Top McPe PvPers of 2016


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41 UntryableZ
42 VanishingStrafe

Best skin, best combo and strafe

How did I get here LOL

Lol I guess I'm top 16 :/

Good job, in my opinion I would rate you the best pvper but your my friend so that's probably why LOL. -Xacto

V 3 Comments
43 TwistedComboZ

He should be at Top 10-20

UM... -TwistedComboZ

I don't know him -FLA

He is old pvper! He is the best a year ago.

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44 Manwee

Nice strafes and great combos, should be on the top 20...if not top 10

Nice job

Because you are senpai (It's Vix by the way)

He sucks, noob pvper! Get rekt kiddo, you just a little kid that thinks he is good lmao. You suck!

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45 Sean_M
46 PhqenixPlqyz
47 Verzide
48 Knightgamer02

Because he a really good nub and pvper lol

His combos opASF


He's a real good pvper he doesn't just use weapons he use his surrounding's I seen his youtube channel He's real good at pvp he beat mr.sam once took out a team of six in lbsg with only a stone sword he killed ZeeCrafts whole faction and that's why

49 PrinceZERO

This Guy Combos Great With Fist And Sword

Top 61? Nah I Think 30 or 50

Dis Guy Is Chill He Wont Get Salty If He Gets killed He Is A Fair Fighter He Deserves This Top

I killed him before lol -GammarBro

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50 AndyForce

A very good player. Deserves top 20

51 Ciro V 2 Comments
52 xPrestiqed
53 xJhq
54 Huahwi Huahwi

Huahwi doesn't play mcpe why is he here?

How is ElMayor30 Better than Huahwi?!


He disappear how many months ago,but the LEGEND is now back! He is BACK!
In 18.12.2016,HE IS BACK! WOOHOOO!

From:McUniqueKiller(Mc Legend Killer:age:Almost 12.Rank at PVP:PRO.

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55 Dricher

But Zach doesn't want to sword fight because he knows he can get easily combod Aurix, that's why he jsut fights with his fist so he can quickdrop... - esgmcpe

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56 xYuriKen V 2 Comments
57 Karizma

Nice thus dude reach is god

Basically a god - Karizma

Nice this dude has good reach in cc

58 CharleyTheOne V 3 Comments
59 thijs10Empire V 1 Comment
60 Dimitri
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