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1 All Middle East People are Terrorists

Only the vast minority. - Cyri

I'm not American myself but they are NOT fully terrorists!

That is so ridiculous and racist. Besides, America has the basically the most terrorist (whom are fully American).

That's not true its racist its idiotic its said by people like mr dump

2 Women Stay in the Kitchen

No nono nay. Women are not exposed to the kitchen anymore,it is 2019 by the way. Now women can get the same job as men and get paid well so shut the hell up.

No! Men stay in the kitchen.

People joke about this way too often. Guess what? It's not funny. Racist, sexist, homophobic, and ANY HURTFUL "jokes" need to stop. Some people are just so primitive.

If it's for real than it's sexist but a lot of times this is said as a joke - DarkBoi-X

I never cuss so to keep this clean, people who believe this should go to the underworld. Sexist idiots. Women might go in the kitchen, but so do men. And men may go to war, so can women. Don't be sexist, it's not funny.

3 Chinese People Can't Drive

How? Chinese people are actually good drivers.

They can - ElSherlock

I hate this one. My parents are Chinese and they are pretty good drivers. The only reason why everyone knows this joke is because most Chinese people ages 30 or up grew up in a terrible place with no cars. We just didn't have much experience with cars.

One time my mom was driving me and my sister home from school, and a guy cut her off. My mom said "They cut me off! And I bet they're Chinese! " Believe it or not, that guy driving actually was Chinese! Then my mom said "If there's a bad driver, they're either Asian, or old! " This was probably a coincidence, though.

Huh. Once I saw someone nearly crash into another car, and the ruthless driver was a European. Not being racist here, cause us Asians do cause a lot of crashes. Yeah, coincidence. Us Asians weren't as modern as you guys by those ages, so we did have less experience with cars. Sorry for the cutting off, though. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

4 All Muslims Are Terrorists

Incredibly rude! I have known a lot of Muslims and they seem nothing like terrorists! They were very nice and very respectful. Terrorists claim that they're Muslim when they're extremist not Muslim! This should be higher, even though I'm Christian, this is incredibly nasty and a horrible thing to say! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I'm Muslim and I would never try to hurt anyone just because they have different beliefs. - diehardfan

Actually, terrorists are not Muslims. It is strictly forbidden for Muslims to kill innocent people. Terrorists go against everything Muslims believe in. They only claim their Muslim because they think just saying that will get them into heaven, but it won't.

Whoever thinks this has yet to meet the very high amount of good people who are Muslims! I hate it when people generalize in such a wicked way! - Cyri

5 Everyone in America are Fat

I'm so surprised that skinny Americans, especially women, are eating lots of junk food, over sized burgers and they're are NOT PUTTING ON FAR TOO MUCH WEIGHT AT ALL? How surprising!

We have some of the best health

At least American women are pretty and kind!

I don't agree with this.

6 Autistic People are Idiots

If this referring to the Autistics with severe disability, then that is one messed up stereotype.

Lol most of the autistic people I know are high achievers. I'm sure it's the opposite. - AlphaQ

Oh dear! I'm sorry that happened to you (that user who said about their teacher treating them in a mean way).

I hate you Piplup - DrayTopTens

7 British People are Posh

Not all of the Brits are posh.

I like elegant people. Just not overly... Posh. Not Effie Trinket posh - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Oh yah, daarling. This is just SO terribly mean! And so very untrue. We're all ruthless ruffians with little decorum. Now..where is Jeeves with my tea...? - Britgirl

Britgirl is pretty much proof this isn't true. - Garythesnail

8 African Women Haven't a Bashful Bone in Their Bodies

I'm african and I'm not shy at all...oh wait, I'm a boy. - AlphaQ

I'm NOT shy at all and I'm a woman myself.

I don't think that this is true. wouldn't this depend on the women's personality?

What does this even mean?

9 Irish People are all Drunk Leprechauns

This is annoying, but what is estonia and what is belgium?

