Meanest Things to Do at a Funeral


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1 Play "Ha Ha You're Dead" by Green Day

I think that's really rude because when everyone is crying your singing a song that's going to make them cry even more

I played this song when my ex boyfriend who a total loser died

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2 Laugh
3 Make Rude Comments
4 Do a Happy Dance

I recall this happening in an episode of "Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl", where Lenore and Ragamuffin did an Irish dance on some guy's coffin at a funeral.

5 Text

This is just a plain ignorant thing to do... I really should stop doing it. - Britgirl

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6 Talk When Someone at the Podium Is Talking

Sounds like something the President of the United States of America did very recently... - PetSounds

7 Listen to Music
8 Make Fun of the Family of the Person Who Died
9 Do Mean Things to the Corpse

PositronWildhawk, example: whip around its arms, open and punch it's eyes, stuff like that. - Jetticus12

Maybe, "Hey, can I open the coffin once, the corpse took my mobile phone" - Animefan12

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10 Walk Up to Go to the Bathroom When Someone Is Talking

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11 Have Sex with the Corpse

Unless you're Glenn Quagmire...

what - shawnmccaul22

12 Play "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj

This should be number 1. Really.

13 Watch Sports on Your Phone
14 Eat the person

They wouldn't taste good - Rorywilbren

That's disturbing. - PatrickStar3

15 Pee On the Dead Person's Grave

This is the same as urination.

16 Kill Another Person
17 Sing Gangnam Style while kicking coffin

Oh, no. You'll be jailed for life. Never do it! - Animefan12

How did you find out I did it? - donrodrigo

18 Sing ''Highway to Hell'' by AC/DC

This is one of most frequnetly played songs at funerals - RecklessGreed

19 Urinate On the Person's Grave
20 S*** On the Person's Grave
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