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1 I'm a Disaster

Literally this song can speak for me and a lot of other people. Amazing job of writing the song. Most definitely my favorite

Definitely the most meaningful song I think iv ever heard, its helped me through a lot. Its just an amazing song!

This is their best song in my opinon. it makes me almost cry every time I hear it. it reminds me of my friends. depression is a real thing and this song pretty much sums it up.

This song relates to how a lot of people feel. "I'm a disaster, I'm a f**king mess" the lyrics and meaning is very deep in this song. - Hauntedcait123

2 Under Wraps

This song is very deep. When I was young. VERY YOUNG! (age 6 to be exact) I was sexually assaulted. Up until the age of 10. (not going to get into detail) But as you can imagine I am very, 'disgusted' with men. & Ever since I was free from the man that did those things to me, I was SO SCARED of sex, or anything sexual. I felt so insecure & uncomfortable. Ever since I heard this song, I've felt more comfortable with myself. In a way I find this song sexual. Now most people love sex for the good feeling it gives them. Like...'pleasure' they just love the feeling. Now ever since this song I know think of sex as "love" that doesn't mean I'm going to go have sex with anyone because I love them. No I'm saving myself, (& have been ever since my childhood) for someone who I KNOW & have a STRONG feeling THAT person is worth it. Every single word is so meaningful. This song helped me understand that I shouldn't be scared. I find the word lust, not so scary but, romantic. I hope this ...more

"For my opinion... This song has it's story *obviously*... its about 2 lovers, It may started to the girl who 'stood and fought their vow' in front of her parents or her family, because maybe they 'do' receive such as criticize/judgement to the others. And the guy maybe left for *sort of? short period of time*. And someone told the girl that the guy will be gone and not coming back. AND THEN WHEN THE TIME COMES~ The girl said: "They told me you were gone for good" and he replied "Now I'm Back"

I wonder the part... "I'll save you from this tomb." and it actually meant is, "I'll save you from your Misery"

And Note: "Nobody is perfect, Don't judge a mummy by its rags. more like: Don't judge a BOOK by it's COVER... "

This song has a deep meaning to me. "Don't judge a mimmy by it's rags" it reminds me that it's not about whats on the outside, its whats on the insiide that matters. - Hauntedcait123

I don't know why this is the most meaningful, but it just seems to get a really clear message across. ~x~

3 Dr. Doctor

The chorus of this song has a lot of meaning to it. "I'm not a waste, turn my back on that place, where I've made my mistakes" - Hauntedcait123

4 Carnival

"take me back to when I first laid eyes on you, back before all this bull you put me through" very deep lyrics reminds me of a life experience

This song was written about a "carnival romance." Being treated wrong and getting over the break-up. "Taking me back to when I first layed eyes on you, back before all this bullsh*t ypu put me through" - Hauntedcait123

5 W.F.F.

I always see scary visions whenever I hear this song, I see a burning house, someone crying at their windowsill and dark dark shadows. I have always appreciated this song so much.

This song was written about a fake friendship ( W.F. F - Worst Friends Forever. ) "Now you walk past me like you don't know m, but you wwouldn't be alive if you didn't kill me" - Hauntedcait123

6 Monster

I can relate to this song, due to the fact the I am an outcast. I thinks about how people have their own opinions and can take them too far. They viewed her as a monster; a freak. It has deep meaning.

This song really touches me. I am a girl who is viewed as a freak, or a monster. I think that I'm normal but it's okay to not be.

Monster is about taking back what is yours. With the amazing vocals from Kevin, the rocking guitar riffs from Alix, the epic electronics from Evan and not to forget the amazimg drumming from Manny this is a song everyone should know about. "Soon we'll take it to the f**king streets, and take back our liberty. " - Hauntedcait123

7 Black Moon

Black moon is a song about this guy/girl who is wanting that other person but every time they try to reach for them they ain't there and the person feels alone in there own mind but if that guy/girl has that other person with them they feel less alone.

Black Moon seems to be about loving or desiring something that you can't reach or get to

8 Universe

"you've taken control of my heart and my soul..." WOW

9 Off With Her Head

I feel for some reason I can connect deeply to this song because at the age of 6
(for some reason also just like another commenter) I got sexually assaulted and I know its probably not, but this song feels like its describing how a dad does these things to his daughter and she is afraid to tell everyone, I don't know, I feel like that's weird but its how I take the song.

