Best McPe Split Pvpers


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1 ChaoticSynergy

Hit or Miss but when he gets you in a combo. It's a good combo. An amazing youtube that cares about his fans dearly. I think he has a lot to learn but in my opinion he is one of the Top 3 split users.

I don't know what to say...

Best UHC player and Split God. - mcpetops

Best Player - xBullen

2 Sodum

He is a great 1v1 PvPer in general. Split God. - mcpetops

3 xBullen

One of the best LBSG players ever, very good at sprint-strafing. - mcpetops

4 Ziaxite

Very good at aiming his crosshair. Aimbot? Lol - mcpetops

5 CharleyTheOne

Similar to xBullen, great at sprint-strafes - mcpetops

Circles strafes, never misses a hit.

6 Engless

Solid UHC player - mcpetops

7 Riley2002

Very surprising PvPer, good strafing. - mcpetops


8 iPureInsanity

Insanity uses split not non-split

Very Good strafer - TheJudgeOfTheFuture

Pretty Good at split

HeroMonster you aren't the judge to comment on others -RobotMC

9 xSoka

Cameron Dallas of PE split. - mcpetops


10 Mr. SamYT

Surprisingly a very solid PvPer - mcpetops

The Contenders

11 DeatoDreameZ

He is a snake, no way he would even get top 15

How is he 12?! He would eat the top 15 ALIVE!

An official God of mcpe


12 MichPlayz_YT

Hmm he is good at using split. But he get better strafes than his non split strafes, about combos I don't really know but they are good as well!

This guy was shet at split now he is top5

13 FantasticToast

Haters always underrated comment on his page

He's decent at split but he rarely uses it

Rare to see him using split

HeroMonster stop judging on Toast -ChrqsedComboZ

14 12Wesley13

Hè is a master split too

15 HeroMonster

Adding him self doesn't deserve lmfao

He is raging when his rusty lmfao is he hacking?

He is good at zigzag Split touch And Strafing people

He actually kills fantastic toast in cpvp That fantastictoast is winning for targeting salty kid

16 PocketGaming

Very good leader for Split pvp youtube-wise. - mcpetops

17 Insan1ty

Guys...i shouldn't be in top 10 because I suck at split - Insan1ty

He is so good at split. should be on top 10.

18 Maddyt2755
19 PapayPuppy

His hella good

20 xJqstinComboZ

Vote for me... I'm split God... - xJqstinComboZ

I'm xSwornityFox - xJqstinComboZ

XJqstinComboZ is good at split plus he can rape many ppls asz -Kqbe

21 ImBarelyTrying

1v1 -chipper888

22 GetRighted
23 GalaxyWing2949
24 LuckyHits
25 xZokoD

It’s no surprise that he isn’t as good as he used to be after his break, But in my opinion, I think he used to be better than Acer

26 Samuryan

Why isn't he here?

27 Dricher
28 SuperGamer10_YT

I Saw him on cpvp reking everybody deserves top 5


29 LichGamingFTW

He is God

30 Inaccurate
31 ItzCanto

Can land most of her hits. She has a good strafe that is hard to predict, allowing her to get unique combos and extra hits.

32 Gaming With MCPE

When this guy starts strafing you there is no way to make him stop one time he gg10 me in less than a minute and he is hard to predict with his confusing strafes

33 FLA

Salty but is still good he even pvps with 200 or higher ping

34 ItsRageMC

Is a good pvper I know this Because he hit Me With a 8 hitter in mcpe using split When I'm using mcpc-CrystallaGaming

35 KrystalAngela

A UHC player, most often playing strategically, rather than aggressively. However this does not change the fact she is very good at using split touch. She can fight in confined areas, and wide spaced ones as well.

36 Kwickerkicker
37 xHawkz

This guy was a amazing split pvper on 0.14 he could defeat many people if it was a split 1v1 and he could compete against top non split players certainly would be top6


I hate trump

39 DarkCloudMC

He haven't beat Toast yet bro

This guy have YT and he is good at combos

He beats Fantastic toast and he is good pvpier

40 34killersEnd

Good pvpier He kills 6 in cpvp

41 SCMGamingYT
42 Charlesplaysmcpe
43 DeatoDreames
44 ProFlame

HRZ dude, why isn't he here

45 xRetrix

He's really skillful at split and non he's also a UHCer with 16 wins! @RetrixTwit

46 Mqro
47 MLGMinato
48 UndenyablePVP
49 BadPvPer

This guy shouldn't be in the top xddxxdxdxdxd - xJqstinComboZ

50 DefaultKenneth

He's a good strafer always combo everyone

Ever beat iPureInsanity
He has ever been accused for 3P
Overall he's a great split pvper
Should be in top7 - DefaultKenneth

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