Estonia is a one of the three Baltic states (besides Latvia and Lithuania) and Belgium is a country that borders France and Germany (and invented French fries). - PhoenixAura81

Actually Belgium has more drinkers. Ireland is second. - FearTheWeird300

Actually, Estonia has more drinkers than both Belgium and Ireland - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Lithuania has more drinkers! And I'm saying that as a half-lithuanian! - darthvadern

I'm part Irish, and I'm not a drunk leprechaun. - Powerfulgirl10

10 All Black People Like Rap Music

Most people who like rap are white

Several black people like metal as well - Userguy44

There is Asian rap music as well

*Reads this while listening to rap music* - Luckys

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11 All Gay People Are Pedophiles

Where did this even come from? - Cyri

This stereotype is typically targeted towards gay men, and let me say, 9 times out of ten, this stereotype is untrue.

Pedos are evil but a lot of them are straight. - AlphaQ

Only if they are blakc.

12 Black People Are Gang Members

Some black people come from poor places like ghettos so it explains why they generally join gangs. But a lot of them are in good neighbourhoods as well. It really depends on the neighbourhood you stay in. - AlphaQ

I know plenty of black people who are quite friendly, kind and smart, but people still act like they have a gun on them or think they are ghetto. It's ridiculous. People are scared of black people just for this reason and it's awful that some people are scared because some idiot pounded into their head that black people are gangsters - dragonfly99

Am I in a gang? You can guess. (obviously no) - AlphaQ

My parents Are Asian and she believes that this only applies to kids and teens between 7-21.

13 Bronies Are All Fat, Sweaty, Unwashed, Autistic Neckbeards That Live In Their Mother's Basement

Zombieworldcomix Thank you!

I don't know what a Bronie is, but that stereotype is very, very mean!

Uh, there's a mean stereotype in the stereotype! I starting to believe the one who submitted this stereotype is an autism hater - darthvadern

Most true stereotype on this list

14 All Mexicans have a Billion Kids

Seems like it but not true

I don't think this is true. Octomom has lots of kids and she's not Mexican. Plus, I'm sure that there are plenty of Non Mexicans in the world that has plenty of children (and maybe grandchildren).

That's not it. The stereotype is that Illegal Immigrants have a billion kids, not Mexicans - TwilightKitsune

That is impossible but if they have a lot of kids it might be because most Mexicans are catholic and believe that birth control is a bad thing unless they think the pope is full of crap - FearTheWeird300

15 Italians all have Curly Moustaches and Constantly Carry Pizzas Around

Laugh out loud so funny!

Not mean, but it can be annoying for them - darthvadern

I wish! Then, I'd just hang around some of my Italian friends and eat their pizza.
Wait a second... ALL Italians have curly moustaches?
But... but what about the girls and women?

This isn't true, even though Italians do look good with moustaches and that accent. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

16 All Metalheads are Satanists

I'm atheist. Some humans are my Satan. Not any supernatural demon lord. - Cyri

Yes, this is an awful stereotypes. I'm not technically a Metalhead but I am goth and people keep thinking we're(and everyone else like us) are satanists. - Meg21

Some idiots I talked to on Houseparty once thought I was a devil worshiper when I said that I liked Metallica and said it was a metal band because they never heard of it. They’re not just idiots, but they’re also plebs.
Ridiculous! 😒 - PhoenixAura81

17 All Atheists are Evil

Why do people even think this?

I'm a Christian and I don't think that Atheists are evil at all. They can be pretty nice.

You think Daniel Radcliffe is? He is an atheist.

They are not evil, they like to tease religious things (mostly Christianity) but not the person.

