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1 ChaoticSynergy

Hit or Miss but when he gets you in a combo. It's a good combo. An amazing youtube that cares about his fans dearly. I think he has a lot to learn but in my opinion he is one of the Top 3 split users.

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2 Sodum V 1 Comment
3 xBullen

One of the best LBSG players ever, very good at sprint-strafing. - mcpetops

4 CharleyTheOne

Similar to xBullen, great at sprint-strafes - mcpetops

Circles strafes, never misses a hit.

5 Ziaxite V 1 Comment
6 Engless V 1 Comment
7 Riley2002 V 2 Comments
8 xSoka V 2 Comments
9 iPureInsanity

Insanity uses split not non-split

HeroMonster you aren't the judge to comment on others -RobotMC

HEROMONSTER win to fantastic toast actually he targets in cpvp

Pretty Good at split

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10 Mr. SamYT V 1 Comment

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11 FantasticToast

Haters always underrated comment on his page

He's decent at split but he rarely uses it

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12 MichPlayz_YT

Hmm he is good at using split. But he get better strafes than his non split strafes, about combos I don't really know but they are good as well!

13 HeroMonster

Adding him self doesn't deserve lmfao

He is good at zigzag Split touch And Strafing people

He actually good at strafing in 1v2 He win what a good game Boi-Zzolven

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14 12Wesley13 V 1 Comment
15 PocketGaming V 1 Comment
16 DeatoDreameZ V 1 Comment
17 Maddyt2755
18 Insan1ty

Guys...i shouldn't be in top 10 because I suck at split - Insan1ty

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19 PapayPuppy V 1 Comment
20 ImBarelyTrying V 1 Comment
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