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1 All Middle East People are Terrorists

That is so ridiculous and racist. Besides, America has the basically the most terrorist (whom are fully American).

Now this one is just wrong. Thank goodness it's at number one. Should be Number 1 in the most in dumbest stereotypes - CheesyNachos

If a middle eastern builds something out of metal, expect the racist white police to arrest him - bjinmaro64

They are. lol

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2 Chinese People Can't Drive

I hate this one. My parents are Chinese and they are pretty good drivers. The only reason why everyone knows this joke is because most Chinese people ages 30 or up grew up in a terrible place with no cars. We just didn't have much experience with cars.

One time my mom was driving me and my sister home from school, and a guy cut her off. My mom said "They cut me off! And I bet they're Chinese! " Believe it or not, that guy driving actually was Chinese! Then my mom said "If there's a bad driver, they're either Asian, or old! " This was probably a coincidence, though.

Okay, but have you seen Chinese people drive in China? Its unlikely, there's so much traffic, I can walk in between the cars on the road and not be run over. That being said, all races can be bad drivers, I've been to Boston. - keycha1n

They can drive,they will just crash lol(joke) - Nateawesomeness

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3 Women Stay in the Kitchen

People joke about this way too often. Guess what? It's not funny. Racist, sexist, homophobic, and ANY HURTFUL "jokes" need to stop. Some people are just so primitive.

I kind of stay in the kitchen, I mean... eating like all the food in it, that is. - MoldySock

I'm in the kitchen, but trust me, its not to cook or do dishes... - keycha1n

I rather stay in the kitchen than be a r*pist at least the kitchen can't lead me going to jail - BlackVelvetdixE

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4 All Muslims Are Terrorists

Incredibly rude! I have known a lot of Muslims and they seem nothing like terrorists! They were very nice and very respectful. Terrorists claim that they're Muslim when they're extremist not Muslim! This should be higher, even though I'm Christian, this is incredibly nasty and a horrible thing to say! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Actually, terrorists are not Muslims. It is strictly forbidden for Muslims to kill innocent people. Terrorists go against everything Muslims believe in. They only claim their Muslim because they think just saying that will get them into heaven, but it won't.

I'm a Muslim But no one In my family is a fanatic or a terrorist. My family is actually against terrorists. So does everyone else In my large family - MLPFan

This one breaks my heart because I feel so much sorrow for the IDIOTIC PERSON WHO EVER CAME UP WOTH THIS HORRIBLY RACIST STEREOTYPE!

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5 Everyone in America are Fat

The opposite actually... The actual fat people spread their ways to their children... Also most girls/women here purge themselves... Which is kinda sad :(

I'm American and I'm not fat. - Connor360

I live in silicon valley so maybe people are less fat there. I don't know but it kind of annoys me because most of the people I've met aren't fat.

Does it come to mind that you live in Silicon Valley and that everyone there is made of plastic/silicon? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I am American and I am underweight

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6 British People are Posh

Oh yah, daarling. This is just SO terribly mean! And so very untrue. We're all ruthless ruffians with little decorum. Now..where is Jeeves with my tea...? - Britgirl

Britgirl is pretty much proof this isn't true. - Garythesnail

I live here and I've never seen a posh person in my life! Probably because I live in manchester

Acually a stereotype I think is british people are negitive - bjinmaro64

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7 Irish People are all Drunk Leprechauns

Actually Belgium has more drinkers. Ireland is second. - FearTheWeird300

Actually, Estonia has more drinkers than both Belgium and Ireland - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I'm part Irish, and I'm not a drunk leprechaun. - Powerfulgirl10

I'm Irish, but I can't necessarily disagree with this lol. But are potatoes are the finest. - BlueberryCatfish

Germany Has A Lot Of Drinkers Too - AlphaQ

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8 Autistic People are Idiots

I'm autistic, and, uh, I think I am the OPPOSITE of an idiot. I've always had good grades in school and have never failed a grade, EVER!

Did you know Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein had autism do some research. - Ihateschool

Exactly. We shouldn't use autistic as an insult. - FrozenHatingPokefan

Autistic people are not idiots! They can't help how they act! Imagine if everything you heard was 10 times louder than non-autistic people hear..

