Top 10 McPe Pvpers 2017


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21 Sykzii

His ping is to die for, gets hackusated 50+ times, great pvper deserves top10 - MCPEPvPer

22 MichPlayz7w7

Top15 in my opinion

Good tw and loyal

Really good split PvPer and used to use 3p

He isn't top13 lmao.

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23 ffssythh

Good Straightliner

Ily bb - scorpio - ScorpioPvPz

24 Sophia/Red
25 ISchockZ
26 FantasticRoast

This guy reaches lol

27 Dimitrilefdp
28 IIAppleMen
29 Faze_retard7

God Strafer - MCPEPvPer

30 WenLifeGvsULmns
31 xjkqrn

So white that he blinds his opponents- MCPEPvPer

32 SoulSlayz

Underrated ASF, he's strafe is just... 😍😍😍, definitely needs recognition in this community - MCPEPvPer

33 Ven7w7


He has the scores to prove he is at least top15 - MCPEPvPer

34 FlqreZ

Really good at pvp with his reach and his Strafes underrated but close to top 10

May be cocky, may be toxic, may be an ass, but in reality, he is top20 no doubt - MCPEPvPer

35 Ziaxite

Easily top10, just couldn't make space for him on the list - MCPEPvPer

36 Ali/LmaoPvP
37 Approvings
38 KateShINy
39 Vicooooo


40 BarisMcpeYT

Trash hitbox

Android God!

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