Top 10 Meanest As Told by Ginger Characters

Well this list has been a long time coming, As Told By Ginger wither you loved it or hated it was a pretty good Nicktoon series filled with memorable and reliable characters and while many of the characters are good yet flawed there were a handful of those characters who were just vile, despicable and down right mean, for this list we will be looking at the top 10 Meanest As Told By Ginger.
The Top Ten
1 Dr. Dave's Mom

A straight up horrible and vile woman who flat out hates Lois and hates the fact that her son Dr. Dave wants to marry her so much so that in the final episode "The Wedding Frame" she tries to ruin Dave and Lois's wedding by hiring her friends and a transvestite Nikki LaPorte to pose as Dave's old girlfriend while taking photo's of them to make it look like Dave is cheating on Lois, and in one episode while playing cards with Carl and Hoodsey and a fight breaks out she straight up bites Hoodsey's ear.

2 Miranda Killgallen

Miranda is mean,cruel and vindictive as she does everything she can to knock Ginger down a peg just because she's close friends with Courtney and goes to great lengths to do so and just some of her worst actions include tricking Ginger and her friends into stealing a sign from the Bank as present for Courtney's birthday then calls her father whose a cop and has Ginger and her friends arrested and that's only in the first episode, she also tricked Dodi into revealing one of Ginger's secrets so that she can blackmail her into doing anything he wants from her, in another she along with Mipsy pay off the board members at Avalanche Art Academy to accept Ginger for a semester then then conspire to make sure stays gone just so they can get more attention from Courtney and lets not forget the time she conspires to break up Ginger and Darren's relationship along with Mipsy, Dodi and Macie just so Ginger could go back to being her punching bag.

3 Mrs. Grimly

Appearing in the episode "Driven to Extremes" as a substitute teacher for Ms. Zorski's class and she is just straight up mean, nasty and strict and makes the entire class miserable as she forces them to push their desks against the wall and if any of them get in trouble with her she forces them to write ridiculously long essays on the most random subjects, the students led my Miranda all get fed up with it and decide to T.P. Mrs. Grimsly's house then want to take it a step forward and pelt her with eggs which Ginger is strongly against and actually throws herself saving Mrs. Grimlsy from being pelted by the eggs but instead of getting any thanks from Mrs. Grimly she just brushes it off like it was nothing not bothered by it at all and flat out says that she doesn't give a crap what the students think of her, not only does Ginger get no thanks from her but now the rest of the class are mad at her for ruining their prank.

She was voiced by Billy West, which I thought was kind of cool.

4 Chantal

Along with Andrea who appear in the episode "The Right Stuff" as part of the high school French class that Courtney and Macie are part off and when Courtney starts getting too close to Darren's older brother Will and Macie unwillingly hosts a pool party at her home Chantal and Andrea decide to humiliate Courtney at the party by pulling the string on her bikini.

5 Dodie Bishop

Dodi is and awful a character who is shown to be incredibly selfish, is willing to throw other people under the bus to make herself popular as seen in various episodes such as "Of Lice and Friends" where she becomes the new school anouncer at Lucky Jr. High and turns it into a gossip column and during an lice outbreak she finds the list of all the kids at school who have lice with one of them being Courtney Gripling as she reveals the names during the school announcements until Ginger stops her before she can say Courtney's name, in "Dodi's Big Break" she fakes a leg injury as the cheerleaders let her be on the cheerleader squad as she begins ignoring Ginger and Macie and when they find out that she's faking Dodi begins using the squad like her bodyguards to keep them away but her worst action has to be when she becomes incredibly jealous when Ginger and Darren become a coupe that she conspires with Miranda,Mipsy and Macie to try and ruin Ginger and Darren's relationship.

6 Mr. Briggs

From the episode "Stuff'll Kill Ya" as one of Carl's teachers who has a vendetta against him after Carl got his daughter in trouble and gets back at him by making up a lie that something he had in his scinece closet that was deadly and who ever touched it will have 48 hours to live and Carl is horrified that he actually believes he's going to die and tries to make the most of that 48 hours before he dies and when Lois finds out and realizes what Mr. Briggs did to Carl she completely tears into him.

7 Joann Bishop

She's a pretty awful woman who is pretty insufferable, who disperses Carl being friends with Hoodsey and in one episode when Hoodsney gets amnesia she keeps Carl as far away from him as possible and in "The Easter Ham" after getting into a fight with Lois at the supermarket that lands Joann in the hospital she banns her children from having any contact with the Fourtley's.

8 Ms. Zorski's Cousin

Ginger's former Junior High School teacher's cousin who is also named Ms. Zorski and is a teacher at the high school but unlike her cousin who was nice and praised Ginger for her hard work Ms. Zorski's cousin is a strict, no nonsense teacher who right off the bat as Ginger enters high school does not like her and is always on her case and constantly telling her this is the real world and that the real world doesn't care about her petty problems she doesn't even show any concern for Ginger following her surgery after an acute appendicitis attack.

9 George Magrority

From the episode "Sibling Revile-ry" who is placed as Carl's big brother as part of Ginger's big brother/sister program and he's very strict and follows Carl night and day making sure he doesn't get into trouble and takes it a step forward stating that he plans to sign up Carl for military school and demands that he destroy his dog house piece by piece and when Carl tries to resist George gets him to submit by telling him if he fails as a student then Ginger's program fails and Carl despite the fact that Ginger refused to take him off the program earlier actually complies with George's demands.

10 Mipsy Mipson

Same as with Miranda as the two constantly cause trouble for Ginger.

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