Best MCPVP Hunger Games Kits (Minecraft)

This is my favorite minecraft server. You play the hunger games with starting kits. Try out the epic server:

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1 Chameleon

The Chameleon kit is a very sneaky one! If you like to lurk around, then this kit is for you! You start with wheat that you can use on any mob you can disguise as, and it drops a mob egg. You won't see the change yourself, but as soon as you take this egg in your hand you'll be alerted in chat saying "You now look like a SHEEP" for example, as long as you hold this item in your hand, you will look like that mob. When you're attacked, you lose your disguise for a few seconds, but after that you can blend into the crowd again! Also, while you are disguised, you can't be tracked!

A fan favorite, the chameleon kit allows you to right click on any type of mob (hostile, passive, or neutral) and you get a spawn egg. While holding the spawn egg you look like a the mob you right clicked on. You cannot break blocks while holding the egg. Once you switch to something else in your hand, you look like a player again. Perfect kit to sneak up on people. - 2234

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2 Stomper

The Stomper kit is really effective and useful on a large scale. You take 2 hearts of fall damage, regardless of the height you fall. And if you fall onto someone else, the damage you would normally take is inflicted on them. A 'stomp' penetrates armor, too!

Players within a 5 block radius take the fall damage you would have taken without the kit. You only take up to 2 hearts of damage from any fall damage. - 2234

Stomper + Endermage + Cultivator + Worm = op tower

3 Endermage

The Endermage is a very handy kit, great for dragging those pesky bedrock campers up to your level! When you place the portal, you're teleported to that spot too and you and the victim receive 5 seconds of invincibility. - 2234

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4 Madman

The Madman kit will give you an aura that influences people within a 20 block radius from you, making them weaker (Not the potion effect) over time, the longer you stay close to them, and the more people within your range, the weaker they become. Resulting in them taking more damage from anything. This makes for a great anti team kit, turning fights in your advantage. - 2234

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6 Beastmaster

The Beastmaster kit allows you to tame your wolves with the bones you start with. The wolves can be very useful when in 1 vs 1 combat, and often gives you that winning edge over your enemy in fights! You also have a 100% chance to tame any wolf, so no egg shall be wasted! - 2234

7 Surprise

The Surprise kit will give you a random kit as soon as the game starts from all the available kits, even the ones you don't own, a nice way to try out new kits or get some randomness! - 2234

It's SO op you can get any kit even if you don't have it you can only buy surprise and still play any kit

I lke this kit a lot I own about 20 kits but this kit lets me try out kits which I try andd win with. Its really really fun and I recommend it.

8 Urgal

The Urgal kit starts with three Strength I potions. You can use the pots early, or late game depending on your strategy. It really is an excellent, attacking kit that can be supportive or solo intended. - 2234

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9 Chemist

The Chemist kit is a good attacking and supportive kit. It starts with three splash potions, poison II (0:16), instant damage II and weakness (3:00). Use these potions on your enemies to gain an advantage over them; early or late game - it doesn't matter! - 2234

Two insta damage potions kill a full diamond guy which means it is overpowered.

10 Timelord

Cool, and very OP in team battles

The Contenders

11 Shapeshifter
12 Barbarian

The Barbarian kit is excellent for getting the upper hand at the start of the game, but also later in game, you start with the sword "Tyrfing", a magic sword that levels up along with you, as you kill players and get experience, the sword becomes more powerful, eventually growing out from wood to diamond (Even with enchantments! ). (Note: Due to a limitation of minecraft, the sword sometimes appears to break, but it is in fact not gone, just keep hitting and you'll do the same damage you did with the sword. ) - 2234

13 Viper

Gives you a 33% chance to poison someone. What else could you ask for?

14 Pilot
15 Brawler
16 Kangaroo
17 TNT Man
18 Worm

Obvi worm is op.. free regeneration with just dirt. My opinion, I rek everyone with this.

19 Cultivator

It's a kit where you get easy food and trees. Perfect for towing and going in the desert if you have dirt.

20 Cookiemonster

Is you are skilled enough cookies are better than soup

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1. Chameleon
2. Stomper
3. Endermage
1. Stomper
2. Chameleon
3. Madman
1. Chameleon
2. Stomper
3. Endermage



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