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81 Every model is bulimic

All because the lead singer of Carpenters

82 Black People Always Eat Chicken

I am TRULY OFFENDED BY THIS. I mostly eat Cod and people are saying that we always eat chicken! I'm African british and if anyone insults us like that they're gonna end up getting bashed. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

We eat fried chicken sometimes, but my grandma prefers ham or Turkey. So deal with it. - TheWiseOne

My mom always makes chicken but I prefer ice cream. - PrincessKiana

No, I don't always eat chicken. - Arcxia

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83 All People Who Have Been to and from Africa Have Ebola
84 Every Guy Is A Jerk

I hate it when people (mostly hypocritical bigoted "feminists") make this argument. - ethanmeinster

85 Asians Are Good at Everything Except Driving
86 All Asians Know Martial Arts

I'm the only Asian at my school that knows martial arts and I'm Indian

Who Wouldn't Want To Know Marshal Arts. It's Cool. - AlphaQ

87 All Gym Teachers Are Pedophiles

Tyga Is Not A Gym Teacher - AlphaQ

Mean Girls stereotype. - TheWiseOne

88 The French are rude

I'm French and people say I'm the most polite and nice person they've ever met (wasn't trying to sound cocky, just trying to make a point that French people aren't rude.

89 Everyone from Coventry is a Chav
90 Homosexuals are Devil Worshipers

Christians need to find a life and I'm am a Christian

91 All Atheists are Evil

They are not evil, they like to tease religious things (mostly Christianity) but not the person.

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92 All Religious People are Insane

most are

Most are?
Let me guess an atheist extremist who gives atheists a bad name just like religion does nowadays.

Insane ones are Christian extremists who take the whole bible literally, Jack Chick, Rapture Ready, that guy who said Jesus would return on May 21st.
A muslin extremist who kills people.

93 All Rock Artists are Devil Worshipers
94 All people from New Jersey like Bon Jovi
95 All Northern - English people are farmers
96 All Michiganders Are Ghetto

This one pisses me off SO MUCH! Being from Michigan, I can say I'm not a "ghetto" person at all. In fact, most places in Michigan aren't "ghetto" either. - Turkeyasylum

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97 All Metalheads are Satanists
98 Atheists are Neckbeards

And wear fedoras. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. This makes me hate the world even more that people say that.

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99 All Africans Have Ebola

Again it doesn't matter on race - Linnea

100 All Russians Drink Vodka
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