Top 10 Meanest Things to Say to a Heavy Metal Fan

There's still ignorant people out there who say Heavy Metal is satanic music. And I'm pretty sure that these things on this list have been said to metalheads in real life. I don't encourage saying these things to Metal fans or any fan of a specific genre.
Do you people seriously not believe that Christian Metal exists? If you don't believe, then I highly recommend you check out bands like Demon Hunter or HB.

The Top Ten

1 All Metal is Stupid and Satanic. And that's Fact

Metal is not stupid and satanic. The lyrics of most heavy metal songs are very meaningful and tell a great story.
So, If metal is satanic Miley Cyrus giving blowjobs to a blowup doll is totally fine I guess

2 You Listen to Metal? Ew! You're so Disgusting

Disgusting? You listen to songs about sex and butts. Now who's the disgusting one? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

3 Heavy Metal is Garbage and Requires No Talent Whatsoever

Now there's auto tune, so it's questionable, but I'll give pop fans vocal talent. Sometimes metal vocals aren't very varied and are mostly a deep growl, which is however used in good taste. But in terms of musical ability, metal artists actually pick up an instrument! I have nothing against pop, but metal requires a ton of talent. It's incredibly complex.

4 I Bet you Cut Yourself while Listening to Metal you Emo Moron

Metal is the only reason I haven't cut myself yet. And cutting, my dear friend, is usually a product of depression. - Merilille

5 God Hates Metalheads

If anyone says this to me I will kick their ass so hard their guts will spill out of their mouth

6 Only Devil Worshipers Listen to Metal

Nope I listen to slayer and I'm a very relegious christain ( other than hating metal )

7 You're an Evil Person if You like Metal!

Rather be "evil" than stupid and ignorant. How stupid of people saying this.

8 Metal Sucks! Listen to Pop

Nah listen to metal pop is half gay

9 Metal Sounds like a Bunch of Gorillas Playing Really Loud Instruments
10 I Hope you Burn in Hell you Devil Worshiping Metalhead!

Like I said if anyone says this to me I will kick their assso hard the guts will spill out of their mouths

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11 How Can You Listen to Metal? It's Too Scary

How can you listen to songs about butts and sex? It's too disgusting - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

On Halloween I listen to slipknot

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