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21 Lonely (B Side)
22 In Flames
23 Party In the Graveyard
24 I'm Wasted
25 Tentacles

This song is by far the most meaningful song by them I've heard. A lot of people don't even realize it because of all the metaphors and he makes it off to sound like he's the captain of a ship that's about to go down.
This song is deep straight from the beginning, it symbolizes suicide.
"Imagine when your lungs are filling up with liquid, intoxicated poison flowin' through your veins.. It seems like nothings changed." When he says it seems like nothings changed, it just shows he always feels on the brink of death.
"The purple on my neck is stating all that I'm against" Purple on someones neck symbolizes somebody hanging themselves. In reality he is the "ship" he feels like he is drowing. Its just an amazing song.

26 I'm Weird

I feel like its asking whoever he's talking to to accept him, and just realize that he's weird and can't help it

27 Zombie Girl

This song is amazing! The lyrics start out making you think "what am I listening to? " but the next verse is insane, and the the lyrics are so deep... I love this song.

28 Let Go
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