18 All Heavy Metal Artists are Devil Worshipers

See my comment in the entry above. - PhoenixAura81

This one is very mean and ignorant. - Userguy44

False - ElSherlock

No I listen to metal and I'm Christian

19 All Africans Have Ebola

The ebola outbreak was only in West Africa in 2014. - PhoenixAura81

20 Everyone in Africa has ebola

See my comment in the previous entry. - PhoenixAura81

Nah, only the few countries in West Africa. - AlphaQ

People honestly need to get their facts straight. Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea have ebola. Guinea has a large population and compared to the amount of people getting ebola is nothing. All the other countries have either not got ebola, preparing for ebola or ebola there has completely died out. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

No... If that was true, how would anyone be walking around normally? - Puppytart

21 All Black People Are Dangerous

My girlfriend is black. Problem? I don't see any. - Cyri

Some are dangerous and some aren't. But a lot of them are cool, like me. - AlphaQ

I'm NOT Black myself and I see that stereotype is fake. Black people are quite nice, have good smiles and they're friendly.

My family is Asian and they think this is true. I disagree with them.

22 All Jamaicans Smoke Weed

420 blaze it fgt mon

420 blaze it

i'm black not jamaican and I smoke weed
oh no is that the fbi - AlphaQ

EXCUSE ME? MY CRUSH IS JAMAICAN AND HE DOESN'T SMOKE WEED. I mean, he's young so... But he wld never do that!

Steryotypical jamican:Seee ya bruhh...wait do you knowww weeed...i smokeee weed LOOOK ELEPHENT IN THE CENTAR OF A RAINBOW! Aaw it's a lepord (Low voice)
That no how they say

23 Indians Smell Horrible

Agree. Really awful and very racist. - Britgirl

I'm Indian myself and if I get told that Indians like me smells very horrible, then guess what? I don't give a Sugar Honey Ice Tea myself!

Yes! That is truly a fact! I'm Indian and I smell horribly, like very strong curry thank you very much! (Sarcasm)

As Indian I wouldn't mind if people say that I smell horrible because I don't give a crap what if I get stereotyped in a very negative way.
#I am who I am!

24 All Blacks Are Pimps

What In The Falafel Umbrella Cocaine Koala Is A Pimp? - AlphaQ

25 That all gay men are feminine

Look at famous people like Tom Daley.
Sports man

So not true, or at least, not always true. Most homosexual guys and girls look like their real gender, and most feminine men and masculine women are either heterosexual or asexual.

I know some gays who are the most badass people I know - SirSkeletorThe3rd

It's not true the article is false - Mranonymously

26 Black People love fried chicken

I’m white and I LOVE fried chicken (without bones of course). - PhoenixAura81

A lot of people like fried chicken! - Luckys

The only rather good one (but not very good either). Fried chicken is yummy! - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Fried chicken is delicious. - AlphaQ

27 All Americans Are Racist

Oh the irony of this statement!

It's definitely the most racist country even if there are Americans who aren't racist.

I think Europe is way more racist than Americans.

This is TRUE, especially if it's a White American.

28 That Asians Can't Drive

North Korea is not the only country in Asia.
But I'm sure its legal to drive in all the other countries.

My relatives are Asian and they are EXCELLENT drivers. They haven't even crashed one bit!

My parents are Asian and they can drive and they haven't even crashed one bit!

Shut the fruck up you weirdo with the worst drivers on eaeth

29 All Polish People Are Stupid

Kowalski from Penguins of Madagascar is Polish (my sis says so), and he's a great scientist! Even though his stuff always go AWOL - Aquastar_of_DewClan

That's very offensive

I find this really offensive; I'm of Polish descent and I get straight As. I've never gotten anything lower than a B.

Polish people are pretty smart. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

My friend at my old school was Polish and he was one smart brain. - PizzaGuy

30 All Americans are Obsessed with Guns

There are many Americans that HATE GUNS!

It's the most gun-obsessed country in the world & that's the reason they have mass shootings. In countries where guns are illegal, there are NO mass shootings. You don't need to be a brain surgeon to know that.

Some Americans hate guns!

I love Stephanie I'm sorry about my comments. Sometimes the media can say bad things about other countries so that people can believe them (News).

