy Can Wreck! He Has Killed YouTube PvPer's Such As IcY Enderman, And SCM Gaming! He Is An EnderPvP Member, And I Would Put Him Top 20!

He should be lower than top 20 because he got a half a heart kill and he's skills are great that some good pvper is defeated

he only lose because of the lag hackers not taking it seriously unfair pvp (he still wins an unfair pvp) and the combos strafe

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16 FantasticToast

Very good strafer and aim. He excels in both non-split and split but yea I think he's better at non and people accuse him daily lol

Improved a lot since late 0.14 in my opinion but people often underestimate him - GoldenTeethMC

Fantastic doesn't hack, ghost kill, or use w10

Side hitted ranged me ;-; -Minecraft PE player (I don't want to show myself lel xdxd)

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17 Crystallagaming

He plays on windows 10 that's totally a disadvantage for most people...

I'm not that good.. I deserve around top 20 or something I don't know... - esgmcpe

Tricks too much lol on that video 20 fps for me and 60 fps for him. Although it's not a fair fight, but it's still a good fight. GG. - FantasticToast

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18 Arylles92 V 1 Comment
19 LixhSkillz

Destroyed Many Known Pvpers. And Has A Very Good Aim

20 IPlatinum

What?! He use hacks dudes. Nobody Know that but someone SAID He Is Using HACKS.

He may not be good at PvP but he is good at sucking my big fat 10 pack willy

Who in the world has thought to voting him? people below the list are capable of gg10-ing him. LOL

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