Mean Things to Do to Justin Bieber

The Top Ten

Tie him up in a chair and make him watch every episode ever of Sanjay and Craig
Tie him to a firework and launch him into an active volcano
Have be beat up by the almighty John Cena
Put him in a suit made of ham and throw him into a dog park
Make him play a crossover of Bubsy 3D and Superman 64
Have audiences spit on him and see how he likes it

If me and my friends ever come across him, he gonna need protection!

Sabotage his car so dynamite activates as soon as he starts driving
Have him get stuffed in an animatronic suit by Freddy Fazbear
Have him get blown up by creepers
Have him be slain by Slender Man

The Contenders

Call the cops on him
Kick him
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