Top McPe PvPers of 2016


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101 Verzide
102 FLA V 5 Comments
103 InsqnityPlays V 2 Comments
104 RavenXray

Now this guys had amazing clutches and skills when he is on a pvp server he can clutch and when it comes to all the other servers he can dominate!

105 Master40

He Is Loyal And Fight Like He is a Bear

106 KinGFdgod12 V 1 Comment
107 GamerMusannif V 1 Comment
108 LightningFury2

He is better than PocketGaming and kills win10 because my pro circle strafes.

109 Xpro-Crafter V 1 Comment
110 Jitter click
111 Minifiregamer

Minifiregamer is a very good pvper he is very mad at PvP once I fought him on McPe and he was unbelievable he did some really mad combos at me which was unbelievable he should be at least on Top 15 Good luck Minifiregamer
-Your fan you will soon know

V 3 Comments
112 Most_Popular_YT V 2 Comments
113 FlipSpiderPig

BlueFlameX98 should not be on the list,he got no skills at all and use third person he never killed any of that to7 and he actually used a diamond sword not a golden one he doesn't deserve the top77
P.S FlipSpider is related with this

V 2 Comments
114 GarethHQ
115 DqnteZ V 2 Comments
116 DoItForTheBantz

He's pretty good at non split I think he should be top 50 he's 1 of the best bow pvpers he would be top 10 in bow - Coolbpy

117 OwenRedstoneGuy

, see what I mean. the people who put the names here. are the real people. this is why I don't support TheTopTens's Website for top 10s

I'm a YouTuber that does PvP and more. I'm better with swords than bows.Bows need more practice. Swords sometimes. Vote for me. - OwenRedstoneGuy

V 3 Comments
118 SuperGamer10_YT

He's really good He killed me with 9 health left - CoolisBest (Crazed duels) (New player on crazed duels) - Superz_Gaming

V 1 Comment
119 K1llerPro
120 JustHqcen
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