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21 He Hates Hatsune Miku

He should be proud anime girl singers aren't real. So he's the top most high-pitched singer.

He's just jealous of her because she has more fans than him


22 He hates Harvey Beaks
23 He hates PewDiePie

Cinemassacre is even better. Respect opinions, but yes. Screw Justin Bieber. Ariana Grande must die for liking Justin Bieber. Zac Efron finds ways to live a great life, unlike Ariana Grande who deliberately makes herself miserable.

24 He Hates Rocko's Modern Life
25 He punched out Goofy at Disney world and got banned for life

Justin Bieber could be with Princess Daisy from the Mario franchise.

He-I mean she should be with Elsa because they're both annoying - MLPFan

He also is said to have punched Mickey Mouse in the crotch.

I'm not a huge fan of Disney (I prefer Six Flags) but I think Justin Bieber should go to jail forever

How DARE that jack insult EVERYTHING impotant to me? It's a true miracle of the Lord above he has fans still! I hope he spends eternity with Satan for everything g he has put people through! It's not just this that upsets me, it's everything that embryo-level of intelligence (and even that's pushing it) has ever done to anyone on planet earth! Justin, I hope you fall down a well!

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26 He Swore at Bill Clinton

Stab him in the @$$

This is a duplicate item. - alphadan12

27 He hates Sonic

You mean Sonic the Hedgehog or Sonic the restaurant?


28 He egged his neighbor's house

And it was not even Halloween. - Connor360

Bieber's Neighbor Should Spin Him Around his Head Until He Gets Very Uncomfortable.

I really feel sorry for them, they gotta sue him - Cobbleborg

Justin Bieber New album next week time back
people help yes ok Fans
Music video vevo
facebook Twitter
you Tube

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29 He drives Recklesssly

He got arrested for driving drunk once. Just because he's a celebrity doesn't me he doesn't have to obay the law. - nintendofan126

Fact: he and his friend sped so much his neighbors complained of being terrorised.

If you saw with your family a drunk driver in Canada it must be the Justin Beiber (or I shall say Jason Beaver) who will be trying to ruin your happy trip - Cobbleborg

I'm a belieber and I have seen people drink drive or speed

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30 He thinks he's better than Michael Jackson

That isn't true! Michael jackson is 1000 times better then Justin!

Michael Jackson CARED for his fans, and didn't almost kill people. - cdxtreme

Michael Jackson is much better at least he creates a real song not a phrase and a word being repeated - Cobbleborg

Well, that's it. FUUUCCKK OF!

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31 He called One of his Fans a "Beached Whale"

I wonder how the fan felt. I bet the fan hates him now. - EpicJake

The fan was mad

The must have called him a beached beaver after that

He is such a *****

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32 He wears diaper pants in public.

Ugh. He is annoying - EpicJake

Haha, lets get his diaper off so we could see he's ass

Haha I'm going to laugh for like 6 straight hours after hearing this I will never forget this


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33 He hates anime and japan

He's stupid. Every artist knows that Japan ( once you made it and have fans there ) will increase your sale of records you make. Fans in Japan are loyal till their death. He blew his chance to get respect over there.

He hates everything that's good

Two words-death note

I hate him even more

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34 He wrote Sorry

You better be sorry for writing this song!

No, this is not to apologize to the world. I read an interview with the jerk in a magazine that said he wrote this song about a girl that did something wrong. Your Justin Beiber, you're the one who needs to apologize.

This song is so annoying. All of my classmates were singing this song and all I wanted to do was shot myself in the head.

The song is in ROBLOX game Restaurant Tycoon

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35 He defaced public property in an attempt to support Chris Brown.

Don't punch Selena! - AlphaQ


So stupid. - DynastiSugarPop

Oh...he...supports...Chris Brown...makes sense. - WonkeyDude98

36 He Dissed Prince

Prince is now dead because of Justin Bieber! I have one regret alone that it wasn't Bieber who died taking those tablets because I would happily dance on his grave!

Bieber has just pulled of the sickest scam of his life. Not only did he say he was a greater living performer than Prince. He delivered painkiller tablets to his door and killed him in the process. What a vile sick bastard Bieber truly is.

Prince is so influential and paved the way for male singers who sing and dance. AND Prince writes his own songs. Why would Justin hate on such a talented musician? - ListElla

Uhh no problem Michael Jackson hated prince because he was rude. So this does not bother me

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37 He supports trump

Okay can he please just die

Says it all about his stupidity, really. He's Canadian and he supports Trump. How more stupid can you be? But to tell the truth, I'm not even surprised. His knowledge about economy, politics etc... equals the IQ ( maybe he has actually a less IQ ) of his pet-monkey he left behind.

38 He said "F*** my little pony"

Pfft at least they sing better than you!

I don't like MLP, but does this guy hate everything?

How dare he say that. But, we all know he's already dead to us Bronies!

I like him now

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39 Bieber flips out at a London photographer. He yells at him and even attempts to take swings before being shoved in a vehicle by his bodyguards.

By a stupid jackass like him it doesn't surprise me beside he can get his puny ass beaten by a kis

I saw the video and I can't believe I'm saying this but...i side with beiber on this one. Beiber was trying to get in his car and was surrounded by stupid papparzos, and his body guards were screaming for them to get out of the way! They didn't listen so beiber just shoved himself through, than the stupid photographer called him prick and said what he did was assault which it wasn't. Even though he shouldn't have, he had the right to lash back.

True. But it's bad when you lose your temper and you're also a celebrity. - SwagFlicks

They should've put a brick on the gas pedal so they can drive that vehicle off a cliff with Justin Bieber inside

That's because the photographer was annoying him talking about beibers exes

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40 He hates anime

Excuse me, did I just read that right? He hates anime!? He hates godsend art like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Death Note and many more!? He's only jealous because a piece of art is better than that handicapped Canadian loser. I'm gonna make sure Deidara bombs your home, Beaver - DaTrueSwagLord21

Go back in time to 1994 and murder him at birth

He hates what?.. Why are you people even letting him live

Wow, I hate these kinds of people who should be making me hate this celebrity but are making me sympathize with him. Grow up. - SwagFlicks


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1. He spit on his fans from a balcony
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