Top 10 Media Formats

Do you like the classics like 8-track; or are you a fan of the latest things, like Blu-Ray? Media formats have allowed us to watch movies, play videogames & listen to music for generations.

The Top Ten

1 Video Home System (VHS)

I still like the VHS

Sadly, a lot of people don't care for vhs anymore. I grew up with them and still use them today. I love how they are all scratchy and the sound just makes it more magical and more fun than dvd. VHS FOREVER!

VHS started in 1975 as a major competitor to Betamax. It eventually won the Format War & remained the most popular movie format untill 2005, when DVD took over. - Your_Boy

2 Audiocassette Tape (ACT)

While they began in 1957, ACT's are usually linked with the 1980's. They were replaced by ACD's in the 1990's. - Your_Boy

This has an amazing sound. Much better than the compact disc.

3 Videogame Cartridge

I've been using these since I was a toddler. I've never once had one break on me. 1970's technology rules.

The longest lasting videogame format, cartridges lasted from 1973 with the Atari 2600 to 1994 with the Nintendo 64. They were replaced by CD-ROM's in 1991. - Your_Boy

4 Floppy Disk

Floppy Disks remained the go-to format for computer games from the 1970's to 1994. Not all of them were actually floppy. They were later replaced by Flash Drives in the late 90's - Your_Boy

5 iPod

Starting in 2000, the Apple iPod is the last popular music format, before online methods took over not long later. - Your_Boy

6 Digital Video Decoder (DVD)

All of the major studios banded together in 1995 to create DVD, the predecessor to Blu-Ray in 2006. - Your_Boy

7 Compact Disc Read Only Memory (CD-ROM)

Beginning in 1990, CD-ROM's quickly usurped cartridges & floppy disks as the primary gaming format. They were succeeded in 2000 by DVD-ROM's. - Your_Boy

8 Audio Compact Disc (ACD)

Introduced in 1980, the ACD is the last major home music format, before being replaced by the MP3 player in 1998. - Your_Boy

9 Videogame Card

The original videogame format, they first appearred in 1966 for the Magnavox Brown Box & last appearred in 2014 for the Nintendo Switch. They were replaced by cartridges for a while in 1976. - Your_Boy

10 MP3 Player

I have one and I use it a lot!

The MP3 Player is introduced in 1997 as a sort of modern Walkman. It began a transitional period between physical media & online storage. It is succeeded by the iPod in 2001. - Your_Boy

The Contenders

11 Vinyl Record

This is the best media format there is (for music) why did I have to add this to this list?

12 MiniDV
13 Digital8
14 LaserDisc
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