Top 10 McPe Pvpers 2017


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1 ImBarelyTrying

No doubt he is #1, I don't think anyone will take over this place for a long time - MCPEPvPer

He is pretty much amazing no need to look at any numbers below

Bare top1 for sure -Mich


2 Tqco_

Because he's a good friend in general! He might trash talk you like "ez" or "get gg10" but honestly he's just joking around! He's amazing at PvP and should be first place! :) -Pro

3 Rezy

Cock ass - ScorpioPvPz

4 KemoKemoZhen
5 Shades_
6 DittoNightmareZ
7 Rez

He may be 0.15.10 but he is always a solid second place behind Barely, Rez and Barely are the best duo known to MCPE in my opinion, they both deserve #1 and #2 respectfully - MCPEPvPer

Rez is really godly I haven't seen anyone beat him but barely

8 Dimitriefdp
9 Holiday68
10 Deato

No comment, he's just great - MCPEPvPer

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? xZokoD

The Contenders

11 DaddyFxde
12 ScorpionPvP
13 Fxde/iRaZzoR

Finally someone who knows they're the same person

When he tries he's really good, Top 1 iPhone PvPer, him and his alt are respected equally - MCPEPvPer

14 UndenyablePvP

Just about scrapes top10 in this list, many more people I could have added - MCPEPvPer

15 Aerodynamics

He belong here he so good I fought him on lbsh he gave me a sword to fight him and I lost

Lol thanks for being on your list but in my opinion I shouldn't be here. -@ffsaero

God str8liner -@Scorpiopvpz - ScorpioPvPz

He's a pvp god -aeros 11 year old fanboy

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16 ImCromulent (Win10)
17 Unknown_Stackz
18 Phq

His skill is unreal, easily could be top3 in the near future, godly strafes, when Phq tries you know your finished - MCPEPvPer

19 TheFlamesScotty/Pinger
20 SmokeStrafes

Smoke is my favourite strafer - Bobby

Just a god in general. - SmokeStrafesV2

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1. ImBarelyTrying
2. Rezy
3. DittoNightmareZ
1. Tqco_
2. KemoKemoZhen
3. Shades_
1. ImBarelyTrying
2. Rez
3. Deato

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