Meanest Things to Do at a Funeral


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1 Play "Ha Ha You're Dead" by Green Day

I think that's really rude because when everyone is crying your singing a song that's going to make them cry even more

I played this song when my ex boyfriend who a total loser died

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2 Laugh
3 Make Rude Comments
4 Do a Happy Dance
5 Text

This is just a plain ignorant thing to do... I really should stop doing it. - Britgirl

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6 Talk When Someone at the Podium Is Talking

Sounds like something the President of the United States of America did very recently... - PetSounds

7 Listen to Music
8 Make Fun of the Family of the Person Who Died
9 Do Mean Things to the Corpse

PositronWildhawk, example: whip around its arms, open and punch it's eyes, stuff like that. - Jetticus12

Maybe, "Hey, can I open the coffin once, the corpse took my mobile phone" - Animefan12

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10 Walk Up to Go to the Bathroom When Someone Is Talking

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11 Have Sex with the Corpse V 2 Comments
12 Play "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj

This should be number 1. Really.

13 Pee On the Dead Person's Grave V 1 Comment
14 Kill Another Person
15 Sing Gangnam Style while kicking coffin

Oh, no. You'll be jailed for life. Never do it! - Animefan12

How did you find out I did it? - donrodrigo

16 Sing ''Highway to Hell'' by AC/DC V 1 Comment
17 Urinate On the Person's Grave
18 S*** On the Person's Grave
19 Watch Sports on Your Phone
20 Eat the person V 1 Comment
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