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101 FindingTsekwa

He is decent player he should be here too. - TheJudgeOfTheFuture

102 Dreacho

He's underrated but very good.

Crystala = Dreacho, Duh... - Insan1ty

Your good Dracho

103 GolDeath V 1 Comment
104 Fxde7w7
105 KateShINy
106 UndenyxblePvP
107 xHqtedComboZ
108 Ven7w7
109 LuckyHits
110 xjkqrn

This guy is my friend in ctf

111 ConStrikeZPvP
112 Aerodynamics

He's not

113 Riley2002
114 Chip7w7
115 FlameGames

I think I should at least be in the top 100. I only have like 100 followers on Twitter, but I've beaten some really good pvpers. - FlameGames

116 Bajan Canadian

The bajancanadian plays mcpe with RageElixir and do 3 am videos and the bajancanadian also has been on the top computer mincraft list. - ShadeBlueGamingX

117 SonGoku456

I think SonGoku456 deserves a place on the top 10 list because he is very good mostly with a bow

I think I should be on this list because I am great if not decent pvper I have been a little rusty since of the lag I play on and o haven't online for a while but if u guys want to see my ytube channel it is SonGoku456 I am not that popular put I have skills - SonGoku456

118 xAntiSplitz

He always change accounts he combo with strafing "He tryhard when someone has good reach"
He beaten Some people

V 1 Comment
119 yHackr1000
120 Divernity
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