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1 He spit on his fans from a balcony He spit on his fans from a balcony

This dude is a total jackass, when he first became popular as a kid he was annoying but at least he appreciated his fans, now he's just like "screw my fans, I don't need them I'm rich". But of course his fans don't care, they'll suck up to him cheer for him and attend his concerts no matter how horribly he treats them. But it's still wrong to treat them like this. Justin you do know your fans are what made you popular and if you treat them like this all your fans will be gone and you won't be rich and famous anymore idiot.

Why would somebody do something like this? One direction has never done anything like this.
And they get all most as much hate as Justin Bieber - nintendofan126

This is so stupid. I don't know how he was the very first person to get in the Nickelodeon Hall of Fame. He said a lot of nice bull crap that I think is a lie, or he got nicer. He either got in because of the nice things he said, or the people in Nickelodeon are idiots.

All this stuff in the list made me like Justin Bieber a lot less. I never really liked him anyway.

This is a horrible thing. Fans are people who love you and follow you, how can you spit on them? You’re not a good person

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2 He abandon his pet monkey in Germany

It's probably because he was jealous that the monkey was smarter than him. - Pug

Who would do this to a monkey? That's like shooting a puppy. - nintendofan126

Michael Jackson isn't stupid. Unlike Justin Bieber. The monkey is like Albert Einstein compared to Justin. - 906389

It's probably because he was jealous that the monkey was smarter than him. - Puga

Why would you abandon a monkey? The monkey is smarter than him.

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3 He sent a message to Rock n Roll and heavy metal fans

THIS IS MY FAVORITE KIND OF MUSIC! I mean does he hate this kind of music
And only likes the kind of music he makes? - nintendofan126

I mean, I'm not a Rock or Metal fan, but taking action and sending a derogatory letter towards the fans is, by no means, an ethical way of showing dislike for something. - CatCode

I just wanna rip his face off rock and metal is may better any pop music no offense though

Because he only likes the kind of music he makes.
Which is the kind of music used for torturing prisoners in wars - MLPFan

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4 He peed in a mop bucket He peed in a mop bucket

Look. I know he was drunk when he did this. But really who would pee in a mop bucket.?
There's a reason they invented the toilet. - nintendofan126

What the hell?! He peed in it? Only a toddler might do that... - Tia-Harribel

People can do anything to get in news. - Kiteretsunu

He was drunk - Adventurur2

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5 He spit in his neighbors face and threaten to kill him

The police need to beat him to death. - Connor360

Can we give him the death penalty? - ToptenPizza

Justin Bieber's salivary glands are working too well these days...

O-O Jesus christ!

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6 He was 2 hours late for a concert and said he was 40 minutes late

I could just Imagine all the people that were so angry at him. How could he be this late for a simple concert? - nintendofan126

My sister went to this concert she said that's why shes not a fan anymore

He kept the fans waiting! He held up the entire show, good thing he got booed. Jerk deserved it. - ToptenPizza

Dude, they paid good money for that concert, and they missed a lot of it!
and also, he didn't even admit that he missed it, he said instead of 2 hours, it was only 40 minutes! 40 mins is still bad.

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7 He called The Beatles the Crap Band

How are Beatles the crap band? He's a crap pop singer

I just imagine how angry Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr would be if they they heard that. - Connor360

Even if you don't like the beatles, you can't ignore their talent. All those hits that they have written, composed and sung. Bieber has written or composed nothing. How can or dare this crap person comparing himself with the beatles ( a band who changed the world with their sound ). He really thinks he's better? Or is he so stupid?

The Beatles? One of the best and most influential bands of all time? HOW?!?!?!
I agree with Connor360, Paul and Ringo would be angry if they heard that!
John Lennon and George Harrison would be too, if they were still alive! Thank God, they didn't have to hear that!

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8 He made a private plane wait 8 hours for his pet monkey He made a private plane wait 8 hours for his pet monkey

This was before he abandoned his monkey in Germany.
I wonder how angry the pilots were? - nintendofan126

I feel sorry for the monkey - TwilightKitsune

Wow he is making people from all places angry because of his actions, he is drunk - Cobbleborg

Let me guess, he abandoned the monkey afterwards. - alphadan12

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9 He said f*** Bill Clinton

Look I know lots of people don't like Bill Clinton. But really! - nintendofan126

He's just jealous because Bill Clinton is 68 and is still getting more girls than he ever will.

Even though, bill Clinton's, rich, I don't think he's gonna get any girls. - nintendofan126

That is so mean to swear at a leader, I am not American but it is such a disgrace to do that on any kind of leader, you deserve death - Cobbleborg

He's too jealous Bill has a better musical saxophone then his pot dwelling mouth - TeamRocket747

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10 He hates asians

I am Asian, and I can sing better than you Justin and I am great at fighting and I don't have bodyguards to stop me.

I am an Asian, Justin Beiber your butt smells and your song is horrible, try making a soundtrack as horrible as "Soviet cartoon" and it may take your life, at least the song is much better than yours, Justin Beiber is a racist - Cobbleborg

He is so mean he should be punished

RACIST. - TeamRocket747

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11 He smoked weed on a plane He smoked weed on a plane

Smoking isn't good for you. Ain't a good idea to smoke - EpicJake

Children should not smoke!

