To The Masses, Your Contributions To This List Are NOT FUNNY

PositronWildhawk A while ago, I created Meanest Things To Do To A Puppy as a humour list. It was based on the funny things that one is naturally slightly amused by thinking of doing with one's dog. I own two, and have owned three dogs, and my ideas for this list were built on the relationship that I have developed with the animals which I have considered family. Just as one grows up picking on siblings and friends as a joke, one develops very human relationships with their pets. But this list has been deformed into a purely inhumane addition to this site, and a scar on my reputation. The additions to this list are some of the most horrible things I've seen on this site.

First of all, the additional items for this list are disgusting. If you look at my remix of this list, you'll see acts of playful interaction with a playful creature, such as throwing two balls for it at once. If you look away from it, you'll see things like killing it, spitting on it and similar things which absolutely degrade the animal. I'm wondering, what kind of sick-minded individual would suggest this for humour? Puppies are living creatures, with thoughts and emotions, like you and I. To put it in contrast, it would be humourous banter if you were to tease someone about not getting a joke, but it wouldn't be funny if you were to kill them. And before you think for a moment that that's any different, think about your own life. If it were taken away from you as a joke, would you have been laughing? How is your life, a human life, or a dog's life, of any less importance to the being with that life or the people and animals that care for them? These are creatures that we are at least meant to respect, so show it to them as much as I would respect animals and people as a whole.

Is this a minor part of this list? No. Most, if not all votes on this list which I see on my feed are given to killing the puppy. The comments are no less sickening. Most comments are removed, but there are still some which pass, which the more humane of you can see for yourself and look away in disgust. Comments which I have seen myself are barbaric, suggesting that the dog deserved to be beaten, and laughing at the idea of a dog struggling as if there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Is that how you see these innocent creatures? If you knew anything about dogs, you would know that they had loving and loyal personalities, and they are always there for you, to account for your needs as long as you give them respect and love. They are not mindless mongrels to be thrown around and mistreated, and they are not "only good for spreading diseases." I can't imagine meeting a person who would do this sort of thing for fun, or letting anyone treat any dogs this way.

This may not be one of my most popular lists, but it is becoming one which I regret making. Clearly, most of the people that actively search for articles like this are those who go around looking for trouble. To even think about the things that they enjoy on the internet, or even in real life, is a truly sickening and disturbing thought. It was a typical comment for this list that made me snap and publish this, for I am tired of having to look at this on my feed. It has to stop, and people have to realise that animal abuse is no laughing matter. It's callous, illegal, and a disgrace to anyone either directly or indirectly affected by it. I would not ever create a humour list with this demeaning excuse for mirth, nor would I ever think about it when I'm with my own dogs, who have devoted themselves to making me happy, even helped me through depression. I hope you're happy that this list is what it is. Shame on all of you.


I know MainstreamWildhawk! Animal abuse is just plane wrong - CerealGuy

I agree with you Positron - visitor

(Whimpers) - Puga

I wholeheartedly agree, however, you should request admin to remove abusive items and change the title to "Top Ten Ways To Mildly Tease Your Puppy". It would be a better solution to this list that doesn't deserve to scar your reputation. - keycha1n

Agreed - EvilAngel

Harming little bitty puppies is wrong - bobbythebrony

Animal abuse needs to stop. My mom works at a shelter on one day of the week, and she helps take care of the animals. Anyway, point is, animal abusers, do something that isn't cruel. - Therandom

You should not be abusing animals especially puppies - 2storm

Talking to the admin may solve the problem, Positron. - Kiteretsunu

I completely agree that animal abuse is wrong. However, if you title your list something like that, it's kind of inevitable that horrible stuff will get added.

And I'm not supporting, nor saying I was the one who added the items. Even if I made it seem that way. - IronSabbathPriest

He's got a point. - Therandom

That's still not an excuse for joy in making them suffer, which is exactly what is wrong with this list. It would imply and encourage such things. - visitor

This blog post actually made me cringe and no, it's not because of the people but it's because you're taking this so seriously. Wow, people putted nine items, involving explicit stuff to do to dogs one a list titled "MEANEST Things To Do To a Dog" when was suppose to be about 'midly teasing them' even though there was no indication that this was the case because there was NO damn DESCRIPTION! People are gonna interpret differently, big deal but you're describing the whole thing as if they're gonna do it to their dogs but the whole problem is this:

1. You didn't make it clear enough.
2. People had different interpretations
3. I left my oven bake cookies to burn to death. - visitor

You'll just have to get baked without those cookies, then. - PetSounds

I don't care about the cookies neither the oven, but as SHD said, the list title could be interpreted in many ways. Either a description was necessary, or the list should have been titled differently. - Kiteretsunu

Look at the bright side, SHD, at least I stole your cookies. - Delgia2k

Precisely. - RiverClanRocks

I can't believe anyone would even joke about animal abuse! It's not a joke, it's a terrible thing to do to an innocent, loving, playfull, loyal creature! Dogs are man's best friend, and whoever would kill a puppy should go to hell, we don't need scum like them penetrating the earth! And only good for spreading desieses! I guess the countless dogs trained to be guide dogs, rescue dogs, sniff out cancer, therapy dogs, sense seziours, don't even count! - ToptenPizza

Quite to be honest,i don't know why the admin approves this kind of lists in the first place. - UltimateHybridX

PETA would hate this - visitor