Top Ten Medical Condition With the Worst Affects

I have autism but its not life threatening or anything serious but not like these conditions on this list.

The Top Ten

1 Cluster Headaches

Let's have a test. Headaches are annoying but how about having one but imagine getting hit by a truck hitting you in the face at 100 mph with spikes. Are you Imagining it, well that's what it is. This is one of the most painful medical condition ever, women claimed to be worse than child burst, if that's not enough its also called the Suicide Headache because some people killed themeselves because how unbearable the pain is. - SuperHyperdude

2 Stone Man Syndrome

You're of stone! Literally, this disease makes your skeleton to joint together, making you feel stiff and sometimes having your body go crooked. The bones will grow onto your muscles and make you move very slowly. Longs story short, you grow more bones - SuperHyperdude

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3 Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis

You love trees well don't get to attached to it because think of it this way, you don't want to become a tree do you? You want to be like these people with this disease do you? You wake up and you accidently cut a wart on your knee or somewhere and you think "doesn't matter" and then few years later your legs just turned into a log. Woods growing in your everywhere, the unability to bend your legs or arms and can't walk probably and the attention you get downtown. Well that was pleasant I bet you that! - SuperHyperdude


It's dangerous really. And as stated by SuperHyperdude, feeling pain is in fact advantageous. No wonder this will lead to premature death. - Kiteretsunu

Damn right

5 Aquagenic Urticaria

Water is good for you, except if you got this disease. This disease is the allergy of water, if exposed your skin can burn go itchy and cause blisters. What's worse is that the human body is made up 70 percent of water making the victim being allergic to themselves. Even a sweat can cause a great deal of affect. - SuperHyperdude

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6 Vampire Syndrome

Vampires don't exist ( well ok vampire bats do exist) but everything the disease is does (no bats, damn it I want to fly) your two sharp teeth gums desantagrete to a fang shape, your skin boils when expose to sunlight and can be revived by blood. Oh and I forgot to mention you poop out purple turds! - SuperHyperdude

7 Progeria

Imagine waking up in the morning and realized you've been in the coma for 60 years because you looked in the mirror and see an old person which was you, put that and that what Progeria is (except for the coma part) It's a medical condition that happens to a handful of children where they literally age quickly, they get bald, lose teeth, big head and have wrinkles. It's not just the appearance you literally are an 8 year old resident and because of this you only have about 13 years of living. Oh well, its time to go the the residents event - SuperHyperdude

8 Osteogenesis Imperfecta

This disease means your bones can break and fracture much easier than people who don't have the condition!

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