Top 10 Meanest Types of People

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1 People that tease others based on what they think

What else would you tease them for? How they look?


2 People that act stupid

Not mean, but annoying.

3 People that insult others

Once this kid named orion said I had an ugly face. But who would listen to a mean kid?

4 People that think they're better than everyone else

But I am. Elite mentality. - Puga

5 People that judge others opinions

This opinion is idiotic. You have the right to state your own opinion on other's. - SwagFlicks

Wow this list actually exists. - IronSabbathPriest

6 People that lie

Lying is unnecessary to achieve your goals. Not to mention it would stain your credibility.

7 People that use you
8 People that steal
9 People that backstab you
10 People that make fun of you

"Would you like a potahto? " - Puga

The Contenders

11 People that torment others
12 People that pretend to be someone that they're not
13 People that are always around

So this makes them "mean? " Maybe they could make themselves invisible, so you'll be more comfortable.

I think what this means are people who don't respect other's privacy. - Ku

You mean like stalkers? - TwilightKitsune


14 People that only care about themselves
15 People who tell others to kill themselves

How is this not higher?

16 Manipulative People

They think they are better than everyone else and think that they can control people by lying right in their faces.

17 People that are boastful and arrogant

They Need To Care About Others, Not Themselves - JPK

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1. People that act stupid
2. People that insult others
3. People that tease others based on what they think
1. People that tease others based on what they think
2. People that insult others
3. People that act stupid


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