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61 Christians Ban Evolution

Hmm my school studied religion and evolution

Christians are nice and smart people - TwilightKitsune

62 Japanese People Will Most Likely "End It" V 2 Comments
63 All Blacks Want to Fight

Some do. But there's people for every race that want to fight. - nintendofan126

I can't fight even if I wanted too lol. - TheWiseOne

V 2 Comments
64 Chinese People Are Always Smart

I'll say 90% of the Asians are smart. - Linnea

65 Japanese people are obsessed with honor and cut themselves with katanas

Look at Hajime Isayama, Satoru Iwata and all the other Japanese guys who don't do that - TwilightKitsune

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66 Popular girls are mean

Not all popular girls are mean. All the popular girls is my class are very nice, they maybe listen to rap music and swear a lot but they are really nice. The mean girls are the gamers and girly girls. The popular ones are popular because they are friendly.

I was popular in middle school and was very nice and gave candy to anyone who wanted on my birthday - Ihateschool


67 All Men are Rapists

I hate that. No they aren't. And there are many female rapists/sex offenders etc.

68 All Christians are Homophobic

I'm a christian but I'm Not homophobic - lovingicecreams

69 All Catholic Men Prey On Young Boys
70 Tomboys hate girly girls

Two of my best friends are girly girls. I'm a tomboy. - Apricot

71 A Lot of British Men Marry Asians

I am the one who made Indians smell horrible my name is eugene

72 All Scottish People Eat Haggis

I'm of Scottish decent and I HATE The idea of haggis. Literally. Blood, liver and stomach who could eat that.

Haggis is pretty nasty- Scottish people despise this stuff. - Pony

73 All Scottish People Speak Slang
74 Fans of Hardcore Bands Are Emo
75 Jackie Evancho Fans Are Child Molesters
76 Native Americans Live in Teepees

Right now most of them live in houses. - Linnea

77 All Indians Work at Liquor Stores

No, I've seen only 1 Indian work at a retail store in my life. The rest were White, Black, or Asian - SirSkeletorThe3rd

All Indians work at liquor stores? Nobody does business, or teaching? People who think so need to go to the ICU.

78 Native Americans Own Casinos

Might not be true but that would be BADASS

79 Canadians Are Obsessed With Hockey

Yes most of us love our hockey... Eh

80 Every model is bulimic

All because the lead singer of Carpenters

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