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This guy sucks he's trash lol

He is overrated on this list

Chipper is really good he should be on the list - TBNRForthewin2

Top 1 meme in mcpe

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42 Sean_M
43 GalaxyWing2949

What Galaxy doesn't even play on those servers this guy who is saying he killed is a randy and Galaxy doesn't "accuse people of being childish "

Lol he was on top of me but now I'm on top of him!

Lol I can't believe people actually thought I was Galaxy I was just faking

Boi there is no way I am better than elmayor and stop being a catfish your not me faker but I do agree I should be at least top 15 because for god sake look at my IGN highlights, ALSO I CAN NOT TAKE ON WESLEY DEATO AND MAYOR WHEN I CAN BARELY BEAT PROFLAME... also I do play on crazedcraft and comboPE. Nvm I should be top 5 because I was probably tge best split pvper back then, well I don't know about Chaotic.. also I swear that Mcpe hypixle player are better than crazedcraft players... like for real go check it out

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44 Geotown354

I killed pocket gaming 3 times - Geotown354

I killed pocket gaming 2 times on crazedcraft - Geotown354

45 Roxas55

He is awesome and my friend

Great Strafer, Beat Many Elites, Loyal Member of MS and Exciting Combos!


god pvper

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46 Verzide
47 HerbondYT

He should be in the top 20 look at his videos

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48 PhqenixPlqyz
49 xJhq
50 Ciro V 2 Comments
51 xPrestiqed
52 Huahwi Huahwi

Huahwi is the best computer fighter, but I am not sure about mcpe

Huahwi doesn't play mcpe why is he here?

He doesn't play mcpe...

He disappear how many months ago,but the LEGEND is now back! He is BACK!
In 18.12.2016,HE IS BACK! WOOHOOO!

From:McUniqueKiller(Mc Legend Killer:age:Almost 12.Rank at PVP:PRO.

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53 Knightgamer02

Because he a really good nub and pvper lol

His combos opASF


He's a real good pvper he doesn't just use weapons he use his surrounding's I seen his youtube channel He's real good at pvp he beat mr.sam once took out a team of six in lbsg with only a stone sword he killed ZeeCrafts whole faction and that's why

54 thijs10Empire V 1 Comment
55 Dimitri
56 CharleyTheOne V 3 Comments
57 PrinceZERO

This Guy Combos Great With Fist And Sword

Top 61? Nah I Think 30 or 50

Dis Guy Is Chill He Wont Get Salty If He Gets killed He Is A Fair Fighter He Deserves This Top

I killed him before lol -GammarBro

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59 Xandermcpe
60 AndyForce

A very good player. Deserves top 20

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