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9 Black People Are Gang Members

I know plenty of black people who are quite friendly, kind and smart, but people still act like they have a gun on them or think they are ghetto. It's ridiculous. People are scared of black people just for this reason and it's awful that some people are scared because some idiot pounded into their head that black people are gangsters - dragonfly99

I'm Black and I'm not in a gang. Gangs are bad. - RainbowKittenDashAnime

No way, Gangs are terrible. I'm not trying get myself thrown in jail or prison. - Arcxia

Almost every Asian strongly believes in this

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10 Bronies Are All Fat, Sweaty, Unwashed, Autistic Neckbeards That Live In Their Mother's Basement

Rude and I'm not even one.

That's just rude, offensive, and mean - Neonco31

Some are. Others aren't. - FrozenHatingPokefan

Who the hell thought of this?! O_o

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11 Italians all have Curly Moustaches and Constantly Carry Pizzas Around

Laugh out loud so funny!

I wish! Then, I'd just hang around some of my Italian friends and eat their pizza.
Wait a second... ALL Italians have curly moustaches?
But... but what about the girls and women?

Seth Macfarlane created many Italians on Family Guy and most didn't have mustaches. - Connor360

YEa in T.V., there just like ITALIANA! PIZZA

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12 All Mexicans have a Billion Kids

That is impossible but if they have a lot of kids it might be because most Mexicans are catholic and believe that birth control is a bad thing unless they think the pope is full of crap - FearTheWeird300

Well, I usually never see a Mexican family with less than 4 kids. This is pretty racist since I have Mexican friends with only 1 sibling. To be honest, I don't care how many kids you but be sure you have a roof over your head, a great job, and some money to take care of your kids! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Even Disney encouraged this one from Shake it up, just shows how brainwashed America is

I'mma be honest I'm mexican myself well hispanic... and my pearents are mexican and I am actually the only child... but this one is funny lol

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13 African Women Haven't a Bashful Bone in Their Bodies

I don't think that this is true. wouldn't this depend on the women's personality?

What does this even mean?

14 Everyone in Africa has ebola

People honestly need to get their facts straight. Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea have ebola. Guinea has a large population and compared to the amount of people getting ebola is nothing. All the other countries have either not got ebola, preparing for ebola or ebola there has completely died out. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

No... If that was true, how would anyone be walking around normally? - Puppytart

Yess my mom got ebola from the nany

15 All Jamaicans Smoke Weed

420 blaze it fgt mon

Steryotypical jamican:Seee ya bruhh...wait do you knowww weeed...i smokeee weed LOOOK ELEPHENT IN THE CENTAR OF A RAINBOW! Aaw it's a lepord (Low voice)
That no how they say

16 All Gay People Are Pedophiles

Any one who thinks this is true are the ones that can go to the underworld, not a person who just so happens to like their own gender. - ThatkidwiththeContacts

Not true or funny

This came from Christian extremists.

17 All Black People Like Rap Music

Just because majority of the rap world and rap stars are black it doesn't mean that we all listen to rap

I'm more of the metal, rock, punk, and Pop type. - Arcxia

I've had black friends who like metal like me - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I'm black and I love rock and metal

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18 That all gay men are feminine

So not true, or at least, not always true. Most homosexual guys and girls look like their real gender, and most feminine men and masculine women are either heterosexual or asexual.

That's not true. Some of them are tops - FearTheWeird300

I know some gays who are the most badass people I know - SirSkeletorThe3rd

It's actually true, read this article written by an actual gay guy which proves that it isn't a "stereotype":

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19 Indians Smell Horrible

Agree. Really awful and very racist. - Britgirl

That is seriously racist. - PositronWildhawk

I make this post

Very Rude - JPK

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20 Black People love fried chicken

Who doesn't? Plus this stereotype was mainly created by another racist stereotype that "black people are poorer", and since chicken is cheaper...

I'm white and I love fried chicken - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I don't mind fried chicken but I don't necessarily love it, I love ice cream. - PrincessKiana

How long has this been going on. I think we're sick of this

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21 All Mexicans Work at Home Depot

I'm sick and tired of people making the joke of all Mexicans working at Home Depot. - egnomac

This isn't true, some are construction workers or house cleaners - FearTheWeird300

I'm also sick of the stereotype that Mexicans mow people's lawn. - Connor360

I've never seen a Mexican work at Home Depot - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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22 Americans are Stupid

There's stupid people and smart people in every country on Earth. Don't give all the hate to America. - ethanmeinster

There are stupid people in every country including America, but that doesn't mean all Americans are dumb. There are plenty of smart people in America including me, my family, and my friends.

