Top Ten Meanest Characters from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic


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21 Svengallop
22 Discord Discord

Seriously, betrayed fluttershy, tried to send her friend to another dimension, destroyed applejack a farm, tried to break up the mane 6 friendship by discoursing them not to mention attempting to curse equestrian into a realm of chaos. Jeez, what a jerk. But he is a better pair up with fluttershy than celestial is with him. Blah, I hate dislestia.

His Personality Is Better Now But Still Needs A Little Work

In love with Flutters oh so cute why do you hate him

Discards not mean he's just mischievios

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23 Princess Luna Princess Luna

What?! Why's she on here, she's the only character out of the ENTIRE FRANCHISE that I actually like. - Anonymousxcxc

Maybe, You mean nightmare moon because if you call her luna she is nice.

LUNA IS WORST PONY. Why do she gets all glory and love from those stupid bronies? Celestia is my fave pony, how dear is she meaner than Luna? Luna is selfish, useless, and show - off! She is a princess of selfisness. She cares only about herself, and thinks that she is the best pony! I hate her. she is my least fave pony.

Princess Luna is not mean she's the kindness pony you could ever meet the only mean thing she's done is turn into nightmare moon I ❤️ Princess Luna her and fluttershy and rarity are my fave ponys

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24 Rose

Why is she on her she is a background pony and she can be a little to much drama over one thing


25 Babs Seed
26 Upper Crust

Super rude, how is Rarity before he?

27 Appleliar
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29 Silver Spoon

Is Silver Spoon Nice Now? I Think She Should Be On The Nice List This Year.

She's a piece of crap. Enough said

She is a spoiled brat pushed into being a bully by a more spoiled and bratty pony aka Diamond Tiara. why does anybody love HER?

I like Silver Spoon

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30 Iron Will

He didn't mean to make Fluttershy a bully, he was just trying to help her. IF SOMEONE TRIES TO BLOCK, SHOW THEM THAT YOU ROCK! - Discord

31 Garble

He was so mean to Spike at the beginning! - Discord

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32 Flutterbitch

That is mean to flutter shy she is not could that

OK, did Justin Beaver egg your house? because someone's in a bad mood today.

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33 Granny Smith
34 Scootaloo Scootaloo
35 Prince Blueblood
36 Evil Cadence

Evil Cadance? Maybe, You mean Queen Chrysalis because she disguised herself as cadance.

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37 Principal Cinch
38 Shadowbolts

Shadowbolts are a mean bunch. Somewhat of a culture at Crystal Prep Academy I reckon.

39 Suri Polomare
40 Shining Armor Shining Armor
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