Top 10 Media Formats

Do you like the classics like 8-track; or are you a fan of the latest things, like Blu-Ray? Media formats have allowed us to watch movies, play videogames & listen to music for generations.

The Top Ten

1 Video Home System (VHS)

Sadly, a lot of people don't care for vhs anymore. I grew up with them and still use them today. I love how they are all scratchy and the sound just makes it more magical and more fun than dvd. VHS FOREVER!

VHS started in 1975 as a major competitor to Betamax. It eventually won the Format War & remained the most popular movie format untill 2005, when DVD took over. - Your_Boy

2 Audiocassette Tape (ACT)

While they began in 1957, ACT's are usually linked with the 1980's. They were replaced by ACD's in the 1990's. - Your_Boy

This has an amazing sound. Much better than the compact disc.

3 Videogame Cartridge

The longest lasting videogame format, cartridges lasted from 1973 with the Atari 2600 to 1993 with the Nintendo 64. They were replaced by CD-ROM's in 1994. - Your_Boy

I've been using these since I was a toddler. I've never once had one break on me. 1970's technology rules.

4 Floppy Disk

Floppy Disks remained the go-to format for computer games from the 1980's to 1994. Not all of them were actually floppy. They were later replaced by Flash Drives in the late 90's. - Your_Boy

5 iPod

Starting in 2000, the Apple iPod is the last popular music format, before online methods took over not long later. - Your_Boy

6 Digital Video Decoder (DVD)

All of the major studios banded together in 1995 to create DVD, the predecessor to Blu-Ray in 2006. - Your_Boy

7 Compact Disc Read Only Memory (CD-ROM)

Beginning in 1993, CD-ROM's quickly usurped cartridges & floppy disks as the primary gaming format. They were succeeded in 2000 by DVD-ROM's. - Your_Boy

8 Audio Compact Disc (ACD)

Introduced in 1980, the ACD is the last major home music format, before being replaced by the MP3 player in 1998. - Your_Boy

9 Videogame Card

The original videogame format, they first appearred in 1966 for the Magnavox Brown Box & last appearred in 1990 for the NEC TurboDuo. They were replaced by cartridges in 1976. - Your_Boy

10 MP3 Player

The MP3 Player is introduced in 1997 as a sort of modern Walkman. It began a transitional period between physical media & online storage. It is succeeded by the iPod in 2001. - Your_Boy

The Contenders

11 Vinyl Record

This is the best media format there is (for music) why did I have to add this to this list?

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