Top Ten Meanest Things to Do to a Puppy


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1 Roll it onto its back and dangle a steak above its face.

Teasing is a mean thing to do to anybody - Ajkloth

Trust me, this is the cruelest of cruel things. - PositronWildhawk

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2 Fill its water bowl with hot water

What the hell?! I saw a 12 year old boy doing that to a puppy, he said the puppy was injured and the boy lived to do mean things on him - Cobbleborg

I have never done this. It's so cruel. But now that I think about it... - PositronWildhawk

He should go to juvy.

3 Attach its ball to a string and throw the ball without letting the string go.

Oh, I've done something like this. My dog runs away thinking I threw the ball. Then he just stands there and barks. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Have been doing this to my dogs for a long time. They always run but never know where the ball is. So mean. - PositronWildhawk

4 Drop a bar of soap into its water bowl

What the hell, imagine if you're the one who ate that soap, who the crap will do that? - Cobbleborg

The bubbles will kill him. NO! Who cares. - HezarioSeth

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5 Show it its ball before hiding the ball.

One time I did this, the dog was next to me on the couch, and I hid the ball under my shirt. Ended up with a paw with dried mud on it pushing down on my tongue. Not pleasant. - PositronWildhawk

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6 Put it in the microwave

That's so horrible, I am a cat person and I wouldn't do that to a dog, dogs and cats are both cute, even if the dog survived he would have diseases and would live a miserable life. - Cobbleborg

EVIL I can't believe someone would do that I don't no anyone who does that this should be way higher

This one is just evil.

Imagine if you were the sog

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7 Kill it

Seriously. Teasing it is considered worse than killing it?!?!

In fact, there is nothing wrong with these items (I didn't add them) because the title implies negativity. - gemcloben

You will be in trouble. Don't do it. - Animefan12

This is just so cruel! this should be #1 because killing something so young is worse than the other ones.

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8 Continuously throw its ball against a wall and catch it before the dog can.

Oh, that would be indeed cruel for the puppy. Puppies love it when they can participate in a game, it's almost like food to them. Nobody should do that to a puppy!

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9 Throw a ball for it, and as it goes after it, move the dog bed.

That's mean, but not too mean. The dog could probably find the bed as long as you don't have the house too big. - ToptenPizza

10 Use the dog whistle to wake it

That's painful, it's like hearing Justin Bieber's song but in a whistle - Cobbleborg

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11 Roll its ball under the cabinet and watch it try to dig it out

The problem is, our dog barks continuously in these circumstances. Loudly. Piercingly. - PositronWildhawk

My dog would end up getting his body stuck in between the floor and the cabinet. It's happened before. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

You can then laugh and it and go "haha, stupid ho." - MoldySock

12 Play heavy metal in its ears

Puppies just aren't built for Heavy Metal...

Puppies don't have a lot of strength

I love metal, but I don't think animals like it. I think animals prefers softer songs (well, just play a slow metal song :P) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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13 Call it with the dog whistle and hide
14 Take a crap in its food dish
15 Make it pull extremely heavy stuff like the Grinch did to Max.
16 Making it harm you!
17 Spit on It

Some people are just sick.

18 Use a lighter, burn it's favorite toy and force it to watch

I got this idea from my brother. He does this a lot

19 Eat it

I don't think a visitor put these things here. It's just a theory of what user I believe did it - bobbythebrony

This is sick! Only a crazy person would do this

You visitors are cruel. - Therandom

They do kind of taste good...but I wouldn't do that to my cute beenie poochie...aweee!

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20 Fart on it
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1. Roll it onto its back and dangle a steak above its face.
2. Attach its ball to a string and throw the ball without letting the string go.
3. Fill its water bowl with hot water
1. Kill it
2. Put it in the microwave
3. Roll it onto its back and dangle a steak above its face.



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