31 All Mexicans Work at Home Depot

What kind of stereotype is that! - Pieclone

I'm sick and tired of people making the joke of all Mexicans working at Home Depot. - egnomac

This isn't true, some are construction workers or house cleaners - FearTheWeird300

I'm also sick of the stereotype that Mexicans mow people's lawn. - Connor360

32 Black People Are Good at Basketball

Thanks for the compliment! - AlphaQ

I am a girl. I am black. And I am good at basketball. So is my dad and sister. So my family is proof. But I know black people who suck when it comes to...well...any sport. Like my black friend ##### (who's name I bleeped out) who is scared of basketballs because she considers them "the most dangerous of all the balls." Some black people are good at basketball and some aren't. This does not mean pick the sucky black guy for your team over the talented white guy. This stereotype affects other races more than it does blacks, in a way. - TheWiseOne

That is true for the most part. In almost every basketball team I saw, most of the team members are African-American. I have nothing against that, but that's what I saw. The same goes for American football. - PhoenixAura81

Ok, but what's so mean about this one? - darthvadern

33 All Skinny Girls are Anorexic

Not really true. But it depends.

I'm underweight even though my diet is junk food and KFC. I love eating food. In year 6 I was not hungry once so I just didn't eat. Not because I'm staving myself but I just wasn't hungry. But a mean teacher (she had bleach hair ugh yuk) comes up to me and says "No wonder you're so skinny." AM I ALLOWED TO NOT FEEL HUNGRY? I don't HAVE TO EAT IF I'm NOT HUNGRY. Ugh and the teacher was mean too. - Lunala

Been a victim of skinny jokes my whole life. I see why some people can't fathom how food simply melts away for me, but that's not to say it isn't annoying. However, I think assuming fat people are all lazy and gluttonous is an even worse stereotype, so I don't complain about it much. - keycha1n

Ewe, no I'm not that skinny! - funnyuser

34 Americans are Stupid

I'm NOT American myself and I'm also NOT from America; but Americans are NOT stupid at all and they DON'T SUCK at everything:

Who invented Google? American people!
Who invented YouTube? American people!
Who invented Social Media? American people!
Who created childhood (snacks, Television shows, movies etc.)? American people!

American people are actually very smart!

Some Americans are actually pretty smart.

There's stupid people and smart people in every country on Earth. Don't give all the hate to America. - ethanmeinster

Idiots and smart guys are scattered everywhere in this world. There's no stupidest or smartest country. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

35 French People Don't Shave

My dad thought that French women never showered and never shaved. I regret thinking that it was true. - WheresMyGuitarPick

Never heard of this stereotype - AliciaMae

NEVER heard this one - RustyNail

I highly doubt that is true

36 Black women twerk a lot

My family twerks a lot. Loll - Luckys

A lot of white girls I know twerk - AlphaQ

What's twerk? - Aquastar_of_DewClan

A repulsive type of dance. I always look away when I see people do it. - PhoenixAura81

HEY! People say black girls twerk a lot but sorry that is not true because most of the time it's bad and I smell hypocrisy... -_- - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

37 All Blacks Want to Fight

If you hit a black person of course he's gonna fight back - AlphaQ

That if you upset a black person.

Can people stop saying
"My asian family said that (insert bad stereotype). I don't."
DON'T push all the hate to America and Asians, please! - Aquastar_of_DewClan

We're Asian. My relatives believe that this applies to black teens. I don't.

38 All British People Have Bad Teeth

Britgirl: Sad British noises - RoseWeasley

I can't say anything really because I have teeth that are yellower than a banana.

No 21 Savage has good teeth. - AlphaQ

Me and my great uncle had buckteeth, I got braces. But guess what we do have dentists and we do go to them. I even use mouthwash even though its disgusting.

