Top Ten Meanest Things People Do

Has a bully, classmate, Co worker, or even friend say something so mean it just gets on your nerves? Well here's a list of things that gets on my nerves, and if you don't find what your looking for, add one please!

The Top Ten

1 Say you can't be friends with that person because I don't like them.

If one of my friends told me that I would tell him that he can't tell me who I can be friends with and who I can't be friends with.

This is not a big enough problem for you to decide whether or not I'm friends with someone. - poppytarts155

I started crying after reading two of these/

I did this to someone but that'd because she was horrible to me and got people to physically torture.

2 Say you can't date or be friends with that person because they're too ugly

I think that looks are not a good enough reason to dislike somebody, and you at least need to get to know somebody before you judge them right off the bat. - poppytarts155

3 Say someone is so weird because they have no friends

Just because I have no friends (almost everyone I know IRL betrayed me at the end. They'd only come to me If they need help, but they'd just leave me when I was the one in trouble) It doesn't mean I'm a loser. I just have connection problems with people. Besides, I can solve things myself. - MLPFan

He has no friends because he is different, so instead of making fun of him, help him out - Cobbleborg

Its weird that instead of helping out that person, you choose to make fun of them. - poppytarts155

4 Brag about doing something wrong

As if it's cool to have bad grades, or spray paint lockers. In your dreams. - poppytarts155

5 Force someone to do something wrong so they can be friends with them

Clearly this person wants to be your friend, yet you force them to do something wrong. Really just sad - poppytarts155

6 Judge someone by their sexuality

They already have enough problems finding out who they are, but putting a nice thick layer of hate on top doesn't help. Love is love, and it's no different than anybody else on this planet. - poppytarts155

They are sill people it doesn't matter if there gay or lesbian they are sill human - mew28221

I don't mind the LGBT people - MLPFan

7 Say they're old enough and mature enough to boss around their teacher or boss

No, no your not - poppytarts155

8 Try to control your life
9 Bully people to gain friends

This actually happens

10 Say racist things

, you darker than my black shirt.

The Contenders

11 They bully you because you are lowly
12 They bully you because they are jealous instead of asking for help
13 Call some one retarded

I've had this a lot and they didn't even realise I was trying to kill my self.

Offensive word.

14 Tell someone to kill themselves
15 Bully someone just for fun
16 Kidnap people for ransom
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