"Your highness, your highness how low will you go?
Do you dare say it to the cities of the world?
He may doubt the truth of it, but nothing excuses it.
When a man's pride is injured a drink or two is due."

10 Ghost In the Machine

This song is outlining what it is like being a ghost in the machine. Out of the system to put it in another way. "They left us for dead, forgot what we said, from the start we knew we were broken." Aside from the amazing lyrics, Chris Shelley's guest vocals fit in perfectly with the song. - Hauntedcait123

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11 Massacre

This was the song that pulled me out of quite a few dark places. It's a slap in the face; you're not gonna be better than the people who put you down if you hate them, and you're never going to move forward if you let hatred be your only fuel.

The chorus speaks for itself, the song is amazing and shows how our society works:

"Hatred is something that we're brought up to see.
Now everybody's looking at me
I hope they know...
They won't get their satisfaction.
Hated is something that we're brought up to be
Now everybody's looking at me.
I hope they know...
That they won't get their satisfaction."

This song is about hatred and how we are all brought up into a world of hatred And how we should just throw away all that hate. - Hauntedcait123

12 My Last Thought (B Side)

There is a voice around 3:06, a woman says so repeat, there's a I'd den voice, it's not Kevin's. It sounds exactly like my voice, but it repeats my first and last name, D'Andre Thompson.

I think it's about looking back on your life and realising you shouldn't regret things

Although this song is only a bonus track off The After Party, it still has a deep meaning. It gives aanother view on life "I guess I'm dying proof, that we're all on display and this life is a slide show." Aside from the awesome electronics in the middle of the song the lyrocs are also meaningful and the singing, as always, amazing. - Hauntedcait123

13 You're So Creepy

First song I heard by ghost town, it makes so much sense

Also my first song (12)

14 Voodoo

Voodoo is an amazing song about how Kevin starving for I'm assuming Leda's attention, but instead she's playing mind tricks on him. Kevin is the voodoo doll to Leda, and all Kevin wants to do is cry about losing her and all the pain she made him feel for leaving him. So he wants her to stick a needle in the voodoo doll's eye so he can cry again. He can't sleep because of how much he thinks of her and how much pain he's going through because of her. She left him because he wasn't showing affection towards her. And so at night, he thinks about when they met in that ghost town, and how it felt to be held. He had a lifeless touch to Leda and she judged him off of it.

This should be top. Voodoo is a song that speaks to you. And the acoustic is AMAZE

15 Skeleton

It's very catchy and I love it

I feel like this song is about social anxiety
“Your skeleton forgot to bring it’s backbone”
Also about how people with social anxiety think people look at them when they fail
“Your broken ribs are cracking me up”

16 Game Freak

Game freak has a lot of meaning to me. It's about a girl who plays with men's feelings, and although he loves her and being with her and is trying his hardest to get her to stay he realizes she doesn't know him at all. He's put everything into maintaining something with her and she doesn't care or try

This song should be on the top ten. This song has a really special meaning.

17 Dreamer

I feel like it's a "let go" song. To let go of someone and move on. Find someone new.

This one has great, meaningful lyrics

Dreamer is a weird song with a few messages dependant on the person listening. "Thoughts of our future witb something to say" - Hauntedcait123

18 Dark Magic (B Side)

I really Love this Song its truly amazing

19 Acid

Fab song I love it!


20 Dracula


21 Lonely (B Side)
22 In Flames
23 Party In the Graveyard
24 I'm Wasted
25 Tentacles

This song is by far the most meaningful song by them I've heard. A lot of people don't even realize it because of all the metaphors and he makes it off to sound like he's the captain of a ship that's about to go down.
This song is deep straight from the beginning, it symbolizes suicide.
"Imagine when your lungs are filling up with liquid, intoxicated poison flowin' through your veins.. It seems like nothings changed." When he says it seems like nothings changed, it just shows he always feels on the brink of death.
"The purple on my neck is stating all that I'm against" Purple on someones neck symbolizes somebody hanging themselves. In reality he is the "ship" he feels like he is drowing. Its just an amazing song.

26 I'm Weird

I feel like its asking whoever he's talking to to accept him, and just realize that he's weird and can't help it

27 Zombie Girl

This song is amazing! The lyrics start out making you think "what am I listening to? " but the next verse is insane, and the the lyrics are so deep... I love this song.

28 Let Go
29 Modern Tragedy

IT means a lot.. I love this with all my heart

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