Why the Hatred of Bieber Should Lessen

Justin Bieber. This site's scapegoat. Besides Nicki Minaj, he is the most hated person on this entire website.

But here's the thing: He's not that bad as a musician, but as a person he can be iffy. That doesn't mean, however, you can wish death upon him, overreact for minor incidents, and essentially kick him while he's on the ground gasping for air. In that case, you're just as pathetic and despicable as you claim Justin to be.

First off, lets name some incidents that can lead you to HATE Justin Bieber. All from the first page of this list.

- He spit on his fans
- He was 2 hours late for a concert and said he was 40 minutes late
- He spit in his neighbors face and threaten to kill him
- He groped an underage fan’s breast during a meet-and-greet
- He hates Asians

These actions can cause you to hate Justin Bieber. I dislike him enough to not give a sh** about what he does anymore. Why? Because hypersensitivity. If you fall for the stupid sh** he does, it's going to make other people (including me) think. Think about the reactions you are putting out for the whole world to see. (North Korea not included)

"Look. I know he was drunk when he did this. But really who would pee in a mop bucket.?
There's a reason they invented the toilet."

People do stupid stuff all the time when they're drunk. This is actually pretty damn tame, you're treating it like it's a political scandal or something.

"He's just jealous because Bill Clinton is 68 and is still getting more girls than he ever will."

When you have a legion of fangirls following your every move, compared to an affair and a current wife who didn't divorce you in the first place, I would say Bieber's getting more girls, knowing or unknowing.

"Anime is way better than watching Justin Bieber and listening to the trash that he calls "music". Too bad anime characters aren't real. They could beat Justin Bieber to a bloody pulp and really put him in his place."

Okay... considering anime characters are essentially 2D, I don't think they would be able to hurt Bieber.

"Linkin Park is my favourite band and you Justin Bieber, your songs sound like a whimpering girl, Linkin Park creates real music. I am sure your throat will explode if you tried to sing any song of Linkin Park( I am looking forward to that) First look at your own music and then criticise others, jerk"

Linkin Park is an average band at best. Also, like Bill Clinton, Bieber is entitled to his opinion of all things. Even if his opinion is saying 'f*** you' to a band.

"I have no idea about Argentina, but how would you feel Justin beaver if someone disrespected Canada? I am sure you will lash out on the person and your bodyguards would have to save your butt"

Maybe Justin had no idea about Argentina's laws. In that case, the person disrespecting Canada would unknowingly disrespect Canada, meaning that the person would receive hate for something he did UNKNOWINGLY. And maybe that person would become depressed and kill themselves.

But that's just a guess.

"The fact that many talented people are deceased and he's still alive is bull!"

So you want someone who really hasn't caused any social harm to die?

And... you get the idea.

So, what have we learned?

People hate Justin Bieber.

What else?

People want Justin Bieber dead, even though he hasn't caused any negative social disruption.



So, this list is called "Top 10 Meanest Things Justin Bieber Has Done", correct?

Why does it feature items like "He lived", "He drives a leopard print Audi R8", and "He whined about not winning a grammy", then?

Because people hate Bieber so much on this site, that they will find any event involving Bieber and put it on the list. Half of the time, it's not even events, it's characteristics involving Bieber.

Baby was a bad song. But it isn't the worst. Neither is Love Yourself, Sorry, What Do You Mean, or Where Are You Now.

Lessen your hatred of Justin Bieber. Hate him, sure, but provide logical evidence that he deserves to be hated because of those events.

And, my god, stop being hypersensitive people.

I'm SwagFlicks, and metal needs to be fairly compared to rap music.


As a Justin Bieber hater, I'm convinced that this list has stupid reasons. However the Justin Bieber "joke" isn't something that should be eradicated. - visitor

Adding him to every list is repetitive. And annoying. And just... why? - SwagFlicks

I have made a post that completely justifies the existence of Justin Bieber on almost every single negative list - visitor

Can't wait to see it. - SwagFlicks

It already exists. Check Opinionator Speaks: The Justin Bieber Joke - visitor

The joke is irrelevant. I was attempting to make the hatred of him lessen; if he deserves to be on that list, go ahead. - SwagFlicks

And most of the time, it is logical for him to be on the list. - visitor

And the other times? - SwagFlicks

The only list where his inclusion is questionable is the list of Most Evil People In History. However, there's no boundary in who should be considered "evil" due to the different standards of people in terms of morality. - visitor

There's general consensus. But, it's still belief. - SwagFlicks

Technically, everyone is evil, so anyone is fit to be part of the list. However, there's a title of "MOST evil people in history". Only complain about him being ranked high on the list, not about him being ON the list. - visitor


And I can understand the joke. But in no means will I support it. Same with the irrationality of users explaining why they despise Bieber. I'm entitled to believe what I want to.

