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61 Prestiqed

He was killed by ThundrPE with split (I saw it when I joined the server)

FantasticToast should be here or something lol he got gg2-4 by him often

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62 Dricher

I beat him but he is very good! - LimiZockt

He is a pvp master he should be top 7!

Drich is so good should be top 15!

But Zach doesn't want to sword fight because he knows he can get easily combod Aurix, that's why he jsut fights with his fist so he can quickdrop... - esgmcpe

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63 xYuriKen

He sucks - SuperzGaming

This guy is suu lit! - YuriKen

64 Karizma

Nice thus dude reach is god

Basically a god - Karizma

Nice this dude has good reach in cc

65 HanzoDZN

Hey there I'm autistic


Who do u think this is? It's me HanzoDZN I'm very close to red but he beats me lmao at least put me top 23 L (jk) but I'm rlly close to red sometimes

66 xSoka

Should be in top 10. He is better than lots of people on here and can play with split and nonsplit :P

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67 xChqrlezPvP

he is sexy

68 Killpro45

Good at combos. Kills everything that stands in his way.

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69 KreeperKR

I always see him on crazed craft I think he good - AirealAttacker

He deserves better ranking top 30 - Afanan007

Top 20 for sure, I heard he challenged Deato and has beatin DemSkillz a number of times - UniENERGY

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70 Dubledlouckhd
71 Inposedpvp
72 TheFlqMesScotty
73 The1NOnlyNickMC

BEST PVPER EVER -TheFlamesScotty

74 Crukk


Too ez

75 ItzFl4r3

He's a pinger but has good strafes

Really Good at Strafing and Comboing people the thing that helps him a lot is his ping

This guy copied Flairinoideon's name! It's sounds the same by the way Flairinoideon is way better than this guy sorry man it's just the facts

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76 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs.

This is just a joke though :P

dude what



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77 TheSkillzMC__

He is very good with sword but he is easy with bow which is an advantage for other People

He Should be in top 10-17

He Combos a lot

Skillz Is in my top 10 :) And He's better than a lot of people He even beat Deato once but Deato killed him to

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78 Itz_Randy

Dang he's good I saw him in legion killin everyone

He's one of my best friends and he is really really one of the best, however I 1v1ed him to a game and was up 5-0 on him and beat him.

He Gets Those Combos He reks so much u don't wanna mess with him he does lag out alto but bro don't

Deserves top 20

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79 Retronmcgaming

In a very good pvper challenge me

80 MinecraftDaddio
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