Ten Meats That Should Never Be Eaten


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1 Dog Meat

People eat this in Thailand. Poor doggies! - Pegasister12

Who would eat an innocent pig? Chicken? Cow? This isn't about innocence, this is about raising an animal with the single intent of killing it for food. - keycha1n

I am not a vegetarian but I think eating dog meat is cruel and anyone who eat it needs to stop - DrayTopTens

What's wrong with it

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2 Cat Meat

Same thing with dog meat - DrayTopTens

Cats are also very adoable. - Therandom

As a cat lover, I hate this :( Cat is used to be a pet, not a food. - ndrnads20

3 Rabbit Meat
4 Turtle Meat
5 Pig Meat

I like you, Therandom. But I hate this list. Putting other animals lives above others is sick. What does this mean? Pigs, cows, chickens, do they deserve to die simply because they were born the wrong species? I hope you realize that for every dog that's killed for consumption, at least 20,000 chickens are. Saying it's not okay to kill these other animals is implying that farm animals don't even deserve to live. I'm not saying become a vegan, I'm saying realize that lives are lives, no matter who has it! - keycha1n

Now I will defend my list. Certain animals were created to be food, while others were not. - Therandom

Pig meat is pork

6 Human Meat

Um surely this is the worst right I mean pig and deer are actually fairly normal to eat and the others are not that bad

Retarded dog fans put their animal above humans, GROSS

Why is pork above this


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7 Deer Meat

Ever heard of venison? It's delicious! Especially in burger form. - PositronWildhawk

8 Horse Meat

I don't know if people eat this. - Therandom

9 Seal Meat
10 Shark Meat

Very high in dangerous mercury actually one of the highest in all seafoods

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11 Panda Meat

These things aren't exactly common, they're getting exceedingly rare. They really shouldn't be eaten. Come to think of it though, HOW WOULD YOU EVEN GET PANDA MEAT? - InfiniteZero

The first animal that comes to mind when you think of endangered animals is the panda. So you should definitely never consider eating panda meat. If I ever see anyone eat panda meat, I ought to go all-out Kung Fu Panda on them. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

12 Cow Meat
13 Cow Meat
14 Chicken Meat
15 Snake Meat
16 Puffer Fish Meat
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