Top 10 McPe Windows 10 Pvpers

This is manditory, I had to search for hours for this, I hope this helped alot! Thanks and bye! <3!

The Top Ten

1 CrystallaGaming CrystallaGaming

If I Have Minecraft Windows 10, And Fought This Guy Maybe It Would Be A Close Fight - Insan1ty

Very nice combos, and nice tactics, BUHC Windows 10 God, my opinion. - androok777

I have PvPer him before and he is unbeatable well I beat him while he was afk but as I said he is unbeatable and I am very hard to beat no joke

He is amazing

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2 StrikerMCPlays StrikerMCPlays

God sake, this guy is legendary! He has very straight line combos off camera. I 1v1ed him and he rekt me ;O! - androok777

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3 WantlessQuill52 V 1 Comment
4 LinusDoGraphics LinusDoGraphics V 1 Comment
5 CozyHubYT CozyHubYT

Man this guy is good, so bad that he quits playing, he still good on his phone. - androok777

6 TheGoodPVPper V 1 Comment
7 ArTist7

He is one of the best! Amazing! Skilled! Very All Around! - SCMGamingYT

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8 YouAreEzBro

He is a hacker

Guys if he says your ez...yeah your easy should be number 1

Doesn't he hack? I versed him in OBPE a lot. - androok777

Pretty good.

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9 Justin_Is_Derpy Justin_Is_Derpy

He be very good, and he's funny as hell! - androok777

10 Insan1ty V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Kwickerkicker

Not very good aim but still good! - androok777

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12 RageElixr RageElixr V 1 Comment
13 PocketBlockHD V 3 Comments
14 AA12
15 OzynXbox

Lol erm OzynXbox is supposed to be at second not 11th he is better than Striker and CRYSTALLA and OzynXbox are friends of mine and I made them 1v1 each other and CRYSTALLA barely won and I'm not putting CRYSTALLA in caps it's my auto correct - TBNRForthewin2

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16 Jill23 V 1 Comment
17 FgtJay
18 imHackingMC

Good AT 8 blocking one time he rest me like u can even imagine for a second I was thinking that he was hacking but he wasn't he was the top of the server!

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19 DeatoDreameZ
20 Dreacho V 1 Comment
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