Top 10 Hardest Medals to Obtain in Star Fox 64

Here are the hardest levels in Star Fox 64 to get a gold medal which means not only hitting their specific number of points, but also keeping your teammates alive.

The Top Ten Hardest Medals to Obtain in Star Fox 64

1 Sector Z

By far the hardest level to get a medal and time is not on your side as you need to destroy all six missels as they come towards Great Fox as your trying to destroy each of them your allies will help however if they end up destroying the missile before you it won't count towards your score. - egnomac

I screwed up again I meant to put Top 10 Hardest Medals to Obtain in Star Fox 64. - egnomac

2 Area 6

Youll need your bombs more than ever you need 300 points to get the gold medal and a lot of the enemies are real quick its going take a lot of strategy to get 300 kills. - egnomac

3 Katina

Getting a medal here can be real frustrating as their are enemies mixed with other allies and too many times you'll just end up killing more of the allies than enemies and there's the mother ship boss to deal with. - egnomac

4 Venom Easy Route

Strangely it's a lot easier to get the medal on the hard route seeing as all you have to do is shoot down all 4 members of Star Wolf as each of them is worth 50 points each but as Egnomac has pointed out its still difficult as they are much harder to take down then in previous encounters and if you don't beat them quickly you'll get less points, still to this day I have never been able to get 200 points while playing on Venom in the east route.

I personally have never been able to rank up 200 kills on the easy route. - egnomac

Oh, I earned the medal on this mission. - Kevinsidis

5 Aquas

Its really dark and hard to see where your going and like the landmaster you can't charge your shots but you can home in with torpedo although most of the time its hard to home in on the target want and it takes a while before you can fire another torpedo. - egnomac

6 Venom Hard Route

If you lose an wing prior to this and lose your level 3 lasers than its going to be near impossible to get the medal and just make it take even longer to beat them.

Strangely the hard route is much easier to get tge medal then on the easy route but its still hard before you get to Andross you battle Star Wolf who take way more damage and move a little faster you have to beat sll four members as fast as possible as they're each worth 50 points take too long to defeat them and the points decrease. - egnomac

7 Zoness
8 Sector Y
9 Titania
10 Corneria

Its very tricky getting the medal on this level you need to unlock the hidden path after saving Falco. - egnomac

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