I have pretty high IQ, and I'm American. - Turkeyasylum

Some of us are *cough Donald trump *cough but most of us aren't. Whoever believes all Americans are stupid has a lower iq than Donald trump.

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23 That Asians Can't Drive

My parents are Asian and they can drive and they haven't even crashed one bit!

But... Asians are some of the worst drivers on Earth.

Wrong. This is horribly racist.

I wish I can drive - Neonco31

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24 French People Don't Shave

I highly doubt that is true

NEVER heard this one - RustyNail

25 Black People Are Good at Basketball

I am a girl. I am black. And I am good at basketball. So is my dad and sister. So my family is proof. But I know black people who suck when it comes to...well...any sport. Like my black friend ##### (who's name I bleeped out) who is scared of basketballs because she considers them "the most dangerous of all the balls." Some black people are good at basketball and some aren't. This does not mean pick the sucky black guy for your team over the talented white guy. This stereotype affects other races more than it does blacks, in a way. - TheWiseOne

That's not true they are amazing basketball players but they also could be successful in being a football player or a rap artist. But many of them just go on welfare. - FearTheWeird300

Your welfare statement is very offensive. Think before you type. - TheWiseOne

I'm black and I totally stink at basketball (even though I'm a girl) - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

No I’m not! I’m a black girl, and I’m HORRIBLE at basketball. I always get scared of getting hit by the ball! I’m the reason my team never wins.

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26 That Black People Are "From the Hood"

I am from a suburban area and am considered upper middle class. That is not "the hood." - TheWiseOne

I'm from the suburbs and I'm upper middle class. My neighborhood isn't poor. - Arcxia

What does that mean from the hood?

I barely been in the hood

27 All Blacks Are Pimps
28 All People from the South are Rednecks

I'm from Kentucky. I have lived here my whole life and I am not a redneck.

I live in Texas but I'm not a redneck. My whole school is full of rednecks though - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I live in alabama and I'm not redneck, but there are quite a bit at my school

I'm going to be honest, I live in a town full of Rednecks.

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29 Emos Like to Cut Themselves

Self Harming usually comes from depression. Emo's are supposed to be fans of rock music and stuff.

30 All Black Women Say "Shut Yo Mouth"

This made me laugh, I don't say that.. - Arcxia

31 Blondes are Dumb and Ditzy

I'm a blonde and I'm not dumb at all, but I can be crazy and blonde moments. - funnyuser

I'm not blond, but I know a bunch of people who do, and trust me, they're smart. In fact, blonde people make up 2 of the 3 smartest people in 7th grade at my school. My friend and a straight-A girl. - PizzaGuy

It has been proven genetically that being a blonde does not make you dumber. A recent study shows that blondes beat the burnettes by an average of one IQ point. Plus I know a lot of smart blondes, like the teacher in Harvard. Or the blonde astronauts. Plus a lot of people from Germany, Sweden, Australia, and Russia have blonde hair and they have many jobs that require intelligence and without enough people working at those jobs the country would crash.

Umm... How am I dumb if I went to a grammar school - Harri666

I have always been a brunette what if I decided to dye my hair blonde?
People who say that are dumb and ditzy.

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32 Mexicans love drugs
33 That Celebrities Never Care for Anything Other Than Fame

We are all supposed to have some type of talent, try and get famous and see what people say about YOU!

Haters of Justin Bieber need spanking.

Justin Bieber needs a spanking

Justin Bieber is one example - Neonco31

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34 All Black People Are Dangerous

Trust me, I'm harmless. I won't hurt you. - Arcxia

90% of Asians totally believe in this...

I'm not dangerous... I'm nice. - SapphireGrim

35 All Chinese People Eat Dogs

Who the hell eats dogs? That's DUMB and crazy. So not true. - AlphaQ

My family is Chinese AND WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT EAT DOGS! >:(

36 Jews are Wimpy

I'm a Jew I'm very wimpy but I have Jewish friends who are not wimpy at all - Ihateschool

Are you a Nazi?

37 White People can't fight

Brock Lesnar, Big Show, John Cena, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, it goes on! This stereotype is retarded and not true.

