Top Ten Most Meaningful Five Nights at Freddy's Songs

All fnaf songs are good but on my opinion, I have found ones that really touched me. Shown me that’s it’s not just a horror game but really something more. Here are Top Ten Most Meaningful FNAF songs...

The Top Ten

1 Nightmare - Natewantstobattle Nightmare - Natewantstobattle

This song actually got me through a really tough few days of my life. I remember being alone in my room, whispering to myself, "It's only a nightmare, and soon we'll be set free." - Cyri

I would have to say this is tied between Balloons by Mandopony and Nightmare by Natewantstobattle for the number one spot. They both are made with different types of music but still have the same, definant meaning behind the whole FNAF series. This song also puts so much emotion into what had happened. So much emotion that it made me cry. A fanmade song about something unreal made me cry. Great. - NightJinx

2 Balloons - Mandopony Balloons - Mandopony

Music video made me cry

This song makes me cry

This song is the best. Should be #1 - SackofCheese

so sad

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3 Too Far - Jorge Aquilar II Too Far - Jorge Aquilar II

This song tells the story and feelings about what had happened on the day the Bite of 83 occured. This is from the Crying Child’s brother’s point of view and what he has done. - NightJinx

4 The Puppet Song - TryHardNinja The Puppet Song - TryHardNinja

The story of the puppet. It really brought out the emotions and perfectly described how the Puppet “saved” these children. It is a fantastic song - NightJinx

5 Dream Your Dream - TryHardNinja

Always dream your dream even when you were murdered and stuffed into an old animatronic suit and forced to kill anyone for revenge. But still, dream your dream. - NightJinx

6 Bonnie’s Mixtape - Griffinilla Bonnie’s Mixtape - Griffinilla

Just like Dream Your Dream, it expresses the children’s dreams of finally becoming free from their animatronic graves. However, this one explains Bonnie the Bunny’s point of view and how he has the dream of performing on a real stage with lots of people instead of feeling imprisoned in a suit. He just wants to feel normal. - NightJinx

7 Noticed - Mandopony

This is my song everyday at school... - SackofCheese


Why does Foxy always have to hide behind the curtain? Why does he have to be the one to watch the other animatronics up on the stage performing for the children. He just wants to be noticed. - NightJinx

8 Make This Puppet Proud - Adam Hoek Make This Puppet Proud - Adam Hoek

This was perfect! Should be higher. - SackofCheese

Another song to express the event of the puppet helping the murdered children and the revenge on William Afton. - NightJinx

9 Die in the Fire - The Living Tombstone Die in the Fire - The Living Tombstone

A very intense song - NightJinx

10 Look At Me Now - TryHardNinja and Groundbreaking Look At Me Now - TryHardNinja and Groundbreaking

May be a very upbeat song, but it has meaning to the children’s feelings and how their lives are inside of the animatronics. - NightJinx

The Contenders

11 Survive the Night - Mandopony
12 Nothing Remains - Andrew Stein (Mandopony)
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