Top 10 McPe Pvpers 2017


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1 xZokoD

he's gay

If anyone is reading this, please read on:

- I am someone who you may recognise, I used to be in the MCPE Community. I used to have 1,200 followers on Twitter and was well-known for making 2D intros under RT deals. But I very much dislike this PVP community for a number of reasons:

1. Gloating. Whenever you kill someone, you have "raped" them, they are ez gg10, they have to drink bleach, etc.

2. Bad accepting. Whenever you lose, you call them a hacker and at the same time, DDOS them.

3. Always for YouTube. You always have to record what you fight and you never enjoy playing PVP for fun. You only fight for views.

If someone is here, please consider my criticisms and please make your community less hostile.

I mean, she used to be very very good, but ever since she quit she got way worse at PvP, I’ve seen her on Versai recently and she isn’t nearly as good as she used to be, in early 2017 she was probably No. 1, be in mid and late 2017 (I think when she came back to McPe) she was around top 100, nowadays after he second time quitting she might be around top200- 150.

This is my opinion


2 ImBarelyTrying

No doubt he is #1, I don't think anyone will take over this place for a long time - MCPEPvPer

He is pretty much amazing no need to look at any numbers below

Bare top1 for sure -Mich

He's a noob how can he be number 1 DeatoDreameZ is better then him

3 Rez

He may be 0.15.10 but he is always a solid second place behind Barely, Rez and Barely are the best duo known to MCPE in my opinion, they both deserve #1 and #2 respectfully - MCPEPvPer

Rez is really godly I haven't seen anyone beat him but barely

4 Tqco_

Because he's a good friend in general! He might trash talk you like "ez" or "get gg10" but honestly he's just joking around! He's amazing at PvP and should be first place! :) -Pro

5 Deato

No comment, he's just great - MCPEPvPer

good playz


6 Rezy

Cock ass - ScorpioPvPz

7 KemoKemoZhen
8 Shades_
9 DittoNightmareZ
10 Dimitriefdp

The Contenders

11 Holiday68
12 DaddyFxde

Best ios pvper

13 Sophia/Red

idol Pro!

Red Is Da Best for sure

Best in the game

14 ScorpionPvP
15 Aerodynamics

He may be a straightliner, but he does incredibly well against most of the top pvpers in this list.

He belong here he so good I fought him on lbsh he gave me a sword to fight him and I lost

Lol thanks for being on your list but in my opinion I shouldn't be here. -@ffsaero

God str8liner -@Scorpiopvpz - ScorpioPvPz

16 Unknown_Stackz
17 Fxde/iRaZzoR

Finally someone who knows they're the same person

When he tries he's really good, Top 1 iPhone PvPer, him and his alt are respected equally - MCPEPvPer

18 UndenyablePvP

Just about scrapes top10 in this list, many more people I could have added - MCPEPvPer

19 ImCromulent (Win10)
20 Phq

His skill is unreal, easily could be top3 in the near future, godly strafes, when Phq tries you know your finished - MCPEPvPer

21 TheFlamesScotty/Pinger
22 SmokeStrafes

Smoke is my favourite strafer - Bobby

Just a god in general. - SmokeStrafesV2


23 ISchockZ
24 Sykzii

His ping is to die for, gets hackusated 50+ times, great pvper deserves top10 - MCPEPvPer

25 MichPlayz7w7

Top15 in my opinion

Good tw and loyal

Really good split PvPer and used to use 3p

He is a god -TB

26 BarisMcpeYT

Underrated Android PvPer

Trash hitbox

Godly Combos

Android God!

27 IIAppleMen
28 Red

Best in aiming I think but I like red

29 Dimitrilefdp
30 Ziaxite

Easily top10, just couldn't make space for him on the list - MCPEPvPer

31 ffssythh

Good Straightliner

Ily bb - scorpio - ScorpioPvPz

32 6ixAwe

Just a Canadian pinger god

A underratted God that is known as a undercover rapist

33 FantasticRoast

This guy reaches lol

34 Ali/LmaoPvP
35 WenLifeGvsULmns
36 SoulSlayz

Underrated ASF, he's strafe is just... 😍😍😍, definitely needs recognition in this community - MCPEPvPer

37 Faze_retard7

God Strafer - MCPEPvPer

38 JoshPinoy
39 FlipOf
40 Liniker
41 Ven7w7


He has the scores to prove he is at least top15 - MCPEPvPer

42 FlqreZ

Really good at pvp with his reach and his Strafes underrated but close to top 10

May be cocky, may be toxic, may be an ass, but in reality, he is top20 no doubt - MCPEPvPer

43 xjkqrn

So white that he blinds his opponents- MCPEPvPer

44 LuckyHits

Top 10

45 Approvings
46 KateShINy
47 Vicooooo
48 InsanityParadox

Really godly straightliner

49 ImNotGamersLife

ezzz dude - GamersLife45

50 HackerQuote
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