Top Ten Meanest Thing to Say to a Person That Tells Jokes

The Top Ten

1 Your Jokes Are No Humor
2 You're Worse Than "Joker"
3 Guards!!!
4 Hey, Is Your Name Bad Joke Teller?
5 Your Jokes Are So Not Funny That It Makes Me Laugh
6 Your Jokes Are So Funny, Not!

Yes I hate it what someone says a compliment and then they just shout NOT! It's so annoying - itz_izzy

So true itz_izzy. So true. - Kiteretsunu

7 You Should Win A Medal For Worlds Worst Joke Teller

I think I've said this to my Grandma :D - vidkid13

8 Hi Mr./Mrs./Ms. Bad Jokes
9 Your Jokes Are Sooooo Boring
10 Instead of Laughs You Should Get Boos!

The Contenders

11 So funny that I didn't laugh
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