Meanest Things to Do to Your Cousins


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1 Punch him/her in the chest (Air him/her out)

Heck, if I did ANY of these things on the list, I would be in TOTAL DEAD MEAT with all my relatives for sure.

My younger cousin KICKED ME IN THE STOMACH once. I had just eaten shortly before it happened. And no I didn’t throw up, thank goodness.

The Sikh is the best in the world

I've did this 2 him, I've laughed so hard that, I've laughed at myself 4 gettin; in trouble - SmoothCriminal

2 Touch him/her

Even I think that's taking it too far, and I only cry when a nice family member, a friend, or an animal dies. - BurritoSeal

3 Push him/her in the water
4 Steal his/her music device

I once stole his ipod... but gave it back... because I felt guilty - Smooth101Criminal

5 Trip him/her
6 Wake him/her up and run away
7 When they're about have a smoke, take it a break it in half

NO! You're doing them a huge favor by saving their lives! Whoever put this item on this list is such an idiot!

Stopping them from smoking is doing them a favor. I would NEVER let my cousin smoke. - Garythesnail

8 Pants them

My relatives would pants them before they were potty trained

9 Turn off the TV while walking past it when they're watching it
10 Force them to play the Scary Maze Game

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11 Push her when she tries to put lip stick on mess them up
12 Throw gum on his/her hair and run away
13 Throw something at their window and run away

Did Mario write this?

14 Spit on them and blame them

I would never do any of these things except prevent their smoking. - Garythesnail

15 Make them listen to Blood on the Dance Floor

Actually I made my 9 year old cousin listen to blood on the dance floor and now she has a band that she hates - RoseCandyMusic

16 Smack Them In the Face and Run Away

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I did this once, it was the FUNNIEST THING EVER, She chased me 4 a while then she tripped over a rock and I got away, BETTER TIMES - SmoothCriminal

17 Stamp on their feet
18 Wrestle with them

I do this a lot with mine, BUT ITS SO DARN FUN! But when I kneed one of them in the head, leg, and thigh, he elbowed me in one place you should never hit a girl.

19 Tell him/her that they have something on their shirt and then smack their chin
20 Cover them in chocolate sauce and throw strawberries at them
21 Kick them in the mouth
22 Lock them in a closet

I have this annoying step cousin that hits me with her wooden nutcracker, gets her diaper changed at the dinner table (I have an EXCELLENT sense of smell), throws tantrums whenever I take her nutcracker, and sits next to me at the dinner table, spitting up the delicious meals I wanna eat, with her dad EATING her spit up and saying "Mmmm, delicioso! ".
If I have to endure all this again, I'm gonna lock her in the closet for the rest of eternity.
Since she is immortal, she will have to suffer in The Closet forever. - BurritoSeal

Some of my cousin's cousins locked her in a closet. I feel really bad for her.

23 Force feed him/her hot sauce
24 Body slam them
25 Take their stuff and hold it out of their reach
26 Pick them up and carry them somewhere else
27 Take their devices

My older cousin took my phone once.

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