If it is on his own private plane, it's his own business. If it is on a regular plane, how did he get pass trough the gate control with drugs anyway? Even with a private plane that is on airport with other planes for all public he had to be controlled to get on board. Is this story really true? Only with a private plane on a private airport he would have been able to smuggle some weed ( and still this is difficult? ). On the other hand, if it was his own plane, we had maybe the chance that his plane would have been crashed because of his stupidity. Unfortunatly this didn't happen, bummer!

Hopefully smoking will soon kill him

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12 He Dissed Anime Fans He Dissed Anime Fans

Anime will always be better then his crap singing. I mean come on anime songs are better than his songs. Also does he know that anime has almost every genre?! This just proves that he's an @$$

I'll get Light Yagami to write his name in the death note

Anime is way better than watching Justin Bieber and listening to the trash that he calls "music". Too bad anime characters aren't real. They could beat Justin Bieber to a bloody pulp and really put him in his place.

I hate anime too but Bieber is so bad it makes anime good (I only like old pokemon) - TeamRocket747

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13 He said "F*** Linkin Park"

Linkin Park is my favourite band and you Justin Bieber, your songs sound like a whimpering girl, Linkin Park creates real music. I am sure your throat will explode if you tried to sing any song of Linkin Park( I am looking forward to that) First look at your own music and then criticise others, jerk

Apparently he likes using the F word... - Tia-Harribel

I just imagine how angry Chester Bennington would have been.

He's just jealous that Linkin Park has talent. - lovefrombadlands

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14 He Punched a Kid He Punched a Kid

That is so messed up. Not even Galactus can match his evilness

He almost ran over a kid. That's too bad. - Animefan12

Bro who punches a kid for no reason

I think that he was a kid when he did this so really who cares kids do stupid things look they both look the same age

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15 He disrespected Argentina and their flag He disrespected Argentina and their flag

Criminal code

Art. 222. shall be punished with imprisonment of one to four years who publicly insults the flag, coat of arms or anthem of the nation or the emblems of a province Argentina.

( Note : text under laws No. 16,648 and No. 23,077 )

Basically he is a runaway criminal.

He's very ignorant of Argentina. I'm not even Argentine and this offends me. - Pony

I have no idea about Argentina, but how would you feel Justin beaver if someone disrespected Canada? I am sure you will lash out on the person and your bodyguards would have to save your butt

Oh my god, can this person get even more ulkiable?

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16 He wrote the song Baby

WORST THING EVER, because that (somehow) started his fame. I went on YouTube and searched it up just so I can dislike it

Someone told me the world was made of macaroni so I took a bite out of a tree. It tasted kinda funny so I spit it at a bunny and the bunny started world war 3. 100 years later I threw a life saver, missed me by a meter, hit Justin Beiber, and these were his last words. Baby, baby aah!

Worst song ever. Unoriginal, boring, untalented, mainstream and the singing is just UGH! No. Just no. This is a disgrace to music! The reason I changed from American Pop to Vocaloid and Anime songs. Oh well, It was worth it, Vocaloid and anime songs are catchy as hell. The only American Pop song I like(not counting rock n roll, metal, rap, or stuff like Zedd and David Guetta since those genres are still great)is only Coldplay-Hymn for the weekend - MLPFan

Should be 1

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17 He groped an underage fan’s breast during a meet-and-greet. He groped an underage fan’s breast during a meet-and-greet.

That's sexual harassment. Now I have another reason to be afraid of Bieber. - ethanmeinster

And people still like him? I'M DISGUSTED! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Wow stupid Justin Bieber. Poor child. - NoOreoForU

Wow, I hope the mom of they child spanks him. Why would he touch the breasts of an underage? Justin Bieber is a pervert and creep. - AnimeDrawer

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18 He Said "F*** Iggy Azalea"

Iggy may be almost as bad as Nicki minaj but the worst music artist can't say this

I hate Iggy Azalea. But Justin Bieber is worst. - NoOreoForU

I hate Iggy Azalea. But Justin Beaver is rude. And I heard there's an app called Bustin Jieber. Can any of you tell me anything about the app? - MLPFan

Only reason I hate him. If you have a problem with her, you deal with me. ( No, I am not coping Leave Britney alone. )

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19 He wished Anne Frank was a Belieber

That's why she died. So she wouldn't flip on him.

I think she would have killed herself first, or ran to Hitler foe help.

He is so insensitive to a girl who faced so many struggles in her life. SHE deserves to be famous cause she did something miraculous. HE did nothing. - ListElla

Justin Bieber: Ruining everything to do with music since 1994

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20 He hates DanTDM

Justin this is rude, Dan did not do anything to you he is the greatest YouTube star.

DanTDM didn't do anything to him. - BorisRule


So some people hates him - toptenforlife

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1. He spit on his fans from a balcony
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1. He spit on his fans from a balcony
2. He peed in a mop bucket
3. He abandon his pet monkey in Germany
1. He spit on his fans from a balcony
2. He peed in a mop bucket
3. He said f*** Bill Clinton

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