Top 10 Deadliest Drugs Ever Used

For this top list, I will be explaining to you about drugs that are so crazy, that they can do SERIOUS damage to your life!
The Top Ten
1 Krokodil

You'd be better off taking Jenkem, DMP and Bromo Dragonfly combined! This drug LITERALLY rots all of your skin off of your body, making you look like a skeleton! If you look it up on Google images, then get prepared! <:(


If taken in extremely small doses, it's still enough to make you high as ****. It's pretty much an extremely strong version of marijuana.

3 Etorphine

Lets just say that it's 5000 times stronger than HEROIN!

4 Yage

This drug is the type of drug that helps you with weight loss (not really). You better be careful on this drug, because the unbearable burning in your body would be like cooking you from the inside!

You wanna lose weight? You wanna burn from the inside? Then this is for you! This extreme temperature increase is because of the heightened energy consumption caused by the drug.

6 Bromo Dragonfly

This drug is similar to LSD, but it lasts for 3 days instead of 3 hours!

7 DiPT

This crazy drug causes you to hearing voices, distorted music and ringing noices for up to 2 WEEKS!

8 Heroin
9 Benzo Fury

This drug causes high blood pressure and other symptoms, and they are completely LEGAL! That means they can be spoted in all kinds of various places for buying things, including online!

10 Marijuana

Lol it’s actually kind of funny how this is on here. So drug is so deadly that I smoke it almost everyday and I have felt non side affects lol.

Whoever put this here must be having a smoke.

The Contenders
11 Dextromethorphan

It was originally used as cough medicine but as time went on people used it as a drug to get high. It is known to have mild negative side effects such as panic attacks, diarrhea and rashes. But more negative side effects have happened such as overdose and anaphylaxis which can cause asphyxia, unconsciousness, cardiac arrest and even death. The drug has been banned and recalled for use in any medicine and would be legally classified as any other illegal drug such as meth, opiods, heroin, fentanyl, magic mushrooms, LSD and even crack cocaine.

12 The Devil's Breath

This demonic powder causes suggestibility and amnesia, and you LITERALLY become brainwashed to do the controller's bidings!

13 Methamphetamine
14 Fentanyl

A pound of fentanyl could kill over a hundred thousand people, just think about that.

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