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61 He Posed in a Photo With a Chained Tiger

Animal Cruelty - Iamcool

Poor tiger


62 He Punched Mickey Mouse In The Crotch At Disneyland and got banned for life.

What an idiot

May be,Justin Bieber got beaten by Mickey

63 Punched a gay Spanish fan

He's a very bad person arrest him again

64 He befriended Chris Brown

Why am I so surprised? They act so similar. I guess it's because Bieber actually has some sort of sign of repentance where Brown has absolutely refused it. - WonkeyDude98

Setting him up for failure

Now I Know That Justin Bieber Likes Chris Brown Because He Is R&B

Both of them really need to kill themselves

65 He disobeyed his mother by going out when he just lost his phone privileges.

I feel sorry for his mom, she suffered to make him something useful in life and make people talk about how good he was forever but he was disobeying his mother and look... HE ENDED UP BEING A HORRID AND INAPPROPRIATE SINGER! - Cobbleborg

I bet his mum has banned him from making music for life.

She hasn't. That's why he is still inventing new kinds of crap to bleed everyone's ears

Pattie Mallete. I am so sorry.

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66 He's friends with Lil Wayne and Drake

How would you people feel if heaps of other people told you, "you can't be friends with the people that you have now"? Or "what the hell you couldn't possibly have worse friends than you do now"? Well I can tell you now this guys is absolutely amazing and incredibly strong to be able to take what you guys are throwing at him and algon with heaps of others! You try dealing with this for one day let alone your hole life!.

This is the truth. How would you feel if you were in Bieber's situation? - SwagFlicks

He can die with Wayne and Drake can die ALONE

Now He's Friends With Hip Hop Stars

The only people you could say that you can't be friends with is Chris Brown.

This is just sad now. - WonkeyDude98

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67 Justin Bieber 'forced to sign' a contract banning him from wild behavior at New Zealand hotel

Now, time to ban Justin Bieber from any sane country! Geez, this kid is an evil idiot who really needs to learn how to sing!

That's how bad a person he is.

68 He Laughed at Brian Griffin's Death

Family guy is awesome and so is Brian. I hope he dies so I can laugh about it!

I hope brian griffin kills Justin Bieber and laughs at it! Brian griffin is my only favorite family guy character. - NoOreoForU

I hope Justin Bieber suffers Linkin Park, the best band on Earth for eternity!

JB will suffer SLAYER!

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69 He shoved a kid at Disney World and pretended he was handicapped.

I'm so glad that Bieber is banned for life. - NoOreoForU

Hell be handicapped himself one these days

Poor kid. Cruel Justin

Who the hell does that!?

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70 He despises Goku

He is just jealous that Goku is stronger than him.

He just envies Goku for being way cooler and stronger than him and so many people love Goku for being so awesome!

I hope Goku kamehamehas his midget ass - DaTrueSwagLord21

Justin Bieber: I Hate You

71 He made a racist joke involving the N word

So many racist bastards in this world. And the "N" word is just nasty. I hate that word, and I'm not even black.

That's sick. Can anyone tell me what the joke was about?

One was why were black people afraid of chainsaws, and the other was that he sang a racist version of "One Less Lonely Girl" - DaTrueSwagLord21

He's such a racist

Well, he is pretty silent on racial issues happening in the United States, so what does that tell you?

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72 He stripped a girl

Did he actually do that? He is, like, all criminals embedded into one person. I wonder how he isn't in prison again yet...

Plus he's dating an underage girl, Sofia Richie. I know it's okay if ones 18 and the other is like 16 or 17. But he's 22 and she is 17. That's not okay.

WHO WAS IT?! Really, ws it a fan, or an ex, or whart?!


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73 He wrote What do you Mean

A boring song that sounds like something they would play in Hollister.

Since most people who shop at Hollister Is a whiny teenage girl who loves his beaver face - MLPFan

I don't care about him, but this song isn't even that bad. It's not awesome either, it's just not that good. - nintendofan126

An awful song. Literally no lyrics or meaning, and his voice is just terrible.

I like the Donald Trump version better than his singing

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74 He Kicked Donald Duck In The Balls At DisneyLand and got banned for life

Wait... That actually happened? - Powerfulgirl10

Let me guess, he had sex with Minnie mouse, too

Seriously I hate Justin beiber but are you making this up - toptenforlife

Trump should marry Bieber.

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75 Justin thinks he can have a free gas because he's partly Indian

Justin Bieber thinks he's half Indian which disrespects his heritage and family. Also, he doesn't have any rights to have free gas without additional taxes just because he's Indian. - Isamax01

76 He called Michelle Pfeiffer old and washed up
77 He got a tattoo saying "Son of God" on his chest

Unless the tattoo was to bolster his ego, I don't see anything wrong with it. - alphadan12

This is ALREADY HERE - AlphaQ


78 He Called Halle Berry a hoe with an ugly face


79 He entered the music industry

He'll never be forgiven. - Entranced98

Justin Bieber: Ruining everything to do with music since 1994

80 He ran over a Paparazzo

That was not his fault though, although I still hate him.. - judo8alex

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1. He spit on his fans from a balcony
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1. He spit on his fans from a balcony
2. He peed in a mop bucket
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1. He spit on his fans from a balcony
2. He peed in a mop bucket
3. He said f*** Bill Clinton

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