39 That Black People Are "From the Hood"

What's the hood? - Aquastar_of_DewClan

For those of you wondering, a 'hood' is basically a ghetto and is not that rich of an area. Suburbs aren't hoods. - AlphaQ

I am from a suburban area and am considered upper middle class. That is not "the hood." - TheWiseOne

I'm from the suburbs and I'm upper middle class. My neighborhood isn't poor. - Arcxia

40 Jews are Greedy

Hitler probably created this stereotype. - InfinateSuperstorm

Did Hitler create this stereotype?! - Vancedapurpleguy

Sone anti Semitic palestinian wrote this

Adolf Hitler was more greedy. He was greedy for murder. - 445956

41 Canadians live in Igloos

That is not really true.

Dude what... So according to some idiots, Canada is under snow at all times with igloos as the main habitat, but guess what, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, all cities with tons of skyscrapers, cars, traffic, greenery, just shut up, Canada is just as developped as the USA

That's right eh? I love snuggling with my pet polar bear and riding my moose to school... (It's not a thing but yes we are all addicted to Timmies... Eh. )

Igloos are build by the Inuit tribe to keep warm in the winter. Not sure how you’d choose something literally made of snow, but if it suits them, I can’t complain. - PhoenixAura81

42 All People from the South are Rednecks

I'm from Kentucky. I have lived here my whole life and I am not a redneck.

I live in Texas but I'm not a redneck. My whole school is full of rednecks though - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I'm going to be honest, I live in a town full of Rednecks.

I live in alabama and I'm not redneck, but there are quite a bit at my school

43 Blondes are Dumb and Ditzy

I don't have blonde hair myself. But blondes are not that dumb nor ditzy!

I've met more smarter brunettes and black hairs, but that doesn't mean blondes can be stupid. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

How racist! Disney is suppose to help kids grow positively, not dirty their minds with racism and sexism. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

I'm a blonde and I'm not dumb at all, but I can be crazy and blonde moments. - funnyuser

I'm not blond, but I know a bunch of people who do, and trust me, they're smart. In fact, blonde people make up 2 of the 3 smartest people in 7th grade at my school. My friend and a straight-A girl. - PizzaGuy

44 All Chinese People Eat Dogs

This is evil unless you're starving to death. Quite a harmful stereotype. - Cyri

I've never known a chinese person who's eaten a dog.

Most Chinese people have never eaten a dog.

Who the hell eats dogs? That's DUMB and crazy. So not true. - AlphaQ

45 Jews are Wimpy

Not true. Unless if you're Mort & Neil Goldman from Family Guy.

This was probably created by Hitler. - InfinateSuperstorm

I'm a Jew I'm very wimpy but I have Jewish friends who are not wimpy at all - Ihateschool

Are you a Nazi?

46 That Celebrities Never Care for Anything Other Than Fame

What about Cameron Boyce? He said in his interview that he doesn't like fame to be honest. He's part of the thirst project and uses his fame for good.

*cough cough* Michael Jackson

*cough cough* Justin Bieber.
But this isn't true about Marilyn Manson.

Justin Bieber cares more than several celebrities. The ones they don't care: Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Logan Paul.

Haters of Justin Bieber need spanking.

47 All Whites Are Racist

Anyone can be racist. - PhoenixAura81

This is TRUE because White People are ones that clearly started the whole racism thing.

Um, not all whites are racist. Plus Asians can be racist, Hispanics can be racist, colored people can be racist. - Ilovestephanie

That stereotype itself is racist. - 3DG20

48 Mexicans love drugs
49 Everyone in Texas is a cowboy

Not really true.

I'm not a cowboy or cowgirl. Lol - Luckys

They are all mexicans dressed as cowboys

It's mostly offensive if your from Texas. Since I am, I'm not afraid to punch anyone who says this crap

50 Men Are Rapists

Women are just as terrible as men!

One time a user named BorisRule was considered a rapist by another user because he is male! I feel really bad for him. - DrayTopTens

Oh, apprently your beloved father, husband/boyfriend /crush, uncles, grandfathers, friends and teachers who are make are all rapists? - Aquastar_of_DewClan

The only reason people believe this is because of stupid Feminists who think men are Satan incarnate and say they're should be a world with no one but women - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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