Top Ten Facts About Vaccines

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Five lists to fit into five days! Five lists associated with vaccines.
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1 Vaccines can kill people.

A baby in the USA (I'm not naming names) had some vaccines. She developed breathing problems. Later on she had more vaccines, which made her breathing worse. One night her parents went out. They were called by the baby's babysitter that the baby wasn't breathing. The baby was rushed to hospital and later died. I guess I've proved my point.

But NOT getting vaccines kills exponentially more people.

Also, vaccines don't kill people.

"Correlation does not mean causation" that's not always the case.

Today here in the Phillippines there is a vaccine called Dengvaxia (vaccine for dengue) and it killed many people now

2 Vaccines contain toxic metals.

Wish I could vote for all of these. In 8th grade I did a long paper on vaccines and it scared me so much. I never want to take them again. So sorry for everyone who was affected by these awful things. There are absolutely terrible.

People with weak immune systems can't get rid of all of the toxic metals, so the metals affect the blood and the brain, and problems occur.

Mercury is also something know to be in them. I don't know about you but I fm the want mercury in me.

Even a small amount of mercury can be very dangerous.

3 Some vaccines contain a small bit of the disease it is supposed to prevent.

That's the idea. It gives someone a weaker version of the disease so the body creates antibodies-so if they ever got the disease for real, they can fight it off.

Only a small bit that cannot do any harm.

4 The HPV vaccine (also known as Gardasil) killed 85 people in one year.

"Correlation does not equal causation."
But it's a good place to start.

Correlation does not mean causation...

I think the year was 2008, but I'm not too sure.

5 The first vaccine was invented in 1796 by Edward Jenner.

I think it was for smallpox.

6 Some vaccines are not safety tested.

The pharmaceutical companies just want to make money quickly.

7 Vaccinating a large group of people is called 'herd immunity'.

Humans are not cattle.

what is that

8 Vaccines prevent more than 2.5 million deaths each year.

Should be #1. Ugghhh, stoopid anti-vaxxers (yeah, I know, I spelled stupid wrong, just like how anti-vaxxers spell it because they are so dumb)

Humanity survived before the advent of rabies vaccine.
It most certainly and obviously would not "wipe us out."
Equally obviously, this IS a life-saving vaccine.

Despite the problems vaccines may cause, the sheer numbers of lives saved are staggeringly in their favour.

A) Is that 2.5 million lives allegedly saved globally?
B) 2.5 million lives allegedly saved out of how many people vaccinated?
C) What is the source of this information?

9 Vaccines don't cause autism
10 Not all vaccines are given as shots.

I think some vaccines are taken orally.

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