"Politically correct" - SwagFlicks

You believe in the sickness in society which is "political correctness"? LMAO - visitor

It's stupid, but necessary in order to appeal to irrationality. - SwagFlicks

That does make sense. - visitor

PREACH. - WonkeyDude98

I don't want to get TOO into it, now. - SwagFlicks

Just saying, Sorry, What Do You Mean, and Where Are U Now are very VERY bland. - Elina

I'm assuming because of overplay. - SwagFlicks

Where Are U Now didn't have much substance. What Do You Mean was just simply bland. Sorry was a bit better, but reminded me of What Do You Mean which reminded me of Where Are U Now. - Elina

Eh, it's a step up from his previous work. - SwagFlicks

Sorry is the most energetic out of the three, and to me, Where R U Now and What Do You Mean are interesting coming from Justin. - SwagFlicks

At this point, I dislike both Sorry and Where R Ü Now, the former because of Bieber's petulant insufferable sarcasm, and the latter because of Skrillex bringing one of his worst drops yet. I liked What Do You Mean. It's very calm and yet impatient. If there's one way to describe it, it would be comfortable. - WonkeyDude98

I actually like Where R Ü Now.
I don't care about WDYM and I could go either way on Sorry.
It's Love Yourself and I'll Show You that I hate - ProPanda

Ooh, I'll Show You was AWFUL. Love Yourself is probably his best song since Maria, which he will never top. Oh how we disagree Panda. - WonkeyDude98

Love Yourself was his Best one - Martinglez

And I say it right when WD98 says a similar thing lol - Martinglez

Lol I hate Justin Bieber for his music and his stupitity, not for these "mean" acts. Seriously, I prefer Danteem over him lmao - visitor

I can see why. - SwagFlicks

Exaggerations of him just make me sympathetic toward him. Shows how much people hate him. - SwagFlicks

That is hilarious. He just deserved the amount of hate he got, but not for such reasons. - visitor

For what reasons then? If it's really just because of his incompetence and music that makes him worse than Danteem, you haven't seen anything yet. - WonkeyDude98

I find Danteem more entertaining than Justin Bieber. At least he can't be taken seriously at all that I can see him as a laughing sock that I could laugh at anytime. - visitor

It's hypersensitivity, yes; but I'm more apt to hate someone who sends me death threats than a simple pop star. - SwagFlicks

How many times to I have to tell you that I don't take "death threats" seriously? - visitor

Both Bieber and Danteem have done ridiculous things, but since I don't like people telling others to '***', I'm sticking with my point. - SwagFlicks

Telling people to "die" is one of the lamest "insults" anyway. Even go to youtube and people think that those comments shouldn't be taken seriously. - visitor

I don't despise it, I just said I don't like it. I can't stop it from dying out, just like I can't stop the hatred of Bieber. That's why I said "Lessen" instead of "Extinguish". - SwagFlicks

So why are you trying to assert this opinion of yours as if "death threats" that aren't supposed to be taken seriously are something which should be considered "evil"? - visitor

I'm not. Also, you said that there is no such thing as right or wrong, or good and evil; why would I contradict that? - SwagFlicks

There's a big difference between "right and wrong", and "good and bad". - visitor

Despite all sorts of vague dictionary definitions, "right and wrong" don't always mean "good and evil". I believe in the latter, but not in the former. - visitor

If everyone is evil, doesn't it mean that evil is meaningless? - SwagFlicks

Everyone is evil in at least some way, everyone is good in at least some way. It's like the concept of pros and cons. - visitor

Ah. - SwagFlicks

@velitelcabal: Pretty sure I wouldn't take one million death requests as jokes. - WonkeyDude98

@velitelcabal: As for Bieber, I really don't like the guy, but you could do a lot worse. As for the joke, take the supposed overplay of Uptown Funk and Happy combined and multiply by 100. You have how sick I am of it. - WonkeyDude98

As for the "joke", don't blame me for this. Blame the people who keep him higher on the list. - visitor

I as a matter of fact CAN blame you for it, since you know in the back of your mind as you add it, that since it's Justin Bieber it well get high. - WonkeyDude98

Besides Nicki Minaj? Nope, I think he's more hated - Martinglez

Good post - Martinglez

good post - Skullkid755

I know who exactly is responsible of this "joke". I talked to this user named joshsanz, and yes, my theory has been confirmed that he was responsible for it. He did it when he was 15, which was five years ago. He's fine with people complaining about it. - visitor

I've stated many times that Nicki Minaj deserves more hate than Justin Beiber. Nice post, by the way. Besides, I think it's funnier to make fun of her like I did when I made fun of her image on TheTopTens. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Music-wise, yeah, but personality-wise, Nicki is actually better. - visitor

Both music and personality wise Blood On The Dance Floor makes them look like Chester Bennington and Mike Shinonda. While BOTDF haven't exactly had an Anaconda, no one of their songs are better than the other, and lie down as among the worst songs of all time. Plus, at least Nicki and Bieber aren't rapists.

And then there's Rae Sremmurd, who are just plain unhelpable musically, and support Bernie Sanders. - WonkeyDude98

Isn't the entire piont of this site to preach your baised, stupid opinion as hard as possible? I mean, users actauly make good comments and lists, but for vistors, it's the internet. - RecklessGreed

But it's funny - TwilightKitsune

Welp I hate Rusty Bibero aka Dustbin Beaver personality because he tried grabbing my sister's puzzy once. I asked him not to and he spat a spitball into my pants. I honestly want to spank him now. Nicki Minaj is also overhated. She was really nice to me and accepted my criticism so yea. Gay Sremmturd are the worst band ever and hair looks delicious because they spilt pasta on their hair, even The Weeknd's hair is better. - AlphaQ