Go look at UFC. Majority of the Champions are white. - nintendofan126

Stupid - Hypercube

38 Jews are Greedy

I am friends with Jews and they are more generous than greedy. - TwilightKitsune

Adolf Hitler was more greedy. He was greedy for murder. - 445956

That is a horrible thing to say. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Not all of them and this is rude - Neonco31

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39 Everyone in Texas is a cowboy

It's mostly offensive if your from Texas. Since I am, I'm not afraid to punch anyone who says this crap

I'm from Texas and I'd say I'm more of a viking.

Yeehaw! Howdy folks! I'm from Texas and I don't like dem Li-be-rals and dem al-Ka-ders! I herd cows all day too! *sarcasm*

You know people from Texas are normal people just like from everywhere else? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

40 White People Can't Dance

There's two white girls in my class that could dance very well - JaysTop10List

In a white and can dance very well - Ihateschool

Well, they can't twerk but they can dance - SirSkeletorThe3rd

41 All Whites Are Racist

There's racist people for every race. - nintendofan126

That is offensive and I'm not even white - TwilightKitsune

You do know how many blacks have made school presentations about whites beong evil - Ihateschool

It's really pathetic actually -_-

42 Everyone Can Do Everything Better Than Americans
43 All Teenage Girls Like Pop Music

The internet = 1 place to slag off pop music because no one can see you.

I'm a teenage girl and I LOVE POP SO MUCH!

I listen to 50's,60's,70's and 80's

I'm a teen and I love rap music. - Popsicles

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44 All Polish People Are Stupid

I find this really offensive; I'm of Polish descent and I get straight As. I've never gotten anything lower than a B.

Polish people are pretty smart. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

My friend at my old school was Polish and he was one smart brain. - PizzaGuy

I'm Polish. And even though I once got one bad grade, I guess I am pretty smart. - redhawk766

45 All British People Have Bad Teeth

Me and my great uncle had buckteeth, I got braces. But guess what we do have dentists and we do go to them. I even use mouthwash even though its disgusting.

46 All New Yorkers Are Rude

Its true, they are.

I'm a New Yorker and I'm actually pretty nice. - Pony

I'm a New Yorker and I am nice - Ihateschool

Not true

47 All Skinny Girls are Anorexic

I'm underweight even though my diet is junk food and KFC. I love eating food. In year 6 I was not hungry once so I just didn't eat. Not because I'm staving myself but I just wasn't hungry. But a mean teacher (she had bleach hair ugh yuk) comes up to me and says "No wonder you're so skinny." AM I ALLOWED TO NOT FEEL HUNGRY? I don't HAVE TO EAT IF I'm NOT HUNGRY. Ugh and the teacher was mean too. - Lunala

Been a victim of skinny jokes my whole life. I see why some people can't fathom how food simply melts away for me, but that's not to say it isn't annoying. However, I think assuming fat people are all lazy and gluttonous is an even worse stereotype, so I don't complain about it much. - keycha1n

Ewe, no I'm not that skinny! - funnyuser

I'm skinny and I am no where near anorexic - Ihateschool

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48 Black women twerk a lot

HEY! People say black girls twerk a lot but sorry that is not true because most of the time it's bad and I smell hypocrisy... -_- - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Lol, nah I'm not those types. - Arcxia

Now you cam't deny that majority of black girls/women have a bit of meat on em I mean look at rihanna. She can break it down even though she doesn't have big Bhatti but that doesn't mean that all black women twerk a lot

No I suck at it. - SapphireGrim

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49 Redheads Have No Soul

I've only seen two evil redheads - bobbythebrony

Is this even a stereotype. I don't have Red Hair and I have never heard this.

Is this from South park from ginger kids - Ihateschool

The Weasleys from Harry Potter have more soul than whoever created this stupid joke. - TheWiseOne

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50 Canadians live in Igloos

Dude what... So according to some idiots, Canada is under snow at all times with igloos as the main habitat, but guess what, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, all cities with tons of skyscrapers, cars, traffic, greenery, just shut up, Canada is just as developped as the USA

That's right eh? I love snuggling with my pet polar bear and riding my moose to school... (It's not a thing but yes we are all addicted to Timmies... Eh. )

FYI us in Canada DON'T live n igloos.
1) we have pretty much the same temperature (or the majority of us) as the Northern States in America
2) it gets really hot in summer, so how would that work?
3) The only places that you could ATEMPT to live in an igloo is in Ninuvut or the Artic

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