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81 He hosted Saturday Night Live
82 He had bodyguards haul him up the Great Wall of China

Is that a joke

What the..

83 He broke one of The Beatles greatest records

How dare him!

84 He Kicked Donald Duck In The Balls At DisneyLand and got banned for life

Wait... That actually happened? - Powerfulgirl10

Let me guess, he had sex with Minnie mouse, too

Seriously I hate Justin beiber but are you making this up - toptenforlife

- He punched out Goofy
- He punched Mickey in the crotch
- Now he kicked Donald in the nuts
What next? Raping Daisy duck? - Popsicles

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85 He said Anna Kendrick isn't hot enough for him to date

Really? Anna Kendrick is a good person and is sweet, just because he does not find her attractive? What a jerk, he only likes girls for their looks. - AnimeDrawer

Charlie Puth is going to throw a pinch at Justin Bieber when he hears this! He hates Justin Bieber enough.

Charlie Puth deserves a 3/10.
Justin Bieber deserves a 1/10.
Anna Kendrick deserves a 5/10.
Jacob Sartorius deserves a 0/10 (Charlie Puth would love to beat up this little punk! )

86 He said Dulce MarĂ­a was too Mexican

I know who Dulce Maria is, she is a Mexican singer who previously sung in a band. That is racist of him to say that. - AnimeDrawer

What the hell is that supposed to

87 Justin thinks he can have a free gas because he's partly Indian

Justin Bieber thinks he's half Indian which disrespects his heritage and family. Also, he doesn't have any rights to have free gas without additional taxes just because he's Indian. - Isamax01

88 He said if he was gay he would bang Patrick Dempsey


89 He got a tattoo saying "Son of God" on his chest
90 He Hates Gravity Falls

Really? Never knew he did. - Tia-Harribel

91 He mocked his own Spanish collaboration

"Despacito, I don't know the words so I say burrito" - ProPanda

92 Refused to hug a fan
93 He Argued With a Cameraman
94 He would like to have an unfriendly rivalry with any brother/sister
95 After he passes out from exhaustion, he likes to post shirtless pictures of himself up on Instagram.

Man knowing all of this stuff makes me hate him even more than I already do. - Anonymousxcxc

I am hardly able to see his face, the idea of his chest makes me want to puke

No person with good taste wants to see him with his shirt off. No one even wants to see him with it on.

Ewww! Dude, I am fine with a dude being shirtless, but I don't want to see Justin Bieber shirtless. - AnimeDrawer

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96 He swore at a cop

Yet he is still alive while Philanco Castile and Alton Sterling are dead, and they did less harm to the cops/law enforcement/justice than Bieber. SMH

97 He made people hate him

People can say what they want, but he deserves all the hate he gets. He brings it all on himself.

Its too late for sorry!

98 He threatened to break one of his fanatic's iPhone


99 Justin Bieber vs Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom would be the best voice for Dr. Eggman Robotnik from the crappy (since Sonic Adventure) Sonic franchise! Justin Bieber should just go to hell! He is even worse! BEATHIM UP, CHAOTIXHERO, THEGAMEHERO, BRITGIRL, RANDOMUSER2525, NintendoFAN126 AND ALL THE OTHER TOPTENUSERS! That includes you, CatCode.

100 He mocked Kanye West by posting an image of a photoshopped Kanye West mini-me as Kanye West's child

So, That's What He Gets For Ruining Taylor Swift's Speech.

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