Top Ten Most Meaningful Hollywood Undead Songs

Most meaningful songs by the American Rap/Rock band Hollywood Undead

The Top Ten

1 Outside

The chemistry between J3T and Danny along with the latter's vocals and the rapper's lyrics were only a few of many factors that made me able to achieve a musical orgasm the first time I heard this song.

2 S.C.A.V.A

When a song features vocals only from Danny and Johny 3 Tears, this is a sigh that this song will be deep and emotional. This song shows just that, covering themes such as death, religion, memories, life and what happens after we die. This song has a Paradise Lost vibe to it, but focuses on more themes than god and his relationship to us. And the vocals and instrumentals work so well toghether! J3T’s rap flow is incredible and conveys so much emotion and though through the song. One of my personal favorite songs from the band.

3 Believe
4 The Diary
5 Rain
6 Coming Back Down
7 Hear Me Now
8 Lion
9 Pain
10 Save Me

The Contenders

11 Young
12 Bullet
13 Black Dahlia
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