Top Ten Most Meaningful Girl Names


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1 Chloe

This is my girlfriend's name. Such a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. - UsernameHere

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2 Celeste

I don't know why but this name is so pretty. It just stands out from all the common names. #Lovethisname!

3 Natalie

Ooh la la boom best name you go girl

4 Ellie

That is my name!

5 Riley

Love it but I love to spell it ryili and follow me @kxnq_mhaliq on instagram

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6 Megan
7 Jessica

This name means a gift from God also a nice and simple person

My name is Jessica!

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8 Emma
9 Amanda
10 Ashley

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11 Alexis

I agree a girl in my school is named Alexis and she is a bully

Aw, thanks. That's my name

12 Annastasia
13 Carolyn

This is the variant of Carolyn.

14 Justice

This name is so rare. I love this name. it doesn't fit in, it just stands out! #Vote-Justice!

15 Cadence
16 Allison
17 Ruby

It"s a singer în my country that she called Ruby well it"s her stage name.

18 Madison
19 Lourdes
20 Ellen
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