Top McPe PvPers of 2016


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101 Ven7w7
102 LuckyHits
103 ConStrikeZPvP
104 Aerodynamics

He's not

105 Riley2002
106 Chip7w7
107 FlameGames

I think I should at least be in the top 100. I only have like 100 followers on Twitter, but I've beaten some really good pvpers. - FlameGames

108 BossKungPvP
109 Mangui83
110 Xkiwiiz
111 xAntiSplitz

He always change accounts he combo with strafing "He tryhard when someone has good reach"
He beaten Some people

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112 yHackr1000
113 Divernity
114 sho V 2 Comments
115 GetWrqcked

Oh wait...i just remembered I didn't posted that on you I posted that on FeiTJinxy - GetWrqcked

I don't know who he was when he joined for the very first time in that server ( Happy Pe ). I did /match and ending up fighting him! he won like...3 times fighting me. he fought a lot of people and won a lot of rounds fighting them. he a truly mastered pvper

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116 Jackfrostminer

Jackfrostminer is noob lol, he got rekt by every one, he should't be in the top 1000.

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117 TriSteh

Lol, he should't be in the top 100. Every heard of deatodreamez, Elmayor30 or 12Wesley13? They are masters at PvP.

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118 PVPPANDA2001

He deserves top 10 he has the best combos I have ever seen and gets the best side hits over any pvper I have ever seen and is extremely talented

Nah he not that good I haven't played mcpe in like 6 months and I came back a few days ago and I was still beating him on crazedcraft.

Pvp is one of the best pvpers that I know he or she always beats me

Dude pvppanda always beats you who ever you are because your a noob! mate! haven't heard that? so this is yo lucky day mate!

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119 FLA V 5 Comments
120 InsqnityPlays V 2 Comments
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