Top 10 Meanest Things to Say to a Marilyn Manson Fan

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1 Marilyn Manson Sucks. Try Justin Bieber

I'm not a fan of Marilyn Manson, but that doesn't mean that people should be rude to him and his fans.

If somebody tells me that I would make them eat their iPod

I say this all the time. Stop with the Justin Bieber hate! It was funny in 2009, but now it's old - ryanrimmel

In my opinion, they both suck

2 You're Going To Hell Loser!

I may hate marilyn manson but I will never say these stuff and I'm a metalhead

3 Marilyn Manson? Why Would You Like That Woman? Women Aren't Even Tough Enough To Be In Rock Bands

The only thing bad about this is it's sexist.

He's not a woman and that's sexist

4 Kill Yourself

They would though - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

Wow, very harsh - Neonco31

5 You're a Threat To Society and You'll Never Be Accepted No Matter What

Everyone including Marilyn Manson will be accepted no matter what! And who are people to talk like that about others!? That's just plain mean! 😡

6 I Bet You Secretly Cut Yourself
7 You And Your Crappy Devil's Music Is What Every Lowlife Fat Slob Jacks Off To

Marilyn Manson's fans know a good musician/person. And the people who say you're a lowlife for listening to him are the real lowlives. And it really makes you wonder what kind of trash they listen to.

8 Why Do You Like Marilyn Manson? Miley Cyrus Is a Way Better Role Model!

In what way is Miley Cyrus a good role model? She's talentless, immature and downright embarrassing! At least Marilyn Manson is smart and mature. And he's not trying to corrupt society, in contrast to what many people think.

Really? I mean Marilyn Manson does look really goth but he is stills better role model than Miley Cyrus.-DarkBoi-X

I like them both.

9 You're Gay If You Like Marilyn Manson
10 God Hates You

This is too harsh I don't know if I like this list - sweetmadi11

The Contenders

11 I Bet It's Just a Phase. You'll Grow Out of It Soon.

It was definitely a phase for me. I grew out of it.

12 Marilyn Manson is Evil and Wants to Corrupt Society

Except this is actually true. - RobertWisdom

That's not even remotely true. That's just how people are trying to make him out to be, because they're ignorant and stupid.

13 Stop Listening to That Satanic Screamo Music
14 Burn in Hell
15 Marilyn Manson Doesn't Deserve His Fame

Oh yes, he does! Marilyn Manson is a great musician and his music does have meaning even if some people don't understand it. And he's not trying to corrupt society. Also, he has a great personality. He appreciates his fans (unlike most celebrities), he's very nice, and he's very funny! He's also incredibly smart. Very logical and open-minded. Logic and an open mind are two things that most people don't have, unfortunately.

16 Why Don't You Shut Up Now!
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