Top Ten Most Meaningful Girl Names


The Top Ten

1 Chloe

This is my girlfriend's name. Such a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. - UsernameHere

I love that name because that's my little angel's name

2 Celeste

I don't know why but this name is so pretty. It just stands out from all the common names. #Lovethisname!

3 Natalie

Ooh la la boom best name you go girl

4 Ellie

That is my name!

5 Jessica

This name means a gift from God also a nice and simple person

My name is Jessica!


6 Riley

Love it but I love to spell it ryili and follow me @kxnq_mhaliq on instagram

This is my name 💝

7 Megan
8 Emma
9 Amanda
10 Ashley

The Contenders

11 Alexis

I agree a girl in my school is named Alexis and she is a bully

Aw, thanks. That's my name

12 Annastasia
13 Carolyn

This is the variant of Carolyn.

14 Justice

This name is so rare. I love this name. it doesn't fit in, it just stands out! #Vote-Justice!

15 Cadence
16 Allison
17 Ruby

It"s a singer în my country that she called Ruby well it"s her stage name.

18 Madison
19 Lourdes
20 Ellen
21 Jordyn

Does everything her mind sets her to do. Is really pretty and smart.

22 Malary
23 Freya
24 Sky
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