Top Ten Meanest Things Raven from Teen Titans Go Has Done

Everyone knows Raven is a hero. But she should really be a villain. Don't agree with this list? Vote for an existing item that you think should be ranked higher or, if you're a logged in, add a new item or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

1 She Kept Pretty Pretty Pegasus a Secret

How is this mean? - alphadan12

That's why she likes My Little Pony, I like MLP and MLP has to appear in TTG!

When will Raven learn how to share?!
Pen from bfdi

Oh my God! This joke is just the worst! They keep using it over and over and over and over and never gets funny!

We get it! Raven is a brony because Tara Strong voices a pony! Just stop it already!

2 She Bummed Everyone Out In Every Episode

UNTRUE. Y'all are a bunch a haters.

She isn't that smart.

I hope she dies.

Squidward wannabe. - DynastiNoble

3 She Scared the Rest of the Titans and a Grizzly Bear

A grizzly bear is frightening than Raven.

Poor grizzly bear - BorisRule

When it wasn't Halloween?
Pen from bfdi

4 She Refused to Eat the Mystery Meatball

Raven is so mean.
Pen from bfdi

5 She Punched Beast Boy In "Campfire Stories"

Hey! Hold up! This is because Beast Boy told a story about boogers!

They turned Raven's personality into a monster!

I thought she loved him! Not nice but a total jerk! - DynastiNoble

6 She Turned Soccer Into Sock Him

Doesn't Raven feel sorry for Beast Boy?

I would make sock him SOCK HER

Soccer is never sock him. - DynastiNoble

Sock him is a mean game for bullies. You have to punch poor Beast boy until he is knocked out! Sad, right?
Pen from bfdi

7 She Keeps Bullying Terra

She Sended Her To Another Dimension In Be Mine Ending After Beast Boy Singed A Beautiful Song To Her BECAUSE JEALOUSY! SCREW RAVEN

8 She Punched Silkie and Starfire Didn't Seem to Care

Sounds like a Starfire thing if she doesn't care about Silkie.

What a jerk! She always hits people for no reason! This is why people think she's the only likable character?!? What bull crap!

Aw that's so mean!

Hey! What a jerk she is! I love Raven! - DynastiNoble

9 She Turned a Pillow Into a Monster and Scared Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg

Well I always prefer the Raven on the original Teen titans - ParkerFang

Don't blame Raven. The Titans forced her to do it!

She can be the jerk sometimes. - DynastiNoble

Raven shouldn't have been put in prison.
Pen from bfdi

10 She Destroyed a Baseball Field

That was stupid. It was Billy Numerous' fault! - DynastiNoble


Thanks a lot, Raven! It took a long time for the construction workers to build that field!
Pen from bfdi

Hate you Raven. Hate you.
Pen from bfdi

The Contenders

11 She Ruined a Magic Show

I hope she meets the Adult Party Cartoon version of Ren.

What a gloomy girl she is. Whoever created this list is a terrible person. - DynastiNoble

Even if Mumbo was a villain...

12 She Showed Off Her Legs

That episode was inappropriate.

What's the big deal of Raven showing off her legs? So what!

13 She Punches Beast Boy In Almost Every Episode

Beast boy and raven are freebies, but the thing is...



That's not nice! I thought he loved Raven! - DynastiNoble

Well Beast Boy keeps hitting on her in an annoying manner. And she hits back, with her fists.. - thisisaveryrandomusername88

As for you Beast Boy, TRY TO FIGHT BACK! - BorisRule

14 She Sent a Cat to Another Dimension

She just can't stop being a jerk, can't she? /:(

15 Acted Evil because She Couldn't Play with Her Stupid Baby Pony Toys

That was one of her worst moments ever!

Only a spoiled loser would do that

16 She Let Mad Mod Turn the Titans Into Old People

But she thinks old people are cute. - thisisaveryrandomusername88

17 She Turned Her Friends Into Skeletons
18 She Never Got Trigon Anything For Father's Day

I don't blame Raven for not getting her own dad a gift for father's day because Trigon was never a good dad towards Raven.

19 She Used Magic To Beat Up the Titans for No Reason
20 She Laughed At The Titans Getting Attacked By Rose Wilson
21 She electrocuted Beast Boy for no reason after all in the episode Dog Hand
22 She used her magic to "fix" her friends!
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